20 August 2014 @ 10:09 pm
... or more like #postcrossingproblems

I'm stressed out and embarrassed for this RR Group that I'm hosting. THE RR ADMIN IS STUPID. I sent her a U2U and she never responded until like 2 weeks later after I asked about it on the thread. She said she never has gotten my U2U. I sent her again. I wrote in Japanese so that she understand and still she replied to me in English and also she still misunderstood my intention. I WAS NOT OFFERING UNESCO CARDS. I meant it was included in my offers, but anyone is free to choose anything from my neatly organized offer album which I spent a lot of time to put together on. GAAAAAAHHHHH. I said that to the host and she doesn't seem to understand. I wonder if she looked at my offer carefully? I don't want to ask her again. She said my wish is out of season. I understand fully that Daruma is more of a New Year's motif but I also have a lot of other things Japanese in my wishlist and a lot are more common. SHE DID NOT MENTION THAT ON THE FUCKING MASTERPOST.

Now the offer has been there for some time and no one is interested in joining. You might as well delete the thread and spare me from the embarrassment of offering ugly cards that no one wants. BLARGH. I take this hobby very seriously.

On a completely unrelated note, I need to finish the 4th volume of Altair soon before my editor finally disowns me for turning the manuscript late every goddamn volume.
Current Mood: stressed