25 February 2013 @ 04:03 pm
After dreading it forever, last night I decided to go to a friend's wedding at Puri Ardhya Garini. Except, that I wouldn't call him a friend, I barely even know him! Yes, he went to the same elementary/middle school as me but we were never close. We were never even in the same class, and I don't even have ONE memory of us talking, ever. One thing that ties me to him was that he was close to my cousin back then (and everyone in our school knows that he is my cousin). As I remember, this guy and my cousin, they looked like each other and they were always together. I don't even remember what he was called. God. This is such torture. My mom insisted me to come and mingle and I decided that I will just for the sake of it. I don't want to be told 100 times how I antisocial of a person I am by my mom for the next 2 weeks. Also, I missed a friend's wedding a month ago which was held at the same venue, the I'm still feeling so guilty about. I thought coming to this one will somehow make up for it (I'm fully aware how this doesn't make any sense).

Anyway, I HATE WEDDINGS. It's always a torture to attend one except for those of the people I'm really close to, with the crowd I'm comfortable to be with. This crowd, isn't one of them.

whine whine whine )

My social anxiety is at its worst when it comes to times like this. Sigh. And nobody understands that either.
Current Mood: anxious