06 May 2012 @ 02:40 am
Reality TV Returns  

Specifically I'm going to talk about Adore Delano who is American Idol Season 7 Danny Noriega's alter ego, and Fanny Pak on America's Best Dance Crew.

Well well well, what do we have here. A couple of weeks ago, I found out that RuPaul's Drag Race is doing a fan voting for one spot for Season 5. And boy how I secretly squealed when I saw that none other than Adore Delano was leading. Back in 2008, I was OBSESSED with Danny Noriega. OBSESSED. Not to mention that the small fandom surrounding Danny was my first fandom, ever. I voted for Adore almost every day since.

Here's the thing; Danny can be annoying a lot of the times (lol) but I can't deny that he's good TV. HE HAS TO BE IN. On American Idol, his attitude might be too much for many people, but girl, this is RPDR and his attitude/personality is just what this show needed. I understand that he might not be as polished as a lot of the queens who are trying to get on the same show, but I'd totally give her the shot. Like, The Princess has polished look and fashion taste, but her personality on the show just makes her so boring to watch, Also, talking about the voting video that the contestants has to make, Danny was clearly the best of them all. He was articulate, his video quality is good, he knows what to say to promote himself, unlike some of the other queens's videos which I couldn't even stand to watch for 1 minute straight (yes, I tried). He's a YouTube entertainer so that was to be expected, I'm curious to see how he does on RPDR Season 5! :) (I guess I have to start calling him 'her' from now, eh)

Here is his her voting video :

On to my next topic which is Fanny Pak.

Hmm, I don't mind them, I do think they did awesome in Season 2 of America's Best Dance Crew and I agree that the winner of Season 2 is the least interesting of all winners (sorry Supercrew, and yes I prefer We Are Heroes). BUT. HOWEVER. Is it fair for a crew who was third place in past season to came back to compete, with the same name and mostly the same members? I know people who didn't make it in past seasons come back to compete in Reality TV shows, but they were third place! If it's like Shangela on RPDR, she wasn't ready to compete in Season 2, so she was kicked in the first episode and they let her compete in the next season ... it's kind of understandable. But Fanny Pak was third place! I don't really get the rules of the show, but I don't think it's fair. Or at least, it makes the show looks like they had a very rough time finding a worthy crew to compete on the show after 6 years.

Also, I just watched episode 4 and they were already in the bottom, yikes! I like their style, but yeah ... I'm just not sure how to feel about them back to compete on the show again. I know, I know crews change their team members and some contestants had competed on the show more than one time, but just not the exact same name/group.
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