06 July 2012 @ 04:09 pm
Several Things ...

I just got back from Lombok on Wed, and it was pretty exhausting. When I was in Lombok I got a good news from the publishing company I applied to a month ago. They accepted me to work as their freelance translator and I'll be able to earn extra income aside from my main job (which I hate). They'll send me a copy of one comic book soon as a beginning. Which was ... yay! I enjoy translating comic books and I'm happy to be back as a comic book translator.

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On other news, ... JPG did another couture show in Paris this week and of course, androgyny poster boy/JPG muse Andrej was there. The collection as a whole is stunning though I don't really like the ones Andrej wore or how they styled him. ... Paul Boche was also there which I approve. Lately I just realized that I ship Andrej/anyone. Maybe it's because I've longed for a new ship to sail.

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03 May 2012 @ 09:08 am
Andrej and David both have modeled the same shirt!

ETA : turns out, this shirt was very popular, Matt Bomer also wears one in his photoshoot for GQ Italia
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