13 March 2019 @ 06:46 pm
Now that my ult BTS is coming back, my love and attention for all other fandoms goes out the window, basically. I'm so excited for the new era, I can't wait.

People are speculating another 3 or 4 albums for this new era, more or less the same as Love Yourself.

I didn't read the book they are referring to, but possible titles based on Jung's Map of The Soul:
Map of The Soul : Persona
Map of The Soul : Anima/Animus
Map of The Soul : Ego/Shadow(?)
Map of The Soul : Self

Probably also with more or less the same timeline as before?

They will drop the first album, finish Love Yourself Tour in between releases, and then come up with the second album while preparing a new tour, and then drop the last(?) album/compilation by the beginning of the new tour. One of them will be just a short film and not an album. HYYH and LY era follow this pattern, I think?

We also found out that Persona is going to be a mini album, just like Her.

Oh and Big Hit dropped links to pre-order today. I still don't know where to pre-order it (them) from. I have never ordered from Big Hit Shop, the first time I did was the Pre-order of Love Yourself Seoul Blu-Ray which isn't going to be released until April. I resisted buying from there because the lack of payment options (I just really didn't want to use PayPal and I prefer to pay in KRW instead of USD), but I learned by the time they release Seasons Greetings, that they're going to make certain things exclusive to the shop so I will have to buy from them sooner or later.

The perks of shopping from the official shop is of course, we'll get Big Hit Shop only bonus items, and we also collect points. This point system isn't just for making a purchase at the shop, we also get points from attending events and owning official releases (even when we purchase from other stores). Other than that, I haven't had any experiences with the shipping, I hope it's fast. But shipping fee wise, it's about the same with if I buy from Synnara.

The con is, we can't get discounted prices. Big Hit sells their own stuff with fixed retail price while other stores can offer more a competitive pricing because they know BTS albums/releases sell well. It's only the first day of pre-order and other retailers are already selling these albums with a 10-13% discount. The price still can get lower, I think. Now do I take the 10-13% discount or do I order from Big Hit and get the special bonuses?
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05 March 2019 @ 05:54 pm
Ugh so exciting. We finally can get to know these kids.

The music video is fun and colorful, the coreography is great, the kids are adorable. The only problem that I have with them is probably, normally this is a genre I do not prefer. This cheerful happy tone with boys in colorful clothing and big smiles seem just so generic and is a to-go concept for nugu groups. The title song is a grower though, I like it by my third time watching the MV hahahaha. It's a safe debut. But again, Big Hit wanted this group to have a different concept with BTS and it's working great so far.

Yesterday I was in a meeting in the outskirts of the town so I couldn't watch the debut on time. They were trending, they were everywhere, it was a nice, busy, exciting day.

I was intrigued by Huening Kai since the beginning and this debut only cemented it : he's my bias in TXT. He is so adorable and pretty! And ... is a hyper 16 year old boy.

By the way, I was thinking why Big Hit decided to use their real names instead of making up new stage names, and some reasons I could think of are:
1. To fit with the group's concept. These are a bunch of flower boys singing happy songs, they don't need intimidating stage names like 'Rap Monster', they need to be as close to boys next door as possible.
2. After all the stage names that they gave to BTS, most fans don't even call them with that, we always use their real names or other nicknames made by fans.

Kai is still a big mystery though. Yes he is mixed but mixed of what? Some article says he was born in Brazil, some says in Hawaii. Some says his father was an actor in China, WHAT IS THE TRUTH. Like, is he going by the name Kai Huening in real life or Jeon Kai? What is his real name, I NEED TO KNOW.

Being mixed is unique to him, so Big Hit decided that he'll have his full name Huening Kai to also distinguish from the already established EXO Kai.

Anyway, he's adorable. Looking forward to watch more TXT contents and listen to their album this whole week.
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01 March 2019 @ 03:36 pm
If I could say one thing about this: it's good in theory.

In theory, all ARMYs want to cherish good memories of Bangtan and their achievements over the years. It's not like we're not already doing that, there are accounts in different platforms making content lists, wikis, databases, and even websites. There are abundant sources of past events.

Now, Big Hit wants to make it a game? Officially? IDK what they're doing and then they announced this ARMYPEDIA thing out of nowhere. I was hyped at first, especially because of the giant QR codes billboard placed in 7 different cities all over the world. We're to work together to finish the puzzle! Fun! ... Until it's not.

They mentioned that this event will run for 4 weeks and there are 2080 pieces of puzzles to find. It means for 4 weeks we have to find, scan, answer question and make post for each QR code averaging in 70 codes a day. Who actually have time for that?!?!?

There's also an offline event for ARMYs, which... IDK maybe involves activities like finding the codes in the wilderness or something.

In practice, I was already overwhelmed since day 1. I don't know how many codes ARMYs found & shared in day 1 only, but it felt like hundreds of codes were just flying before my eyes. They're all over my twitter timeline, on instagram, on different websites, on YouTube, just ... everywhere. Day 1 people were still competitive and many actually did the task dilligently. But then, the site began to get cluttered with spam and low quality posts, people are complaining about the questions, and I think many just gave up (or never start like me!).

The next days were worse. They seem to realize that there aren't enough time to get ARMYs to solve this huge puzzle, so they began to give out a ton of codes in one post. It's crazy and very overwhelming. Also I'm just tired of seeing QR codes and I have short attention span. I'm so ready for this to be over already so we can move on to different things. Because like.... what do we get out of this? What reward is behind this or what the purpose of the program isn't exactly clear, so other than points and ranks among thousands of ARMYs out there who are playing the game... what do we get? I mean if it has something to do with the upcoming comeback, I might consider participating. Almost every recent post on ARMYPEDIA twitter has more negative responses than positive ones. Everyone basically just want it to stop by now.

Namjoon posting on twitter telling us to write about our days on ARMYPEDIA plus the upcoming ARMY Run event probably will boost participation a little, but I honestly don't see how everyone will stay on board with this game/whatever until the end. I personally will just sit this one out entirely. I'd rather dedicate my time and energy to see new episodes of BTS Run, see BTS doing new stuff, focus on comeback announcements, plan my trip for LY shows, etc. I already don't have enough time as it is.
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22 February 2019 @ 07:34 pm
So there were 2 great news from today/yesterday in the KPop world. One, ITZY got their first win, making them the fastest group to ever achieve this feat. Two, it is reported that TXT's debut album reached 100,000 pre-orders in just 3 days.

And yet people's reactions are quite negative for the seemingly happy news.

The argument is about the same, people don't think they deserve it.

With ITZY, a lot of people don't like the debut song and say that if it's any other group coming up with that song, it wouldn't even chart let alone win a music show. THEY'RE ONLY 2 DAYS OLD! IT'S BIG THREE PRIVILEGE! People are saying they can't appreciate the win because this group didn't even have to work hard to get it. They keep comparing with other groups that have been in the industry longer and are never warranted a music show win despite their consistently good releases.

Music show wins don't always correspond to your personal taste, I don't understand why people are complaning. EXO's first win was with Wolf. Nothing is worse than Wolf. Music show wins are based on numbers. ITZY pulled crazy numbers for a rookie group and Dalla Dalla is really high on the charts. We can't deny that they're gaining attention and that many people actually likes them.

With TXT, people say this is just a bunch of ARMY blind-stanning BTS' brother group. ARMYs are contradicting themselves because they keep talking shit about 'Big 3 privilege' and constantly hating on/not supporting of groups from the Big 3. I don't get it. So ... they're saying no-one should pre-order because we don't know anything about this group yet except for their faces? We haven't heard their voices yet, we don't know the kid's ability, skill or talent, and we don't know what their songs are going to sound like. We should stan talent, not pretty faces so if you're pre-ordering you're officially a Big Hit stan. What.

Pre-order is not a new concept, we all pre-order our fave/ult groups all the time without knowing or questioning how the songs in the new album will sound like. Including debut albums. People aren't buying albums for the music, who actually pop the CD in a CD player? Not me. It's a memorabilia.

I say this all the time, but fandom experience is different for each person. It's extremely personal to me. I am following TXT and keeping my eyes closely on them but I don't pre-order their CD, that is a personal decision I make for myself.

If other people decides to be a TXT stan just from the teasers Big Hit had released, it's their personal choice for themselves and I see no problem with it at all. People could be into a group because of their looks, because of their songs, because of their company, because they want to support their debut, because they're BTS' brother group, any and all reasons are valid and personal, really. No reason is too shallow or even wrong. Stanning is about emotional investment and you can not make sense of feelings.

In the end, KPop is an industry with making profit as their main goal. If their marketing strategy works in a way some people doesn't agree with, then they're still winning.

Why can't we just be genuinely happy for these kids?
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22 February 2019 @ 06:01 pm
Big Hit announced ARMYPEDIA which is ... an interactive BTS database edited by ARMY, sort of? Initially I thought this was BU related shit and I really couldn't care about an imaginary alternate universe because I just don't like fiction. But hey, turns out it's not! I'm an information junkie, I love research and databases so I'm intrigued by this one.

ARMYs has been tweeting what they found, some has pieces of puzzles with piece number on it, but the biggest ones are the huge teasers with each member's face on them, and so far we've only found 5! In their press release they mentioned 7 different cities around the world, so we know the ones we haven't found are located in London and LA. I hope ARMYs in those cities could find it and tweet us the pics. This is exciting and we really have to work together to find all the 2080 pieces.

Other than that, I don't know what to expect, am I to walk around to find clues? LOL. I'll probably just watch and observe from my PC monitor as usual.
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21 February 2019 @ 11:18 am
Dalla Dalla - ITZY
My initial reaction to Dalla Dalla was a negative one, but it has changed now. The song is sure jumbled but turns out it is still fun. I guess my disatisfaction came from expecting the song to sound specifically like one thing. When it came out very different from that imaginary sound in my mind, I was disappointed. The day it was released, I tried listening to it the second and third time, and I still thought that this was just not it. However, on that very same night, I was going to sleep when the tune of the chorus kept playing my head! I didn't even remember where that tune comes from and I kept thinking 'what song does this come from??'. It really bothered me all night and I realized that I was probably subconsciously liking the song but I just didn't want to admit it. So yeah, off to my spotify playlist this song goes. The second song from their digital single, I don't really care about. Maybe I need to give it more listens.

Alligator - Monsta X
I have a difficult relationship with Monsta X's music. I thought I love them and they are one of my 'staple groups'. Their fandom is growing well and the quality of their production is top notch. I always make sure that I check out their every release, but lately it's getting harder and harder to find anything I like. From this album, the only one song I like is Rodeo *shrugs*. Alligator doesn't do anything to me. Jooheon & I.M's rap is great per-usual, but the song is... just okay. Nothing really stands out or exciting to me, even the Steve Aoki song.

Butterfly - LOONA
Hmm. There's really nothing for me to say about this group, I don't get the hype, I don't follow the fandom, and this song specifically - I don't like it, either. I love the girls, though.

TWIT - Hwa Sa
I think I like anything Mamamoo releases at this point, good discography! Twit is great and the music video is beautiful.

Gravity - TREI
A new group from Banana Culture that houses EXID. The song genre is not really my forte, but it is really good! The melody flows nicely and the vocal is just amazing. Pity I couldn't find them on Spotify They're on Spotify now.

Enough - SF9
I was expecting a lot from them but the title track is just boring. Visuals are great though! Taeyang's cheekbones could cut somebody. Other songs are okay, good. My favorite would be Play Hard and probably Heart Beat, but I will need to listen to them again.

God Girl - The Pink Lady
Now this was a pleasant surprise. I don't know who they are and was skeptical as I clicked on their music video. For a good couple of seconds I seriously thought they were a comedy group. It was surprisingly VERY GOOD. These girls are SINGERS. I need to listen to it more. The music video is quite different, too.

Allure - Hyomin
Mixed feelings. This has a lot of GOOD points of the song, I found myself loving the melodies, but some of the transitions just feels wrong. I want to like it but I'm still on the fence.
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11 February 2019 @ 12:19 pm
I was curious about the outcome of this show, even though I didn't follow it from the start. I watched the finale yesterday and I am happy for the boys, happy for their families, I hope that they'll release good songs, gain more fans outside of the U19 fandom, and that they'll be successful. This is a talented group of people.

That being said, they'll be under MBK? Ugh I only hear bad things about the company and I can only hope that they don't do the same management mistakes with these boys.

Anyway, as I wasn't following this from the start, I am happy to see some of the faces that I recognize from my short time watching them. It is great that 3 persons from the Fake Love made it (Doyum, Yechan, Junseo). Yechan is doing really great as a leader for his team, he's looking out for everyone, he's gentle, and he's giving out his knowledge to everyone. I particularly remember how J-Hope gave them the advice of recording their practice and then review it together so that they can see what part to fix, who's sticking out, etc. Yechan did this for his final performance group and we could see that everyone is learning from it.

Yesterday Fave Ent releases questioning videos for Fave boys, including Doyum and Jinsung, and we could see how big of a fan they are of BTS. They are even using BTS as their phone home screen! They are adorable. I also remember how badly Jinsung wanted to be in Fake Love team in 10th episode. I don't even know them that well, but I'm proud that Doyum and Jinsung made it to the 1st and 2nd rank during the final.

Like I said, I wasn't following the fandom closely and I didn't know the drama surrounding Wumuti. I thought he was just popular and doing great which was why he was constantly number 1 on several episodes. But turns out, he wasn't really popular amongst Korean, but Chinese fans of his are voting by obtaining Korean phone numbers and got him to number 1. From what I heard he got a lot of hate because of that. And then his fans decided to stop voting to stop the hate which explains his rank drop in the last couple of episodes, and finally Wumuti himself decided to withdraw from the competition. That is sad, but I can imagine how facing constant hate is affecting him, too. They all are just teenagers chasing their dreams, I wish it wasn't like this.

I was surprised to learn that Shihyun is actually that Shihyun from duo Longguo & Shihyun. He's in the oldest tier among the contestants, he was on Produce 101, and he has debuted before, which makes him a senior in the industry. I... personally found him unsympathetic. He was just stern and scolding other kids as the leader during that group practice. The kids were just scared of him instead of feeling like they're in this together. I didn't watch him enough to say anything about his skill level, and I'm sorry that he didn't make it. But I am very happy for Junseo who took the 9th place.

Another contestant I was happy about is Sungwon! He's doing really great and I'm super happy that he made it.

Sadly though.... I'm not familiar enough with the show and the kids to say about other contestants who made it to the final line-up. A little about the ones who didn't: Suron and Lee Yechan are super adorable but they're literal babies, and I was surprised at how different Sangmin looked since before! I'm happy and proud though! Everyone worked really hard. I'm indifferent about the group name, 1the9. I mean, I'm tired of word play and styling of KPop group names in general, but wonder nine sounds good and is easy to pronounce.

Anyway! I'm not really into We Are Young, but the two songs they performed as the final stage are great! Will be looking out for releases from this group.
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10 February 2019 @ 10:28 pm
So they drop the music video.

I was expecting that it'll be a full-on girl crush concept, with the song being heavy with minor tunes. The song is not at all what I expected. It's very.... JYP. There's a lot going on like a bunch of different songs trying to fit in together. Very messy. I know many KPop songs are like that but I just didn't expect that for ITZY.

This reminds me of Stray Kids' My Pace which disappointed me. The sound of their songs is getting further and further away from Hellevator which was the song that made me fell in love with them in the first place. My pace is a messy, happy song (?), I can't describe it but it's very JYP. This JYP sound is the reason I could never get into GOT7. Just not the type of sound I'd prefer to listen.

The music video... there are too many things going on at once, I don't know anymore lol. And what is with that color-changing dog, it's really distracting and confusing.

I love the girls though, they're great! Girls are pretty, styling is on point, performance is awesome. This might just seal it that I can never get into any JYP groups no matter what concept they have. They're not for me.
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07 February 2019 @ 10:56 pm
I just saw the second MV teaser of ITZY and while the performance aspect of it is cool, their pose and formation is great, Yeji looks like she's ready to slay, my overall reaction is... what the hell did I just hear. It sounds like they're yelling out of tune and without any melody at all. Now I'm wondering if it was just an unfortunate part of the song to showcase in the teaser, or they really can't sing and they're more of a performance group. People says this is JYP's answer to BlackPink, but BP actually can sing and they got great songs. Also that wide smile of Yuna they're using on the thumbnail is hella creepy.
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07 February 2019 @ 08:34 pm
This morning when Big Hit tweeted information about TXT's debut, never have I clicked on a link faster than that one but the site went down immediately so I couldn't see what it says for a while. But we got a debut date!!!! March 4!!! They will debut March 4 on MNet with a show called '+omorrow x +ogether Debut Celebration Show' (yeah I still hate the styling of that name lol). And they'll have a debut showcase at Yes24 Live Hall. The album will be called 'The Dream Chapter: Star'. I can't wait to see these adorable kids!

I am also super excited about the girls of ITZY!! I've been loving their concept shown in the teasers, the girls are beautiful, and the song snippet sounds very promising! Monday can't come soon enough.

We're also getting Treasure 13 debut as I wrote in my previous entry.

TXT, ITZY, Treasure 13, all have T in their names, just like I do. This is so fun and exciting!

I also have been loving songs from rookie groups, ATEEZ is doing really well with 'Say My Name' and I LOVE ONEUS' debut song Valkyrie!
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07 February 2019 @ 05:45 pm
Final plot twist: both groups are going to promote together as 13 called Treasure13! Hahahahhaha. I don't even know how to react anymore at this point. Now I understand why people are always skeptical with anything YG says, he's just doing whatever he wants. I think 'I'll believe it when I see it' is the right attitude towards any news that he drops. Right from the get-go this show was twist after twist after twist. We want to support this group, but we need to know where this is heading. How are we going to invest in it if we don't even know what it is yet. Is it going to be one group? Two groups? Are they going to promote together? Separately? Is this final? ARE YOU SURE??

This is how the show goes
YG: I'm debuting 1 (one) group
YG: Odd number of members, yes
YG: 7 is too many
YG: Maybe 5
YG: Lemme eliminate people and pick from this Top 13 trainees
YG: Okay, here's your debut team with 7 members!
YG: Hmm wait here's a second team with 6 members but two are NOT from your Top 13
YG: And these two groups are going to promote together as 13!
YG: See? One group with odd number of members. I thought of that from the start you know

Personally I don't mind big groups, this kind of reminds me of early EXO days and remember how POWERFUL they became when they come back together instead of K/M separately? I'm thinking of that kind of power so I'm optimistic! This is a talented and beautiful bunch of people. Also, unlike previous YG boy groups, this group is going to be given materials to sing/perform instead of producing it themselves, like I expected. So they can focus on performing and ... being cute I guess. Some people are saying that this group doesn't feel like a YG group but I think that's good! YG is trying new things and different concepts, I think this is fresh and exciting.

They said they're aiming for a debut sometime in May - July, and I'm hopeful! I just wish they'd release Going Crazy like yesterday because I need that song in my life.

Ah one thing I do not like though, is the name MAGNUM. Like... why. I'm grateful that the second group is not named Box because how sad it is that the first one is a treasure and the other is just a .... box. However, Treasure and Magnum doesn't go together at all. WHY. Also them mentioning that Magnum was originally a name thought for other groups is nagl. You're saying out of all English words out there, there's no better word you can use for a group name that you must use this leftover name? Really??

I hope the kids are given some kind of chance or freedom to express themselves/connect with fans via social media or VLIVEs and not just kept in the dungeon during this in between period.

Anyway I'm still excited for their debut. Go kids!
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I was looking forward to the announcement of final member to the second line-up today when it turns out to be... Asahi. Waah waah. Definitely not a member I expect to be up there, and definitely changed my mind about the Japanese group concept. Now the group has 3 Koreans and 3 Japanese, looking more likely as a strategy to promote in Japanese market. I don't really understand why they split up Haruto and also kicked the rest of Team J members out of both line-ups, but I really need to establish it in me now more than ever, that there's no use of trying to justify or make sense of YG's decision. YG's gonna YG.

HOWEVER!!! I WAS SUPER HAPPY ABOUT YOSHINORI!!! I didn't think he would actually make it! MY BABY!!! I SUPPORT YOU!!!

I'm sure there are a lot of people who think that way about Asahi so I'll try not to be bummed about him making the line-up that badly. If it were up to me, I definitely will pick tiny little adorable Yeongue. Also people are saying Asahi & Yoshinori will be in charge of composing, and if they are targetting Japanese market, it definitely makes sense to have Japanese members compose/write lyrics for the group.

I'm also very happy about Mashiho. That kid has the passion, talent, and star quality to him, he HAS to debut.

Anyway, now that they finished announcing the line-up including the surprise second debut line-up, I feel like my life is empty. I used to look forward to 9AM in the morning to see who's the next trainee that will get a big life-change.

We don't even know when YG is going to debut these kids, but I feel like we'll be waiting for an eternity. I hope they at least announce the group name soon!

On the other side, I do feel bad for enjoying a show made based on exploiting kids emotionally and physically like this one. And in the end all of those brutal and painful elimination processes are pointless because YG is handpicking his favorite regardless.
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04 February 2019 @ 11:21 am
So after what I considered a successful icon-making, I was high on dopamine and I was really eager to make more. I want to create tiny little beautiful things!! I even considered joining a 20 icons monthly challenge which is ending in less than 5 days even when it's clear that it's impossible for me to finish. In the end I settled with light, non-commitment weekly color challenge which is much more doable. Even then, I was struggling with everything. The subject was not interesting enough, the colors are wrong, the text doesn't have any impact, etc. I submitted in the end, and I was still eager to look for more challenges for me to do.

And then I wondered, with this much fun & sense of achievement, why did I stop doing this? I saw my last icon post was in September 2017. I went through the whole 2018 without making any icons but one. And then I realized... I dedicated my time and energy for traditional art and journaling, which is why I completed a whole journal in about one year (something I've never done before).

As one of the efforts to cut my expenses due to this huge house renovation project, I looked into my credit card bill and decided to end my Photoshop subscription. I might subscribe to it again, but as of now, it is linked to my Japanese Adobe ID and it keeps charging me in Japanese Yen, which fluctuates every month. If I re-subscribe using IDR at least the bill will be more stable.

I always switch between digital art (mostly icon making & photo manipulation) with traditional art so is this going to be one of the turning points?

I need a Tae/BTS mood theme.
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02 February 2019 @ 04:35 pm
I came across that viral Taehyung space bun manipulation image. It is super cute and many people seems to think the same thing. A lot of fanarts were created with that image as the inspiration. I also wanted to do something with it so I made an icon out of it. I created my own version of space bun Tae from the same original image, and I'm loving the result! I wanted to include his arms and shoulders, but Suga was sitting on him, covering his left side, and I will have to draw a left shoulder somehow which.... I'm not sure how to do.
So I just focused on his face.
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01 February 2019 @ 10:35 am
I went to watch Love Yourself in Seoul yesterday. At a ScreenX theater, by myself. It was.... okay. Other than the person next to me being super loud and annoying, and I had bad stomach pain during the whole entire time, I actually quite enjoyed the viewing and even am considering to see it again.

I think this is a good addition to actually seeing them live because then, you could actually feel the atmosphere in the stadium, but now you can pay attention to so many details and get a much clearer view of the boys. Also unlike playing a DVD, this is on a gigantic, extended screen and is actually quite awesome. Their outfits are extra sparkly on screen.

One cute little scene towards the end was when Tae said 'Borahaeyo! Yey!'. And then he says it the second time 'Borahaeyo!' and then he looks at the screen and when he saw it was still showing him he continues with 'Yey!' which was both awkward and adorable at the same time.
30 January 2019 @ 01:48 pm
They announced the first member! It's Yoonbin! He's good and I wish him the best of luck. I'm sure the second group would consists of talented kids and will do fine!

See? It's not Team J.

It's not Team J, and it's probably also not going to be the rest of Top 13 and now.... I kinda have hopes for Yoshinori and this is bad! I shouldn't have ANY hopes! I don't want to get my hopes up only to get crushed in the end! But I do want him to debut, look at that beautiful porcelain face and lovely smile, how could you not love him? He's so cute and adorable and seems like a good, hardworking kid I would give him all my love (ok not really but I wish him the best).
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29 January 2019 @ 07:09 pm
I wrote in my entry previously that YG just might be debuting another group but I didn't think he would really do it. And today, he announced that there'll be a second group hahahahhaa.

Okay. I don't follow any YG groups that closely and I don't get why people are so angry at him/the company all the time. I was just happy with this news, yay more group for everybody! I'm happy that these trainees are given the chance to debut. In the end YG Entertainment is a business with targets to achieve, investors to please, public image to maintain. They'd want success, profit, popularity, right? Looking at how successful other YG groups are, I really don't understand what people are angry about. BP needs more songs and comebacks, I understand. But Winner and Ikon both released multiple albums doing well on the charts and were on a world tour. That's ... good, right?

Adding more groups to the library is inevitable. How else would you grow as an entertainment agency? I should be more cautious in investing in these groups just in case to avoid disappointments in the future though haha.

Unlike what some people are saying, I don't think this is going to be a Japanese group. They showcased 7 Japanese trainees on the show, 6 with longer training period and 1 as a last minute addition (Asahi). Haruto is debuting with Treasure and I really doubt YG will just fill the line-up with the rest of the Japanese Trainees unless he has more of them up his sleeves. Other than Mashiho, the other five weren't very popular or particularly good in anything. They weren't getting a lot of screen time on the show, either except for maybe Yoshinori & Keita. And if it's a Japanese group, wouldn't it be more fitting if they do things on a Japanese platform instead? VLIVE isn't mainstream in Japan, and the show doesn't have a Japanese twitter account or ever tweeted in Japanese.

Secondly, I also don't think YG would wait 2-3 years to actually debut these groups. The groups or at least Treasure meant to be fandom-driven, meaning the agency will hand feed them everything. YG isn't looking for the next GD anymore, it doesn't seem like he's expecting these kids to compose their own hit songs and make an album on their own. They'll be given pop songs like Going Crazy and charm the public with their smiles. They already have at least one song, they can debut immediately! Maybe YG is trying a new strategy!

Anyway, they'll reveal one member every day starting from tomorrow to February 4th and I'm nothing but excited.
28 January 2019 @ 06:56 pm
We got a name! The group is officially called Treasure. Which make sense.

I spent some time watching that special VLive yesterday, the show is almost 2 hours long, phew. Despite the fact that I did not fully agree with YG's final decision, I still love the boys and I'm interested to see how they'll grow and progress. At the beginning of the show, I was just completely smitten by them and I have already adopted them all as 'my babies'. They're my new babies and I love them.

However, as I continue watching it, turns out I still have some strong opinions lol. Here's my opinions about each member :

1. Hyunsuk : I think debuting Hyunsuk along with this group is the BEST decision. He's trained for a long time, he's older than these guys, he's funny, he's a good personality which is perfect for a leader. YG might have crushed his confidence over the course of this show, but now that he's debuting, I'm sure he can fulfill his role well.

2. Junghwan : He is still awkward and isn't the maknae that I wished for this group, but he's extremely young so I can only hope he'll grow out of his awkward phase soon. Still don't like him that much. But he's a baby and you should not hate a baby.

3. Yedam : He is the most articulate, clever, smart, talented person in this group, no questions asked. I was amazed by how smart he is! He was shown busy with school and exams during the show he had to skip practice, but there were a bunch of other kids younger than him, do they not go to school??? Don't drop out of school, kids! Anyway, excited for Yedam and he's also clearly the most popular contestant during the show and probably after. Lezgeddit.

4. Junkyu : I swear this kid is the most idolest idol if I've ever seen one. He's cute, smiley, funny, laugh a lot which is an easily enjoyable personality to watch. He's also tall which makes him good for modeling, and he's REALLY GOOD at singing. His voice is engraved in my head after I hear it. He is crucial for this group, personality AND talent wise.

5. Jeongwoo : Jeongwoo is awkward. He's very young so he has a lot of room to grow. He's got a great singing voice so I really wish they'll get songs in which he'll be able to showcase his strength. Hoping for the best for him.

6. Haruto : Haruto is a STAR. I agree with YG that he has a strong star quality to him. He's super young and also awkward, especially adding the language barrier factor, but he's confident and he's very proud of himself, which is cute. YG loves him so I hope they'll give him good rap verses that fit his voice color. He's tall, good looking, and funny. He's a good performer. His hyungs also seems to like him a lot so that's good.

7. Jaehyuk : Oh man, this is hard. I'm happy for him that he is picked. I love me my underdog stories and I want nothing but the best for him but it is really hard not to notice how awkward he is in there. The group doesn't seem to be close to him or like him that much. He doesn't fit in and it's ruining the group dynamic. But they're just formed, they're one day old on that day of the broadcast so they have a lot of time to get to know each other. No group is formed based on personal relationship of the members, there will be conflicts, there will be disagreements, awkwardness etc but they'll have to go through it and grow together. I hope these kids will be able to overcome this.

Okay, let's give them the benefit of the doubt. Most if not all rookie groups are awkward in front of the camera, even the biggest names when they were just debuted. This is Treasure's first appearance together as a group, they might not know each other that well yet, they don't know what to say in front of the camera, let's give them a chance. We'll see.

I can't help but keep comparing them to BTS because of the 7 members situation, and I always think that BTS is super lucky that they got RM as their leader, Bang Sihyuk is correct to follow his intuition building the group around RM with him as the first confirmed member. RM is mature beyond his age, and he leads the group well. I remember how ex-BigHit trainees talk about him, too. The dynamic and chemistry between BTS members is something no formula can ever replicate, and it's a big part of their appeal to a lot of people. We can tell that they just genuinely have each other's back. I don't know what YG is planning with Treasure, but according to that one industry financial forecast report, he intended this group to be fandom driven.

It seems like he is just trying his luck with a simple formula; get some good looking boys, put them together in a group, give them catchy songs = success! Debut them through a filler TV show that gives the viewer a sense of ownership so that they're attached before the group even debuted. I'm still interested to see where this is going, and I hope for the best for this group.

Also, justice for Mashiho.
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25 January 2019 @ 02:01 pm
They announced it today and it's Hyunsuk!!! Yaaay. He's popular, he's got a good personality, he's a good performer, he'd be the oldest and will be perfect as a leader of this group! Happy and excited about this group. They'll have a VLIVE tonight and I'm curious of what it's about. I wonder when YG is going to actually debut the group, hmm.
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24 January 2019 @ 06:31 pm
So there isn't a lot going on in the fandom right now, BTS is probably spending time with their family like previously this time of the year. No comeback plans yet, Big Hit is spewing quite a lot of shit for the fandom to latch on in the meantime. They're releasing HYYH The Notes, HYYH WebToon, Run BTS Episodes, LY Tour Seoul Merch, opening more orders for ARMY Bombs, etc. So far I'm not falling for anything that requires money which is good. My wallet needs a break. I was just enjoying puppy photos the boys posted on Twitter.

Jungkook. This kid. He's... I don't know anymore. He's very particular about scents and he loves doing laundry. Anyone who follows them knows this basic fact because the kid has mentioned this more than once. He's always in charge of washing the group's laundry during trips like Bon Voyage, too. So I don't know what has gotten into him but he has made a commitment to greet us ARMYs in the fancafe chatroom every Friday. He has been doing this pretty consistently for a while now which I am amazed of. In the last chatroom, he was casually making conversation about laundry (I supposed because some ARMYs asked), and he mentioned that for fabric softener, he's using Downy's. The variant is Adorable something he said, he wasn't even sure. And then what happened after that? ARMYs rushed to get that freaking fabric softener and it leads to a shortage. Two month worth of stock sold out in a day, it was insane. IT MADE THE FUCKING NEWS. P&G stock went up in Korea. JK tweeted that he's running out of his softener but it's sold out now. I... in one hand am scared with the power this fandom has. On the other hand, I'm really amazed at JK because he's this super popular idol on top of the world, he has anything he could possibly want and there he was, chatting with a group of girls talking about his favorite fabric softener because he still does his own laundry sometimes. WHAT THE HELL. It's really hard for me to wrap my head around the whole situation it's just so absurd. And I'm sure JK didn't mean for any of this to happen, he was just casually talking to a group of 50 people in the fancafe. That's super limited access and he probably didn't think it'll lead to this big of a commotion. OVER A FUCKING SOFTENER. This group is .... IDK anymore.

My share house has a very poor internet connection so I chose to wait until I'm home to watch Run BTS. I wasn't really interested in the cooking episodes because cooking doesn't excite me. And I bet the boys would rather be eating than cooking, too. BUT THIS EPISODE 59 OH MY GOD. I was crying with laughter. What a good episode. Right from the get-go they couldn't agree on how to do muk jji bba and then decided to do it kawibawibo instead. Once the group is formed, Suga has this evil idea to name his group which doesn't have Jin in it, Kim Seokjin for the many times Jin pushes others to use it as their team name.

So there they are, Team Kim Seokjin, Team Jji, and Team Bba. Jin mistakenly says 'Jji!' and then 'Jin!' every time which leads to hilarity. With Kim Seokjin Team and Jin keeps yelling Jin, Team Jji was affected and says Jin at times, too. At one point everyone's just saying anything like 'me!' or their names OMG. Tae was super cute when he was practicing singing the translated words while having one hand in the air ready to attack. When he feels like he was ready he screamed 'me!' and everyone was just dying of cute. And another cute little one is, of course, the maknae. He was just smiling and laughing with his big yellow oversized shirt. We all adore him, even the film crew and the staff. Jimin was doing the least, lol. He keeps saying 'I'm hearing nothing, I don't know how you guys do it'. Anyway, that episode made me laugh, sweat, laugh until I cried, and reminded me why I love them and that this is a more than enough way to enjoy the fandom.

SUGA featured in Lee Sora's song, it's already breaking records left and right. It's a really nice song but really ballad is just not my cup of tea.

Taehyung is hinting on his own song as well and again, his songs are just not my cup of tea. I wasn't a fan of 4 O'clock, and I'm sure I wouldn't like whatever he's coming out with this time, either.

Overall these are nice, peaceful days I enjoy without any pressure. I would love to see them again sometime soon, but in the meantime, enjoy your time off boys, and I will enjoy mine.