10 June 2012 @ 07:46 pm
Well FUCK. I did not expect that to happen. I mean I'm not that big of a fan of Mos Wanted Crew, but I do think they have the technique, skills and determination to be on the Top 2. Also, like most people, I do think Ian Eastwood is cute. He is. And as much as I agree to a certain extent that Mos Wanted crews appear to be somewhat smug and arrogant, I REALLY REALLY REALLY think that it supposed to be Mos Wanted and Electrolytes fighting for the Top.

8 Flavahz, as much as I think they are adorable, I love them and I did root for them at the beginning of the competition, later on it was clear to me that with their age, experience and not fully developed bodies, they are not ready to take the throne. I thought America saw this as well, which was why last week they were in the bottom 2. But this is what I did not predict; when the support system of these kids feel threatened, they'll vote no matter what. No matter how the group's technique and skills are below the other crews. And this is what I don't like about 'kids group', this happens last season as well. I did not expect them to be the first one safe tonight, but they got the most votes. Despite the fact that their performance last week flawed.

With this Top 2, I think it's obvious that the winner will be Electrolytes. They are awesome, and when they perform, we can feel it that they want this more than anyone else.
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06 May 2012 @ 02:40 am

Specifically I'm going to talk about Adore Delano who is American Idol Season 7 Danny Noriega's alter ego, and Fanny Pak on America's Best Dance Crew.

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