23 April 2014 @ 02:01 am
Lately I've been thinking about this. I've been following EXO for a while now, and they are actually young enough for me to witness them growing up in front of my eyes (Sehun was the most obvious). Sometimes I stare at their photos and think ... 'you're growing so fast. I wish you'd stop growing and be the person that you are now forever'. Because we want idols/celebs to be immortal. We want to admire them forever, we want them to be in that perfect state, in the same state as they were when we fell for them.

Not only that, for some cases I want them to stay in the state they were in the sense of style also. Korean pop idols changes their appearances so often sometimes it's hard to recognize them. A clear example, for me, is Zelo's ramyeon hair. I still think it was the best hair style for him, I want him to have that hair forever. When they took away the hair from him, when BAP's style shifted so much from what made me fell for them ... suddenly I no longer have interest in the group.

Maybe sometimes we want people to be in the state which made us fell in love with them so we can fall in love again and again.
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