25 August 2017 @ 10:26 am
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As I was re-coding, I reminisced my muses and how my graphics evolve around them. I've been doing graphics since a very long time as just a side hobby, but got more serious in iconing during my Adam Lambert fandom period. Back then, my muse was Tommy. It was 2009 - 2010 when I was still mainly using LiveJournal, my graphics was not good so I don't think I will go back that far to fix and restore my old graphics comm where all my Tommy arts are. Tommy wasn't a very popular icon subject, and that pushes me beyond my comfort zone to create all sorts of fannish things surrounding him. I did a decent job. I made many-many icons, a fanmix, picspams, etc. He was a cute glitterbaby. My first 'real' fandom experience ever.

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Now two years apart, I got into BTS focusing on V. To be honest, I'm struggling. There are a lot of factors that contribute to this. One, I had two years break from Photoshop. I haven't been creating or learning anything new. The trend in the icon community changed a lot. I feel so old still clinging to icon styles from years ago. Two, I am very new to the fandom and have very small amount of resources. I need to dig in deeper, scour different parts of the internet and watch TONS of past videos to get my way around. Google is my friend, but there are only so much things you can find via google without base knowledge. It's 4+ years worth of fandom materials, I don't think I can ever catch up. Three, Tae is pretty, but I love him for his personality more than his looks (unlike previous cases). I disagree with many of his personal choices especially in styling and fashion. They hurt my eyes. And feelings lol. Or am I just old and I couldn't understand current fashion trend? I wish the kids have stylists to guide them even during off times or at least when going to the airport when they know, all eyes are going to be on them. But V would disagree with that idea for sure. He's such a free spirit, we should just let him choose what he wants or he wouldn't be himself.
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13 March 2013 @ 10:51 pm
I managed to get good photos of Tommy from the show 8D I'm pretty proud of the set, I love my camera <3


I didn't get a good photo of me and my outfit, but I think I looked good :p The concert venue located on top of a shopping mall, so I went there early to just shop around and see what's the situation with the line. After getting lost for not being able to find any U-turns, I reached the place at over 3 pm. Turns out, at 3 pm there are already people lining. I was waiting for my friend Uciel [ profile] small_yuy so I spent my time moving my car to a better parking spot and changing clothes in a gym right in front of the line since I have a membership there (that I never use).

Thankfully Uciel got her group of friends lining early, so we managed to save a spot for a better view to the stage. We waited forever, I was anxious but I talked to Uciel's friends to calm my nerves. When we got in, people were rushing to get a good spot, and Uciel and her friends were going to the right side of the stage (Ashley's side) and I was like "No! I'm going to be here because I'm ... Tommy!". I couldn't even form a complete sentence to explain the situation, but I think they would have guessed. So I was there standing alone an hour and a half before the show, with a couple of loud girls in front of me and a smelly guy who kept on shoving me to the right. Long story short, it was hell and I wanted to go home.

But as soon as the show starts and Tommy came out, I was just stunned. He was so pretty. Adam's voice is Ah-Mazing as usual. I managed to enjoy the show AND get good pics so it was all good :D

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25 February 2013 @ 09:03 am
Great, now Wiz Khalifa's Black and Yellow is echoing in my head. Adam will be in Jakarta on March 10!! (yay!!) And I've been obsessed with trying to find the right outfit for the upcoming Trespassing live.

Trespassing stage

The theme in general is black and yellow, and even better if you could find a good black and yellow stripes without looking like a bee (this is not easy, trust me, I've looked).

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07 December 2012 @ 11:40 pm
Gosh this is my first entry in forever. My new job is eating me up. Hi!

Anyway I was soooo behind on everything as usual and I got weirdly excited when Adam tweeted this :

I was like hell YEAH! I love K-Pop fashion, too! And I love it when my favorite fandoms collide! And then I realized that I was excited about the wrong thing. Adam tweeting about KPop fashion is just a part of the very rare fandom collision in which ADAM and TOMMY were there, at the same venue as SUJU, SHINEE, EXO and were on the same freaking stage they performed on at MAMA 2012 in Hong Kong. akfdakljflskjf;ls

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18 October 2012 @ 10:10 pm
Today is Tommy's 31st birthday! OMG time really flies, I remember how last year he said to one of his friends "Let me enjoy the last moment of my 20's goddamnit!" LOL.

Dear Tommy Joe,

Three years ago today, you were auditioning for a position of a bassist, for an American Idol runner-up, someone from a reality TV show you don't even watch. Now you're touring all over the globe like a rockstar. You've changed a lot of lives, including mine :)

All the best for you, Tommy Joe! Stay pretty!

ps. I've been considering to order plate number something like 1018 TJR if I ever get my own vehicle :p
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21 June 2012 @ 09:31 am

Eep! I might participate? But I don't know a lot about celebs so hopefully there are Tommy/Andrej pairing SOMEBODY PLEASE WRITE IT pairings that I can work on.
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Andrej, Sharon and Tommy at NewNowNext Awards 2012 :D

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03 April 2012 @ 10:14 pm
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Tommy, on the other hand, is doing a little US tour with Adam to promote Adam's new album & single at radio stations accross the country. Which results in, lots of new pics and videos of him surfacing every day. It's a really good feeling to see him smiling and being cute in general.

Right around the beginning of the month, [ profile] inspired20in20 is doing another round and had a sign-up post up. I took my time to contemplate whether to do this or not, usually I let the inspiration post 'talk' to me before I decide to join. But this time, all the memories I have about the comm is a fun, awesome, positive ones so I have no hesitation to sign up even before the inspiration post was up. And I decided to sign up with Tommy :) I can not wait to make Tommy icons again with the techniques I learned the past couple of months. My last Tommy icon post was in October last year for [ profile] tjr_challenges, and I've grown a lot since then.

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In addition to Tommy icons, I'm also planning to make a small Andrej batch and some of Sharon, too! All my obsessions in one place, so it's totally going to be an exciting post :D
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15 March 2012 @ 09:16 am

Look at this cutie, don't you want to squish him? And as a pervert big fan of his chest hair, I really do appreciate him wearing a low cut V neck shirt!! GAAAHHHHHHH No, I did not spent a lot of time staring at his chest hair, I did not.

(Believe it or not but this is actually the first Tommy entry in my DW)

A semi related story, when I woke up this morning I knew I had an amusing dream, but I couldn't remember what my dream was. I spent the entire 40 minutes bus ride trying to recall it.

Just now I remember : it was a Tommy dream.

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