17 October 2017 @ 10:41 am
I saw this popped out on VLive several times, but I haven't had the chance to watch it yet. I marathoned the whole 10 episodes (they're short eps) during the weekend and I LOVE IT. This just reminded me why I fell in love with Super Junior back then. The overused laughing track is old and annoying, but SJ members are very funny. Watching Eunhyuk again brings back all the feels (he was/is my bias in SJ). I love this so much because we get to see the behind the scenes, they were discussing comeback strategies, sharing their feelings, talking about what kind of music they should comeback with. This is so good! They were talking about which songs were successful and which wasn't, about the impact of variety shows and what they say on air, comparing one albums to another, reminiscing sub-units, etc.

They established their own management label (still under SM) 'SJ Label', and I think this VLive original series is a brilliant idea. Other than individual activities, SJ has been on a 2 years hiatus and they have a lot of fans who are eager to know what's coming. They're releasing 2 episodes per-day until their coming back day (I think?) and that's a good strategy to keep the fans excited.

PS. I still don't like Yesung. He comes off as try hard and is not funny.
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07 December 2012 @ 11:40 pm
Gosh this is my first entry in forever. My new job is eating me up. Hi!

Anyway I was soooo behind on everything as usual and I got weirdly excited when Adam tweeted this :

I was like hell YEAH! I love K-Pop fashion, too! And I love it when my favorite fandoms collide! And then I realized that I was excited about the wrong thing. Adam tweeting about KPop fashion is just a part of the very rare fandom collision in which ADAM and TOMMY were there, at the same venue as SUJU, SHINEE, EXO and were on the same freaking stage they performed on at MAMA 2012 in Hong Kong. akfdakljflskjf;ls

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31 October 2012 @ 08:26 am
Last night before sleep I watched the 8th episode of Evolution of the Human Body and in this episode, Shin Dong Yeop and Super Junior were experimenting about tears. I'm a crybaby, I cry all the time so I don't think it's a difficult thing to try to get tears fall from your eyes, I was like, why don't you all make each other laugh so hard? You'll cry from that.

Then at the end of the episode, there's a clip from a hidden camera. In their mission to collect tears, Super Junior did a prank on Eunhyuk and Ryeowook acting a team crisis and arguing strongly to each other.

ZOMG IT WAS SO MEAN!!! Poor mah bb's Eunhyuk and Ryeowook :'(((
Heechul said Eunhyuk is so gullible they have tricked him into crying several times! Man, this episode is polarizing, on one side it was a good and interesting episode, on the other side, MEAN OMG! How could they abuse their members like that after a long day of hard work.
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30 October 2012 @ 11:44 pm


1. Fighting in Korean.
2. Usually used to support Asian celebrities / groups.
3. Also to used to confuse non-Asians.

LOL Urban Dictionary I love you.

Anyway today Leeteuk officially enters the military (in which Eunhyuk says 'Hwaiteuk!!!' on twitter to cheer him). There'll be no appearance of him for the next two years, which is sad, and even sadder if you are an emotionally unstable teenager that has engaged in the fandom for a long time, I guess lol. Since I'm neither and Leeteuk is not my bias, I'm just looking at all this as rites of passage, everyone has to go now or later. Even the leader. I have passed the state of cursing Korean Mandatory Military Service and was hopelessly hoping that artists could pass this obligation, especially those who had proven to help the country gain popularity all over the world.

On a not really related note, today Eunhyuk is super super cute at the Leeteuk's military enlistment. Looking pics of him brighten my gloomy and busy day a little. No matter how tired and sick I am or what time I got home, watching videos of SuJu and looking at their pics always lifts my mood.

RL flashnews : Tomorrow is my last day at my current office.
It's past midnight, I need to go to bed.
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20 October 2012 @ 06:11 pm
Let's get real here, anyone reading my blog or have known me in fandom would know : I love pretty boys. Pretty as in, so pretty they could easily pass as girls (I was obsessed with Taylor Hanson back in the day). I'm a big fan of gender bending (see : Andrej Pejic obsession) and drag culture (see : RPDR obsession), or cross dressing in general. So I really don't know what it is not to like about Gee performance by SuJu. I know, I know, it's like from 2 years ago, performed as a part of their Super Show 2, but this performance right here, made me regret the fact that I wasn't their fan back then.

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24 September 2012 @ 08:53 am

Recaps on SuJu!! :D
*I don't have any photos so I would have to borrow other people's

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23 September 2012 @ 12:17 am
Just got home from SMTown Live!!! It was crazy in a lot of ways!!

Here's some quick notes :
- Ryeowook wore sunglasses the whole time he was on stage :(
- Eunhyuk is cute, crazy, energetic as usual, and looks very muscle-y with sleeveless shirt
- Kyuhyun is cute, his acne scars looked clearer in real life, I thought he has the most perfect skin.
- Leeteuk kept saying 'Selamat Sore' even though it was almost midnight, lol
- The stage and effects and everything is top notch as predicted.
- Taemin is cute
- EXO has a lot of members and a lot of them are cute
- Amber is so cool!

I'm going to bed now, I'll add details with more coherent sentences and pics when available if I still feel like writing it tomorrow X3
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14 September 2012 @ 01:38 pm
I might be going to SMTown Live World Tour next week!

Thank you Yung!! He got us tickets when I told him I'm hesitating to go because of the tickets and the position. First I told him to go with me, and now he's getting us tickets. Now I don't have to worry anymore! I promised myself not to mix fandom and RL, but this time I'm really grateful that I did (;___;).

Now I have a friend to go to the concert, a possible free transportation from home and back *prays*, and an expensive ticket I don't have to pay for. It is the right choice *nods*.

Suju, here I come! I will do more research on the event, learn the setlist, memorize the unpronounceable lyrics, borrow a binocular, and get myself ready for it! Oppa, oppa!
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14 September 2012 @ 10:53 am
I was too busy avoiding any possible real life fellow fans that I didn't have the slightest idea about the upcoming SMTown Live!! WTF, they'd be here by next week! Insane! I don't know what to think, I really want to go but the tickets are fucking expensive and I don't need to see anyone else, I just want to see SuJu.

The ticket is $50 for the furthest tribune seat, $80 for the second tribune seat, and $110 for the front tribune. I don't want to pay more than $100 for this, are you crazy?? (actually I might ... I would). Festival is $140 and VIP is $250 ... WHO HAS THAT KIND OF MONEY TO SPEND FOR KPOP ARTISTS?? ... apparently there are a lot.

I'm dragging Yung to this and he agreed to go with me but ... I'm still not sure what to think. If we buy tribune 3 seats, it's expensive, and we can't see a thing. The performing artists would appear in the size of my pinky, OR EVEN SMALLER. I would borrow a binocular from a friend, but yeah, I'm still not sure. $80 is already TOO FUCKING EXPENSIVE but then again I would pay for this if it is guaranteed that I can see better? Gaaah I don't know what to do, what to think (@_____@)
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13 September 2012 @ 12:08 pm
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Today's issue would be : Eunhyuk to be SJ's temporary leader while Leeteuk is gone???? WHAT. I read this at omona (I know, smh for omona being my source of reality lately), I'm not sure how reliable/true this is, but it's from their Radio Star talk recently.

And although I am an Eunhyuk fan (or in KPop fandom language, Eunhyuk is my bias, whatever), I'm not sure how to digest this information. I have been wondering of whom to replace Leeteuk once he's taking his leave for the mandatory military service, and I did thought of Eunhyuk but ...

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11 September 2012 @ 11:35 am
Really, self? It's not the time to be obsessed with yet another pretty boy, you need to work on your translation which due YESTERDAY! But how can you resist this face, this faaaaceeeee!

Okay it all began with that Sukira talk (I still don't know what it is, actually) in which Super Junior was the guest, Ryeowook and Sungmin DJ as usual. And then there is this question 'Who in SJ do you think will marry last?' And some people said Leeteuk, because he takes a long time to decide anything simple let alone a marriage. And Leeteuk! You mean, oblivious leader! He said Ryeowook because Ryeowook once said that he'll never marry anyone, and that he'll live alone forever. Shindong added the fact that he never saw Ryeowook date anyone, not once in their whole years long of career.

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05 September 2012 @ 10:08 pm
Cut to the chase, this is how I discovered KTZ :

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28 August 2012 @ 12:23 pm
Last weekend on my Eunhyuk spree I went to search for some Hyuk related blogs on tumblr to follow, and I also registered to a forum which mainly consists of SJ fans. We have to participate in the forum in order to be able to access certain features so I was unwillingly engaged in discussions or polls on the board. I was almost pleasantly surprised when I see so many of the members said that Eunhyuk is their bias (favorite member, whatever). I thought, oh, so Eunhyuk is popular and my liking towards him is actually a very very common thing among SJ fans. There are also A LOT of Hyuk related blogs on tumblr.

But! After that I read somewhere that it was revealed on a variety show called Strong Heart that Eunhyuk is probably one of the lowest paid members in Super Junior, WHAT. I can not. He is the life of the party, he is constantly to be put in front of the dancing formation for his talent, he is somewhat the face of SuJu in certain times. C'mon, I just can not.

Hyukjae strongly disagree when Ryeowook says that together with him they are the self proclaimed low ranks in Super Junior. | GIF by monkeili on tumblr |

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24 August 2012 @ 11:56 am
This is bad. I'm obsessed. I can not get my head off of anything Eunhyuk or SuJu.

  • I went to ITC Kuningan on Wed with my mom and as I saw the DVD corner playing Mr. Simple's MV I immediately realized that I am cursed.

  • I went to work yesterday and all I can think about is Eunhyuk!!!

  • I want an Eunhyuk mood theme so bad but there is none out there so I have to make one. I WILL MAKE ONE!! I've saved about 250+ pics of him on my computer at home and I'm still saving more as I saw anything worth saving. I usually sleep very early on workdays but this SuJu craving is driving me nuts and dopamine pushed me to sleep after midnight, yet still wake up hyper in the morning.

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21 August 2012 @ 08:53 pm
I had a great Eid break and still has tomorrow off til I'm stuck on my chair at the boring office again. Eid was ... fine, a bit busy since we have relatives coming to our house instead of my aunt like usual because she was ill. Having a lot of people coming to your house is not pleasant. I mean, yeah, other than my social anxiety, the mess after was almost traumatizing. If there were just us kids and not my mom, we'd go to bed and sleep til noon and woke up to the same mess as it was the night before. But since my mom has OCD, of course we did not. I woke up to no trace of any party at my house.


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