27 March 2013 @ 10:11 am
Honestly I might not be the biggest fan of MCR, but I'm always that kid who grew up with band songs and had this special place in my heart for awesome groups. I didn't follow MCR on their first albums, I only knew some of their songs from my brother. I got into MCR for real just before the release of Danger Days, and I was in love with everything, the songs, the concept, the creativity, the artistic vision, and how genius Gerard is, like seriously. Though I've never been actively participating in their fandom/bandom, but I can say that I'm a big fan of their music.

I didn't know about their break-up announcement until I read someone's comment on [ profile] exochocolate's last FFA, lol. And on that I thought, 'well, it's sad but every good thing has an end'. It was until I read Gerard's letter that was posted at [ profile] tothetune. It was so beautifully written it broke me. I was there reading the letter sobbing. I didn't even thought it could affect me so much.

Anyway as Gerard said, MCR is alive, inside all of us, and I'm going to savor the glory of their music with relish. I started listening to them again, put all of their songs to my ipod, I went to karaoke last night for a tribute to MCR (though I kinda gave up after 4 songs because OMG my throat, Gerard how do you do it). They will always have a special place in my heart .
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