23 April 2014 @ 02:01 am
Lately I've been thinking about this. I've been following EXO for a while now, and they are actually young enough for me to witness them growing up in front of my eyes (Sehun was the most obvious). Sometimes I stare at their photos and think ... 'you're growing so fast. I wish you'd stop growing and be the person that you are now forever'. Because we want idols/celebs to be immortal. We want to admire them forever, we want them to be in that perfect state, in the same state as they were when we fell for them.

Not only that, for some cases I want them to stay in the state they were in the sense of style also. Korean pop idols changes their appearances so often sometimes it's hard to recognize them. A clear example, for me, is Zelo's ramyeon hair. I still think it was the best hair style for him, I want him to have that hair forever. When they took away the hair from him, when BAP's style shifted so much from what made me fell for them ... suddenly I no longer have interest in the group.

Maybe sometimes we want people to be in the state which made us fell in love with them so we can fall in love again and again.
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18 February 2013 @ 07:52 pm
Aaaand days after the release of their new single One Shot, I'm still here in my own corner, obsessed with Warrior.

I don't care about feeling guilty anymore, I honestly can't get over Warrior. It's so awesome and I'm still watching the MV multiple times a day and still get CHILLS every time. Especially, I love Zelo. Yes, he was only 15 in that video and seriously, I don't give a fuck about stanning a kid whose age is half mine, he is so talented and cute!

I LOVE all of his scenes in Warrior, I love how he keeps making weird faces in attempts to look cool/crazy cool. I looove the puppeteer scene, he looks so cool. I love his ramyeon hair, he should have kept that hair forever. I love the point where he blows the whistle, so cute. I love his expression before the zombies/puppets kill him and how he throws his body when they shoot him. I love the scene of him and Jongup (Himchan? sorry still have difficulties telling them apart) when they shoot each other with their finger guns. I love the last scene where he keeps saying "get down" while pointing his finger gun to all the zombies who's about to attack him. His expression is priceless, his acting is cool and his dancing is mesmerizing, seriously. I love the drop dead move in the routine, I love how they incorporate stepping in their choreography, so clever, so brilliant I'm suspicious if they watch America's Best Dance Crew. I first know stepping from Strikers All Stars, a dance crew who participated in ABDC season 3, that season was phenomenal! Also, if Zelo is choreographing all this, I can not say a word, it is brilliant. His rapping, UGH. WHAT ajsfhksjahfkdslahkfa jansori. How, Zelo, how? You were only 15.

In all honesty, no matter how cool One Shot is, Warrior is still the best for me. The simplicity (the only 3 sets that they have), the mess (how they incorporate different things in it, breaking, stepping, ballet?, everything), how raw it is, was what made it special. I love the finger guns, I don't care. I'm Asian, we don't do guns and I don't like the glorification of gun violence, I hate blood, I hate violence. I'd take finger guns any day. MY POINT IS. ZELO SHOULD HAVE RAMYEON HAIR FOREVER.

Oh and I kept hearing 'I'm a gingivitis' when Bang Yongguk actually is singing 'akhan DNA, virus'
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15 February 2013 @ 07:42 pm

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I really didn't want to know what B.A.P is about. To me they were just a band with blond dyed hair members. Now knowing their achievements and seeing them mostly everywhere, I couldn't help but wonder how good they really are. In the name of research, I gained courage to watch their infamous single, Warrior. And it didn't help my loyalty to my current obsession, really. Because I was there on my seat in my room, alone, just stunned and mesmerized by everything. The song, the aggressiveness of the video, the adorableness of Zelo, the charisma of Bang Yongguk, the dancing, the concept, the rapping, ... I just wasn't ready and I felt like I was being bombarded with intense aggression and raw talent.

Following the MV, I watched Eat Your Kimchi's review of their video which was full of praises, ... all of them I can agree with. After, I watched their interview with Eat Your Kimchi, and I have to say .... .... ... I like them :( The sad face is because - this is childish, I know - I feel guilty for liking them. I feel like I shouldn't be liking them, I shouldn't be liking anyone at this point being because I supposed to be a loyal EXO fan who will die of old age waiting for their come back, lol. I feel like I supposed to be a loyal SMTown minion who would never even look at bands from other inferior agencies lololol.

All kidding aside, they're good, passionate and talented, and now the sound of Warrior won't leave my head.
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