15 January 2015 @ 08:08 pm
Aand ramble start!

I just experienced the worst ever online purchase. It was a pre-order for washi tapes. This is definitely a FAIL purchase. First of all, the customer service person is stupid. I need to explain several times about a very simple misunderstanding. She offered me lots of other tapes outside of my order, I chose 2 and when the package arrived, the 2 wasn't there. And 3 of the tapes weren't the ones I wanted. I protested, saying that I did not order these 3. She was rude. As a customer service you would know to talk (or type) more politely and to make your customers happy and satisfied with your store. She accused that I was wrong. I couldn't accept this accusation so I went to prove it and checked the site. Turns out I WAS wrong. I input the wrong codes for 1 of the tape and I couldn't find the other 2. I said okay, then just refund me the 2 that was not sent. SHE STILL WENT ON IT AND SAID THAT I WAS WRONG. She mentioned that all of the tapes I ordered are still on the site and I should check again. Lady, I already admitted that I was wrong and I'll wait for my refund, and you're still blaming me? WTF. I ordered stuff for more than 60 dollars and this is the type of customer service you have? This person is crazy. This purchase is a super fail. Even more reasons :

1. Stupid, impolite customer service
2. Inconsistent shape, size and length of the tapes
3. Many of them are in bad shape / cut / quality
4. For these garbage? The price is FUCKING EXPENSIVE

Seriously, I'd rather buy mts (it's a Japanese washi tape brand) which are super expensive here but after the pain going through this purchase, I'd rather go broke for buying more mts than sacrifice my sanity for these stupid shit. I will use them, still, and probably just toss the three that I didn't intend to order in the first place.

I was so angry, so aggravated about this person and purchase, I went online to purchase even MORE washi tapes FROM JAPAN this time. Japan tapes are awesome. The quality is consistent, they carefully package everything to make sure nothing is broken. They are honest people unlike many Chinese shops. I bought more washi tapes in the last 2 months than I purchase anything else.

I already have TONs of them. I don't know this customer service lady, nor she will ever know or meet me, ever. I don't understand why I felt like I need to prove to her that I'm someone to be reckoned with just because I am able to buy so much tapes. Because I'm more educated and articulate. This is stupid. Part of me was just trying to calm myself and justify my fail purchase with EVEN MORE purchase. Doesn't make any sense.

I'm supposed to be saving. In fact, I just made a goal chart for my saving for this year. It's only January and already, I broke my own promise not to shop excessively.

If any, the lesson here is not to order from there ever again.
We don't need to prove anything to anyone.

PS. The new tapes I'm ordering are super awesome though
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