13 March 2013 @ 10:51 pm
I managed to get good photos of Tommy from the show 8D I'm pretty proud of the set, I love my camera <3


I didn't get a good photo of me and my outfit, but I think I looked good :p The concert venue located on top of a shopping mall, so I went there early to just shop around and see what's the situation with the line. After getting lost for not being able to find any U-turns, I reached the place at over 3 pm. Turns out, at 3 pm there are already people lining. I was waiting for my friend Uciel [ profile] small_yuy so I spent my time moving my car to a better parking spot and changing clothes in a gym right in front of the line since I have a membership there (that I never use).

Thankfully Uciel got her group of friends lining early, so we managed to save a spot for a better view to the stage. We waited forever, I was anxious but I talked to Uciel's friends to calm my nerves. When we got in, people were rushing to get a good spot, and Uciel and her friends were going to the right side of the stage (Ashley's side) and I was like "No! I'm going to be here because I'm ... Tommy!". I couldn't even form a complete sentence to explain the situation, but I think they would have guessed. So I was there standing alone an hour and a half before the show, with a couple of loud girls in front of me and a smelly guy who kept on shoving me to the right. Long story short, it was hell and I wanted to go home.

But as soon as the show starts and Tommy came out, I was just stunned. He was so pretty. Adam's voice is Ah-Mazing as usual. I managed to enjoy the show AND get good pics so it was all good :D

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25 February 2013 @ 09:03 am
Great, now Wiz Khalifa's Black and Yellow is echoing in my head. Adam will be in Jakarta on March 10!! (yay!!) And I've been obsessed with trying to find the right outfit for the upcoming Trespassing live.

Trespassing stage

The theme in general is black and yellow, and even better if you could find a good black and yellow stripes without looking like a bee (this is not easy, trust me, I've looked).

more here! :D )
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