08 September 2014 @ 08:07 pm
This is a warning to everyone around me : DON'T ASK ME ABOUT EXO CONCERT if you're not ready to hear me rambling for the next 30 minutes lol. My colleagues at work asked me and I wonder if they regret it. [personal profile] fe asked me on twitter and I bombarded her with 7 replies lol.

Anyway, I was thinking today about the VCRs at the concert which is so fucking good??? If they had them on youtube I'd watch for a hundred times and if they sell them I probably would buy. There were many of them, combined with mapping on the main stage, everything was so good!

The opening VCR with them running, the Heart Attack VCR (UGH I LOVE HEART ATTACK) which is so good?? And the ending VCR with their preparation for the tour, the practice, the meetings, the rehearsals, all nicely filmed and it is something I'd like to see rather than bullshit photoshoot BTS videos. Do they usually release these things after the tour is over? Oh ok I know, they'll sell a tour DVD box set with crazy price (-____-). But really, the camera work both for the show and VCR were really nice.
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07 September 2014 @ 10:27 am
I have more notes here than on the happy parts, so I thought I'd separate them so I can choose to relish the happy moments only in the future, and look back to the bad parts when I feel like I need to?

A lot of thoughts were in my mind during the whole show. Like how they are presenting us with A SHOW but then also how most of the show is purely fan service. Don't get me wrong, the show was great. I just had a realization of differences between concert concept of an idol (group) with a... let's say singing talent/established artists?

And I thought of how hard idol life is. When they said they miss us all the time and want to meet us again in the future, I wonder... what they're actually feeling when they say that. Call me skeptical, but it was the 17th show of their tour. I wonder if they say this in every city, trying to please the fans even though in their hearts, they just want to sleep.

They were already back at the airport again right after the show. No rest for them. Jakarta is the farthest destination of all scheduled TLP shows, an 8 hours flight from Seoul. And the management would rather the kids sleep on the plane and arrive in Seoul in the morning than in a hotel in Jakarta and spent the whole day next day flying.

I was excited but now I'm not sure if it's worth it )
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06 September 2014 @ 11:47 pm

LULU WAS SO BEAUTIFUL OMG. Lemme run through all members (no particular order) :

Sehun - was injured, poor bb. He tried his best during the whole show, but his solo stage was omitted and he sat on a stool during Wolf and Growl. BUT OMG HE'S THE CUTEST THING EVER?????? He looked just like the photos, the gifs, and he acted just like the little shit that he is. He is so fucking cute. He did a V sign pose for a fan from the middle stage it was so fucking cute AKSFSLKFJSF:SD. Cute maknae. It was weird to hear the interpreter translated maknae into 'bungsu' something I never thought of and it's really cute to hear.

Because of his injury, HE WENT TO THE AIRPORT WEARING FLIP FLOPS. Something King of fashion Oh Sehun would never do, lol.

Lulu - SAIYAN HAIR LULU!!! I like it? 8) He was so beautiful and glowing. But things ran through my mind as I was watching him. Like how he looked so thin and tired. How he probably is bored with the routines, especially Mama, since they've been performing that song for 2 years now? The thing I hated was I feel like most of the time he was so far away from my section, couldn't really see him except for on the screen. WHY DO YOU ALWAYS TALK SO SHORT THOUGH. YOUR SOLO WAS ALSO SO SHORT.

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31 July 2014 @ 12:24 pm

We finally have a date and ticket pricing.

The one thing that I do not have for sure until now is... a friend to go with.

I have this friend Jennifer, whom I met on postcrossing. I was ecstatic that she loves EXO and she is planning to go to the concert and we made a promise to go together. She said she'd have to choose seat ticket because she won't be able to bear standing for such a long time. I thought whatever, if they have a two days concert or three, I'd go by myself in different area on one day, and go for the seat with Jennifer on the other.

Turns out, they only have one date. Which I still couldn't believe until this point. EXO is huge here. Every teen in the archipelago would want to see them, why do they do this to us? The competition to get tickets will be HELL. And one more bad news : MEIS, aka Jakarta's only indoor stadium in which every artist performs, is closed because of some scandals. Great. And now we get Lapangan D for the venue which is a fucking track field. I ... really don't like everything so far, the venue, the idea that there will be only ONE day, BUT I'M GOING ANYWAY. This is the concert I've been waiting since forever and we don't know when EXO will ever visit the city again. So I'm going.

Jennifer told me she's not because there's no seating. She said she'll try to check other South East Asian dates and look into whether she'll go to those places instead (Singapore, Bangkok). Obviously, I don't have the luxury to go to another country for a concert so I will go even if Jennifer isn't and I will have to go alone.

Yesterday, I had a family Eid gathering at my aunt's. And while talking to my cousin in law, I found out that my 14 yo niece is dying to go to EXO's concert. So... we're going together? I guess that was our last agreement, but today my mom said her parents aren't sure about letting her go because the ticket is fucking expensive (especially the area I was aiming). They were trying to talk her into not going and go to a family vacation to Bangkok instead. Plus other things. Poor thing. I can imagine being her, 14 and I bet this is everything she'd ever wanted. And if she doesn't get it, she will regret this moment her whole life. Or not. I was just imagining if I were in her position.

Anyway, even if I have to go alone I still will go. That is... if I can get tickets.
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