17 September 2014 @ 12:13 pm
I went to watch Kyoto Inferno with my siblings yesterday!! It was great! I just love spending time with my siblings so it was actually my idea to watch the movie. My sister was just okay about it and my brother hadn't even seen the first one. I insisted that we should watch because I know that the series was their favorite anime of all time. They used to watch it religiously as kids. Me, I don't even remember anything about it. But again, last time we watched Babadook together, the movie was weird but it was so much fun. I want to hang out with them again and we rarely have the chance to lately.

Also I was marketing victim who fell for the tweets that says enthusiasm for the movie is really high and seats were selling fast. They also screen 'Rurouni Kenshin Marathon' two weeks ago, which plays both the first movie and Kyoto Inferno. They are showing the movie in two studios each site, I need no more evidence that this is a high rank movie and I need to prove it with my own eyes by jumping on the bandwagon. Also also, other divisions in my company are researching on popularity of Japanese contents and artists, I can give them my opinion. It is quite a rare event that Japanese movies are showing in theaters here.

We got the the theater and it was really crowded! I know it was 'SELAMAT' aka Selasa Hemat which is the day of the week you can watch movies half price but seriously? People here are such cheapskates! Mind you, yes I was there too but only because we all were available on that day and not for selamat. I actually did not mind watching on any day, any class. I was still sick and was trying to hold in my cough in the theater so that I don't annoy other people. It was a very painful thing to do.

It was really really good. Honestly I don't even really remember the anime but I enjoyed the movie just fine. The casts were great, the styling and setting and everything was awesome and so very Japan, the fighting choreography was amazing.

If I have to nitpick I would probably say that the pace was too slow for my taste but that was really a non-issue, and that the Indonesian subtitle was ... subpar (both were predicted). Also the soundtrack wasn't really good. I kept being distracted because the sampling sounds like other songs. I remember almost bursting into laugh because one of the fighting scenes has a very similar sampling to Kelly's 'Text Message Breakup' and it started playing in my head!!
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