31 July 2014 @ 12:24 pm

We finally have a date and ticket pricing.

The one thing that I do not have for sure until now is... a friend to go with.

I have this friend Jennifer, whom I met on postcrossing. I was ecstatic that she loves EXO and she is planning to go to the concert and we made a promise to go together. She said she'd have to choose seat ticket because she won't be able to bear standing for such a long time. I thought whatever, if they have a two days concert or three, I'd go by myself in different area on one day, and go for the seat with Jennifer on the other.

Turns out, they only have one date. Which I still couldn't believe until this point. EXO is huge here. Every teen in the archipelago would want to see them, why do they do this to us? The competition to get tickets will be HELL. And one more bad news : MEIS, aka Jakarta's only indoor stadium in which every artist performs, is closed because of some scandals. Great. And now we get Lapangan D for the venue which is a fucking track field. I ... really don't like everything so far, the venue, the idea that there will be only ONE day, BUT I'M GOING ANYWAY. This is the concert I've been waiting since forever and we don't know when EXO will ever visit the city again. So I'm going.

Jennifer told me she's not because there's no seating. She said she'll try to check other South East Asian dates and look into whether she'll go to those places instead (Singapore, Bangkok). Obviously, I don't have the luxury to go to another country for a concert so I will go even if Jennifer isn't and I will have to go alone.

Yesterday, I had a family Eid gathering at my aunt's. And while talking to my cousin in law, I found out that my 14 yo niece is dying to go to EXO's concert. So... we're going together? I guess that was our last agreement, but today my mom said her parents aren't sure about letting her go because the ticket is fucking expensive (especially the area I was aiming). They were trying to talk her into not going and go to a family vacation to Bangkok instead. Plus other things. Poor thing. I can imagine being her, 14 and I bet this is everything she'd ever wanted. And if she doesn't get it, she will regret this moment her whole life. Or not. I was just imagining if I were in her position.

Anyway, even if I have to go alone I still will go. That is... if I can get tickets.
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12 May 2013 @ 10:37 am

I went to see Mika on Friday with Dhani and her friend and her friend's sister. It was wonderful to see him live, he's just so energetic with his quirky little band and quirky self. He is so unique and he seemed to be enjoying what he's doing, expressing himself through the art of music and it turned out BEAUTIFUL. I love the lyrics to his music, he's just brilliant. It is inspirational to see a person like this, really. Seeing him live reminded me of how much I love art and it encouraged me to look back and pursue the dreams I've forgotten.

Okay, anyhow, I tried concert photography again, with my new lens this time and IT WAS REALLY DIFFICULT OMG. I don't know what went wrong, I got great photos from Adam's concert and this time ... like none. None of the pics I took are great. I really need a good lesson on photography (I'm going to nag on my brother the next time he's home).

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18 March 2013 @ 03:33 pm
Dhani just told me that Mika is coming to town in May! OMG! So I'm positive that I'm possibly going with Dhani my new fellow Mika fan/co-worker :D

I know, the banner is underwhelming but this is so exciting! XD
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13 March 2013 @ 10:51 pm
I managed to get good photos of Tommy from the show 8D I'm pretty proud of the set, I love my camera <3


I didn't get a good photo of me and my outfit, but I think I looked good :p The concert venue located on top of a shopping mall, so I went there early to just shop around and see what's the situation with the line. After getting lost for not being able to find any U-turns, I reached the place at over 3 pm. Turns out, at 3 pm there are already people lining. I was waiting for my friend Uciel [ profile] small_yuy so I spent my time moving my car to a better parking spot and changing clothes in a gym right in front of the line since I have a membership there (that I never use).

Thankfully Uciel got her group of friends lining early, so we managed to save a spot for a better view to the stage. We waited forever, I was anxious but I talked to Uciel's friends to calm my nerves. When we got in, people were rushing to get a good spot, and Uciel and her friends were going to the right side of the stage (Ashley's side) and I was like "No! I'm going to be here because I'm ... Tommy!". I couldn't even form a complete sentence to explain the situation, but I think they would have guessed. So I was there standing alone an hour and a half before the show, with a couple of loud girls in front of me and a smelly guy who kept on shoving me to the right. Long story short, it was hell and I wanted to go home.

But as soon as the show starts and Tommy came out, I was just stunned. He was so pretty. Adam's voice is Ah-Mazing as usual. I managed to enjoy the show AND get good pics so it was all good :D

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24 September 2012 @ 08:53 am

Recaps on SuJu!! :D
*I don't have any photos so I would have to borrow other people's

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23 September 2012 @ 07:25 pm

I had too many crazy ideas for this show even if we weren't sure yet whether we'll go or not. Yung didn't get the tickets on his hands til Friday night, just a day before the show. I didn't know what ticket it would be, and I was pretty sure we'll get tribune seats so I borrowed a binocular from my friend. I did other shameful things that I don't think I would want to remind myself about by writing them down here, SO I WOULD NOT.

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23 September 2012 @ 12:17 am
Just got home from SMTown Live!!! It was crazy in a lot of ways!!

Here's some quick notes :
- Ryeowook wore sunglasses the whole time he was on stage :(
- Eunhyuk is cute, crazy, energetic as usual, and looks very muscle-y with sleeveless shirt
- Kyuhyun is cute, his acne scars looked clearer in real life, I thought he has the most perfect skin.
- Leeteuk kept saying 'Selamat Sore' even though it was almost midnight, lol
- The stage and effects and everything is top notch as predicted.
- Taemin is cute
- EXO has a lot of members and a lot of them are cute
- Amber is so cool!

I'm going to bed now, I'll add details with more coherent sentences and pics when available if I still feel like writing it tomorrow X3
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14 September 2012 @ 01:38 pm
I might be going to SMTown Live World Tour next week!

Thank you Yung!! He got us tickets when I told him I'm hesitating to go because of the tickets and the position. First I told him to go with me, and now he's getting us tickets. Now I don't have to worry anymore! I promised myself not to mix fandom and RL, but this time I'm really grateful that I did (;___;).

Now I have a friend to go to the concert, a possible free transportation from home and back *prays*, and an expensive ticket I don't have to pay for. It is the right choice *nods*.

Suju, here I come! I will do more research on the event, learn the setlist, memorize the unpronounceable lyrics, borrow a binocular, and get myself ready for it! Oppa, oppa!
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14 September 2012 @ 10:53 am
I was too busy avoiding any possible real life fellow fans that I didn't have the slightest idea about the upcoming SMTown Live!! WTF, they'd be here by next week! Insane! I don't know what to think, I really want to go but the tickets are fucking expensive and I don't need to see anyone else, I just want to see SuJu.

The ticket is $50 for the furthest tribune seat, $80 for the second tribune seat, and $110 for the front tribune. I don't want to pay more than $100 for this, are you crazy?? (actually I might ... I would). Festival is $140 and VIP is $250 ... WHO HAS THAT KIND OF MONEY TO SPEND FOR KPOP ARTISTS?? ... apparently there are a lot.

I'm dragging Yung to this and he agreed to go with me but ... I'm still not sure what to think. If we buy tribune 3 seats, it's expensive, and we can't see a thing. The performing artists would appear in the size of my pinky, OR EVEN SMALLER. I would borrow a binocular from a friend, but yeah, I'm still not sure. $80 is already TOO FUCKING EXPENSIVE but then again I would pay for this if it is guaranteed that I can see better? Gaaah I don't know what to do, what to think (@_____@)
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