06 October 2014 @ 02:33 pm
So I managed to go through last weekend without EXO, except for a couple of glances on updates I still get on twitter and some failed attempts of self-restrain to not open tumblr. But hey! I got a great weekend. I went home straight after work on Friday and reached home in less than one hour! *insert success kid meme here*

On Saturday it was day of Arafa and all the girls at home did Arafa Fasting (my brother and dad didn't because they're lazy). I haven't fast since Ramadhan, so I did wonder if I could get through it okay. Turns out, it was just fine. I had supper (just one chop of Clarias fish and a glass of milk) at 4.30 AM, accompany my mom cleaning the house and cook until around 9 I think, took a nap til 12, went to the doctor at 2 PM, went home at 5.30 PM after a facial that took forever, and it was only 30 minutes left until breakfast!

The next day in the morning I went for Eid al-Adha prayer at the nearest mosque from our house. In the afternoon I went grocery shopping with my dad. Mom cooked my favorite food for Eid and life felt good.

I decided that I want to start doing something to take poor sick Lulu off my mind, I just have to get busy. So I thought it might be the right time to start doing some stamp carving, something I've been wanting to do for a while. I've been a fan of Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's artworks and one of the things she does best is stamp carving. I even bought her book on stamp carving, plus some stamp carving starter kit when I went to Tokyo last May, but haven't had the time to sit and actually do it.

Here's the result of my first ever self-carved stamp!! It's a repeat pattern and I'm pretty proud of myself 8D It was ... not as hard as I thought, but also not easy. I think I need a better carving tool with tiny round eye.

Other than that, I was scrambling through my stamps collection just a couple hours before I had to go back to my apartment. This is for my postcard project with my sister. I managed to group them by color scheme and adhere them to a black book - so that it'll be easier to scan later on when I have more time. I have inspirations for our first batch of cards to issue! :D Also our little savings almost reach $300 which we will use to start this business. Excited for everything to start, but I also will need my sister to cooperate.
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11 November 2013 @ 07:48 pm
Ever since I joined postcrossing, I feel like my world evolves around it. One of the things that bothers me so much, is the lack of good quality postcards out there. The cards I can get at my local bookstores are the same things I've seen my whole life. The photos came from the 80's, they are OLD with no design, creativity whatsoever and they need to retire. Sadly, because there are not much choices for us Indonesian postcrossers, we are forced to buy and send those old, ugly postcards. Whenever I visit the postcrossing gallery of cards sent from Indonesia, there are little variety to it and it is sad.

So lately I've been seriously thinking to start my own line of postcards. It could cover a lot of different themes like photography, illustration to vector art. I've been discussing this seriously with my sister who is a graphic designer, and she even started to make drafts and sketches for the project. But we are facing major problems though; 1) the lack of time to focus on the project because we both work full time (and more) 2) the lack of experience. We can't predict how successful this project can be, how much we can make from it, what kind of strategies we need to apply and even simple things like how to get your stuff to be sold in major bookstores and get spotlight.

I have so many ideas, and so little time.
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