30 January 2013 @ 02:01 pm
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Okay I have two hours left at work and I already spent the last 5 hours not really knowing what to do so, why don't I introduce my last obsession EXO in my blog. I haven't blogged for a while (;____;)

I'm not really sure when this started. I'm basically not a multi-fandom person, when in a fandom, I'm usually pretty loyal to it. SMTown Live was the point where I got my loyalty questioned. I liked SuJu and was kind of obsessed with Eunhyuk since August, but after SMTown Live in September, it was like, oh I saw him live and that was the end of my obsession.

SMTown Live lead me to explore other (younger) sides of the fandom that is SHINee and EXO. I fell in love with Taemin's pretty and his stunning dance routine. I have to admit, I haven't fully gave in to SHINee yet since I don't even have/know their songs other than some of the famous ones and the Japanese versions. Youtubing lead to another video, another video lead to me downloading the whole season of Hello Baby, and watching Hello Baby lead to stanning Key and Taemin on tumblr. When I saw him at SMTown Live, I THOUGHT KEY WAS COOL. Turns out, he's the diva of the group and he's always been the girl. Anyway, my temporary love for SHINee didn't last that long, because soon after, again, -I don't even know how it started-, I got hooked on EXO.

Right before SMTown Live in my city, I decided to do a research on some of the artists who were coming. EXO, was one of them. But at that time, I reluctantly researching about them since I didn't want to fall for another boyband (especially the ones who are so young because pfft it would be embarrassing for ahjumma to stan kidz). After glancing at their MVs, I thought MAMA was too dark/serious, History was so-so, and I didn't even give 'What is love' a chance because I'm not really into ballads. Which ended up with me knowing almost nothing about them when they came up on stage. The only clues were the running text on the jumbotron which told us the names of the members. I mean how could I remember all the names, they have 12 members!

But there are several things about EXO that is so adorable they became a fond memory to me. One of them being, Luhan and Sehun danced for SHINee as replacement for Minho who couldn't come. I think it's pretty awesome that young hoobaes (I know, turns out Luhan is older than most of SHINee members but still) learned and remembered all the dance moves of their sunbaes, and it's a pretty tricky dance moves, too. I mean, Lucifer was KNOWN for the dance moves, I gotta give a huge props for Luhan (he danced very well). I don't really remember Sehun at that time, nor I could tell him apart from Luhan (of course). The one thing that I remember the most was CHANYEOL's introduction. When Sehun was trying to introduce himself in Indonesian while reading some words written on his palm Chanyeol was cackling, busy pushing him and laughing. But when it's his turn, he was there confident, complete with his wide weird grin/smile and his curly fair colored hair, he also looked at his palm to read his cheats! AND HE READ IT WRONG, TOO. He supposed to say "we love you" (kami cinta kalian) but said "we love me" (kami cinta saya) instead (-____-). And then he was so embarassed by himself he punched Sehun who was standing beside him LOL HOW OLD ARE YOU.

Anyway he was so charming to me the whole introduction left me with good impression of EXO in general, but wasn't enough to push me into stanning mode (this was towards the end of September).

Over the next weeks, I don't know why I kept bumping into Chanyeol posts on my tumblr dash which I did not mind at all. This lead me to search more about Chanyeol, but again, this was not enough to put me into stanning mode, still. Until MAMA. I found out that Adam Lambert was there along with all my favorite SM groups; SuJu, SHINee, EXO, so I just had to watch it. I started watching and found myself to be so much invested in EXO than I thought I would.

That was what I needed to trip right into the EXO fandom pool.

Right after, I managed to remember all 12 member's names and was able to differentiate them in MVs/pics. NOW LET'S GET TO KNOW THEM (my favorite -> my least favorite).

Originally my bias was Chanyeol, but then I found out that no one would be more precious than my baby deer Luhan. He is the absolute cutest, most adorable, and kindest.

I didn't like him at first, he's just weird and his constant :| face bugs me a little. But then. HunHan. Sexy Hun, Dumb Hun, precious maknae. I just can not. He's my favorite. I love him so much up to the point I'm physically unable to not reblog any Sehun posts on tumblr, lol. I guess I can blame ohsehunnie1 for this.

Basically, I don't like someone who is the most popular member of a group. I always like the weirdest, the quirkiest, the one that is liked the least by the fans, I don't even know why, it's easier for me to stan them that way. Kai, was in 12 teasers out of 23 before EXO debuted and has thousands of fans. That sexy image, IDK. But turns out, Kim Jongin was just another shy, awkward kid. It is impossible for me not to find him adorable. The sexy image may throw it away, but he is the second youngest member of EXO. He's a very very talented dancer. He is so fierce on stage, but his personality off stage is just 180 degree. He is precious, and he's such photogenic, he'll make a good model, he looks good both on still pictures and videos.

Chanyeol The Happy Virus
Chanyeol is so cute. He's so tall, awkward and always seen laughing, smiling, grinning, or with his mouth open. I don't think he ever close his mouth, lol. His rapping is damn awesome, his voice, hypnotizing. I love him, his personality brings up so much joy to everyone around him and the fans. One thing that bugs me is, how fan accounts (or whatever) often says that he is actually acting up as a happy virus as a fan service only in front of people, he is actually very composed and quiet when he's not in public. And this bugs me because ... why would you want to be someone other than yourself just for your public image? And he's so young, he doesn't even have to try so hard to make people like him.

Okay, this list is full of people who I don't even know why I like them. Originally again, I didn't like Tao, what is it with that scary facial expression! He doesn't look like a maknae! But. I don't know why. I guess I like Tao now. He looks so damn good in photos.

How many people did I mentioned already? Not even half? FML ... here we go again. BB Baek is so cute he's like a lost puppy. Also, HIS VOICE. His singing is awesome. Off stage though, he's just another cute little kid, so precious.

D.O. is another precious bb. I don't understand this group, everyone looks like plastic dolls and acts like babbies. D.O. is the umma of the group, he loves to take care of everyone and he also loves to cook. He is also very good at singing. He's super tiny though.

I didn't like him, at first (WHY IS IT THAT I DIDN'T LIKE EVERYONE). He wasn't that good in dancing nor singing, and he isn't good looking, IMO. But then I realized, bb baozi bun is the personality of the group, and he is so cute!

Suho is alright, I guess. As a group leader, I was expecting him as a more articulate, entertaining, and mature person (a la Leeteuk), but I don't think I've seen his quality as a true leader just yet. It feels like he's doing it because he's the oldest of K and because the company assigned him to that role. And after a year, of course he is now used to it. Nonetheless, he is cute and as plastic dolls-y as everyone else.

Now Lay, just like everyone else, I didn't like him at first as well, I don't even know why, I just don't. Originally I was like 'K was much better than M', and I was trying to stick to it. But now, GOD. DO NOT SEPARATE THEM EVER. Lay is pretty much expressionless which makes it hard for me to guess what's going on in his head. He's an awesome dancer and singer, he works REALLY HARD for this, and I get chills when he performs.

Chen is a good singer, that's for sure, but he's not a really interesting character to follow, I haven't found anything interesting about him that makes me swoon. He's a cutie.

Now this, is the person I didn't hate at first but can not like until now. He obviously is the one with the most fans, which is a quality that refrain me from liking him, and he is also constantly making that face that I want to slap (just like Jonghyun of SHINee). He doesn't seem to be extraordinarily good on singing nor dancing, or making a show interesting when he's being interviewed so IDK, IDK. I just can't like him :(

All and all, despite of whom I like or not, EXO bb's are such babies I love them all (T____T). *hugs all the bbs*

Of course, every fandom has its own annoying traits. This fandom is not an exception. Some is more general, the ones that exists in any fandom like rabid fans and cray cray shippers. Some is exclusive bandom/fandom problems like sasaeng fans who stalk idols and create a mess/crowd in airports or everywhere else their favorite band is going to (many involves shoving and pushing at public places like airports, which causes their idols to fall down/injured for hitting wall, pillars, etc). Some other is related to language barrier/cultural differences like exclusive fansites who doesn't want to share pics to foreign fans and demand people to sign up to see pics/vids (the sites are in Korean/Chinese).

But nonetheless, this is such a glorious fandom to be in. First of all, it is a fact that there are possibilities for infinite number of pairings, which is always the fun side of the fandom. Second, the band is new, just debuted last year, which means even though I was almost a year late in joining the fun, the amount of events, music, mvs, highlights to catch up with isn't as enormous or intimidating as the older groups like SuJu. Everyone in the fandom are young and passionate about their idols, the forums are active and it's really not hard to find tumblr blogs to my likings. I really don't know how long I'm going to settle in this fandom but I'm already really excited about the upcoming comeback :) (don't know when it's going to be, though!)
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