10 February 2013 @ 10:22 pm
I've only been a fan of EXO from last December, so unlike other fans who has been following them from before the debut, I'm still casually listening to MAMA and I enjoy it as it is. I'm more the visual kind who loves to look at MVs, pretty pictures, edits, etc, and I wasn't really aware (or care) of the fact that this rookie boyband still need to release an actual album. I'm used to western musicians who release an album when they feel like they're ready for an album instead of because their company wants them to. So I simply thought a year or two without a new song or album is a usual thing. Just like how Fall Out Boy is releasing a new album after 5 years (which is yay!).

It was until I joined the fandom as a whole, I followed blogs on tumblr, engage in discussions in [ profile] exochocolate, it became crystal clear to me how EXO fans have been waiting FOREVER for a comeback that doesn't seem to be seen.

As I became a part of the fandom, I too, now joined the army of anxious EXO fans whose patience running thin as they wait for the long-awaited comeback with bated breath. There are hundreds of EXO come back jokes out there, a typographic poster that says "EXO is never coming back", or a picture of a skeleton in front of a set of computer depicting an EXO fan who waited for the comeback that never comes.

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30 January 2013 @ 02:01 pm
Okay I have two hours left at work and I already spent the last 5 hours not really knowing what to do so, why don't I introduce my last obsession EXO in my blog. I haven't blogged for a while (;____;)

I'm not really sure when this started. I'm basically not a multi-fandom person, when in a fandom, I'm usually pretty loyal to it. SMTown Live was the point where I got my loyalty questioned. I liked SuJu and was kind of obsessed with Eunhyuk since August, but after SMTown Live in September, it was like, oh I saw him live and that was the end of my obsession.

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Right after, I managed to remember all 12 member's names and was able to differentiate them in MVs/pics. NOW LET'S GET TO KNOW THEM (my favorite -> my least favorite).

Originally my bias was Chanyeol, but then I found out that no one would be more precious than my baby deer Luhan. He is the absolute cutest, most adorable, and kindest.

I didn't like him at first, he's just weird and his constant :| face bugs me a little. But then. HunHan. Sexy Hun, Dumb Hun, precious maknae. I just can not. He's my favorite. I love him so much up to the point I'm physically unable to not reblog any Sehun posts on tumblr, lol. I guess I can blame ohsehunnie1 for this.

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