17 October 2017 @ 10:41 am
I saw this popped out on VLive several times, but I haven't had the chance to watch it yet. I marathoned the whole 10 episodes (they're short eps) during the weekend and I LOVE IT. This just reminded me why I fell in love with Super Junior back then. The overused laughing track is old and annoying, but SJ members are very funny. Watching Eunhyuk again brings back all the feels (he was/is my bias in SJ). I love this so much because we get to see the behind the scenes, they were discussing comeback strategies, sharing their feelings, talking about what kind of music they should comeback with. This is so good! They were talking about which songs were successful and which wasn't, about the impact of variety shows and what they say on air, comparing one albums to another, reminiscing sub-units, etc.

They established their own management label (still under SM) 'SJ Label', and I think this VLive original series is a brilliant idea. Other than individual activities, SJ has been on a 2 years hiatus and they have a lot of fans who are eager to know what's coming. They're releasing 2 episodes per-day until their coming back day (I think?) and that's a good strategy to keep the fans excited.

PS. I still don't like Yesung. He comes off as try hard and is not funny.
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10 October 2017 @ 06:20 pm
While I was fangirling Bangtan, I found myself keeping up with K-Pop fandom in general/as a whole, something I hadn't done before with my previous bias groups. I used to focus on stanning one group only, while keeping an eye on several groups from the same company (SM) because it's easier to do. All updates are in one place. I was SM biased since I attended SMTOWN Live that one time, starting from fangirling Super Junior, to SHINee, to EXO.

BigHit currently only has BTS, so I was looking at many other groups to distract myself from constantly seeking for BTS news. I realized having only one group to stan is an unhealthy obsession which reflects badly to my mood and emotional being. When I introduced some groups to my non-K-Pop friend, I said "I used to like this group" and then she asked "not anymore? why?". At that moment I got silent, but the truth is, I don't think I have enough emotional capacity to stan multiple groups at a time. But then I asked myself, is it really? Liking a lot of things is great, you're not heavily dependent on just one group or one bias, you get a lot more comebacks, a lot more chances to celebrate and be happy!

Here are boy groups other than Bangtan that caught my attention so far.

(2015 debut) I started liking them from Don't Wanna Cry stage days, because I kept seeing the hashtag on worldwide trending topics for each win (they won 6 times which is impressive!). I was curious about the song, and it is GOOD! The wins are well-deserved. I love this song so much. The song is great and the choreography is beautiful. I started researching more about them. I was watching Nu'est's Face MV when I blurted out 'Seungcheol??' and then immediately after I thought 'Wait. Since when did I remember his name? (real name, even!)'. I'm excited about their next comeback. The performance unit video is SO BEAUTIFUL UGH.
Names memorized : Sadly only 10 out of 13
Members I like : Pretty boy Jeonghan, Joshua, Vernon
Fav. Song : Don't Wanna Cry

Monsta X : (2015 debut) I kept seeing their names being recommended every time someone ask for other K-Pop recs, so I searched them up. I really love their songs! I'm not a fan of ballads but even their ballads are nicely produced. I ended up buying my favorite songs from each of their albums. I tried to watch some of their VLives and this is probably because I don't know them enough, but I'm not sure about the likability of their personalities. STILL, I'm super excited about their November comeback!!!!
Names memorized : 7 out of 7 ☆ 7 is a good number of members
Members I like : Hyungwon, Minhyuk, Kihyun
Fav. Song : Hero, Tresspass, Stuck (most of their up beat songs, tbh - I'm still baffled at the fact that Hero wasn't a title track)

many more groups under the cut )
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10 October 2017 @ 03:03 pm
I'm sick right now and I really hate it. With the unpredictable + extreme weather, it's common for people to get sick, but I should've known better! I should have been stronger. I thought I was doing well. Two people at my workplace caught the flu last week, I thought I was strong enough because I've been working out, sleeping and eating relatively well. But no, I woke up Saturday morning with a sore throat and the last two days have been HELL. Being sick sucks, even if it's just a cold. And I'm too lazy to drag my ass to the doctor for this. I hope this doesn't last long.
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25 September 2017 @ 11:09 pm
Mom : Why is your sister the one going to Korea? Aren't you the bigger Korea fan?
Me : *gasp* *insulted* What are you talking about, she has been a fan of Korean stuff since forever! She was the one who got me into this.
Mom : Oh, but you were the one who went to the concerts...
Me : SHE WENT TO MORE CONCERTS THAN I DID!! I went to two and one was with a free ticket I got from a friend.

I guess I'm still super defensive when people accused me of being a Koreaboo. I am not.
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27 August 2017 @ 09:25 am
Posting for [community profile] wip_amnesty

45/100 Luhan icons
for [ profile] fandom365days

The rule of [ profile] fandom365days is simple, one prompt is posted every day, we have approximately 48 hours to make an icon before the prompt is closed. During the course of one year (365 days) we need to finish 100 icons with our claim as the subject. I kept making these commitments, but 365 days is a long period and many times I got less emotionally invested in the subject thus lost my motivation to continue. I've made 7 similar claims in total (past and current) and there's only one claim I finished to 100 icons so far.

I was cleaning up the other day and it's sad to see this batch as yet another abandoned claim. I feel like I did a great job with most of them! The comm is now inactive, so even if I want to continue and ask for extension, I can't. I guess it's time to let this go.

45 icons + 5 alternates )
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25 August 2017 @ 10:26 am
I fixed my graphics comm )

As I was re-coding, I reminisced my muses and how my graphics evolve around them. I've been doing graphics since a very long time as just a side hobby, but got more serious in iconing during my Adam Lambert fandom period. Back then, my muse was Tommy. It was 2009 - 2010 when I was still mainly using LiveJournal, my graphics was not good so I don't think I will go back that far to fix and restore my old graphics comm where all my Tommy arts are. Tommy wasn't a very popular icon subject, and that pushes me beyond my comfort zone to create all sorts of fannish things surrounding him. I did a decent job. I made many-many icons, a fanmix, picspams, etc. He was a cute glitterbaby. My first 'real' fandom experience ever.

other fandoms )

Now two years apart, I got into BTS focusing on V. To be honest, I'm struggling. There are a lot of factors that contribute to this. One, I had two years break from Photoshop. I haven't been creating or learning anything new. The trend in the icon community changed a lot. I feel so old still clinging to icon styles from years ago. Two, I am very new to the fandom and have very small amount of resources. I need to dig in deeper, scour different parts of the internet and watch TONS of past videos to get my way around. Google is my friend, but there are only so much things you can find via google without base knowledge. It's 4+ years worth of fandom materials, I don't think I can ever catch up. Three, Tae is pretty, but I love him for his personality more than his looks (unlike previous cases). I disagree with many of his personal choices especially in styling and fashion. They hurt my eyes. And feelings lol. Or am I just old and I couldn't understand current fashion trend? I wish the kids have stylists to guide them even during off times or at least when going to the airport when they know, all eyes are going to be on them. But V would disagree with that idea for sure. He's such a free spirit, we should just let him choose what he wants or he wouldn't be himself.
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23 August 2017 @ 05:21 pm
Photobucket really gave me headache with this change. I said before that I don't care that much, but it turns out that what people are saying is true, we can't even download our own images off of their site. I thought it was just a temporary problem/glitch back then when they just imposed the new terms and conditions. The rush of people trying to access their accounts at the same time caused the error. But no, even now, months after, I always get that "hmm something didn't click" message. I tried accessing the site with different IP address, different browser, still nothing! Not even individual right-click-save works on their site.

I tried many alternatives but... )
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11 August 2017 @ 02:08 pm
Yesterday Big Hit released a poster of Jungkook for the Love Yourself series drama. And I... just... couldn't? I don't know how to feel about it. The boy is cute and the poster is sweet, but I'm not sure about the idea of series of dramas. Probably this is more about me personally not fond of dramas, but also in the poster he is in A FREAKING WHEELCHAIR which scares me a lot. I don't like dramas, especially sad ones that rips your heart apart. I have no idea of the storyline but I'm already having a hard time looking at my poor baby in pajamas sitting on a wheelchair looking so powerless. DON'T DO THIS TO ME. YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME.

I've heard of this drama talk, that they are going to release mini dramas to show each member's ability to act in hope of landing a role in tv dramas? I do not like that idea. I'd rather they focus on their music, make it so spectacular to reach the current level of high expectation if not surpass it. Also I love the boys to death but realistically speaking I'm not sure of their individual acting skills, their acting in MVs so far has been mediocre at best. The same face over and over, since they were only required to look cool in short camera shots. IDK, my reaction towards this is just, please don't push it.

Of course, on the other hand I'm 100% for growth so kids can do and explore whatever they want. Maybe I'm just worried. I'm just scared of this new, uncharted ideas. I'm looking forward to their music and the new era though I am clearly not ready.
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06 August 2017 @ 07:31 pm
I'm back from my last trip to where I lived the past month. Finally finished moving everything by my own bare hands.

Anyway, I asked the owner to help me plug an LED lamp that I brought from home because I needed my room to be brighter that how it was. It's a high-ceiling room so I couldn't possibly plug it by myself. Now that I'm moving out, I want that lamp back so I asked the lady who works there. She said "there's no male worker right now, it's impossible for us girls to unplug it". I went back to my new place thinking I might just forget about the lamp. But then I researched how much that lamp costs, and it's not a cheap Rp. 20K lamp, it's a proper LED lamp with a market price of Rp. 80K - 100K. Mostly I felt bad for my dad because I took that lamp from his lamp stash, he'd want me to continue using it.

So I went back to that place while wondering if there is any way I could unplug the lamp by myself. I don't mind taking a ladder up to do it, but I'm not sure if I have enough stamina and strength to bring a ladder four long flight of stairs up (and later on back down). I thought I saw an aluminum ladder near the reception before, I tried to take a peek as I passed by. I reached my room and ponder more. Nobody can tell me I can't do it. Once I managed to take the documents that I forgot on my desk at school from inside a locked classroom, by stealing the key from a locked management room using MacGyver techniques.

I thought, if I move the table a bit, the cupboard a bit, then I can climb them and reach the lamp! I thought that's an idea worth exploring so I turned on bathroom lamp to get light, and turned the main lamp off. As I was doing that, there was a knock on the door. It was the lady explaining that she'd try to get someone unplug the lamp, but it's not going to be tonight. She also persuaded me to stay and showed me another room for the last time before I left forever lol.
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02 August 2017 @ 07:09 pm
I haven't done anything to fix the broken images I hosted on Photobucket. They look unpretty, but I'm pretty sure no one is visiting any of my blogs so I don't feel the urgency to fix everything immediately. It's just too much work, too much hassle. Photobucket has been changing their terms and conditions several times over the past decade I've been using it and to be frank I never read any of their emails (moreover their latest terms and conditions). I noticed the broken images on my blog and thought that I have gone over my bandwidth for the month. I thought that is weird, considering the pics I hosted there are tiny mood theme items and icons, there is no way my blog generated so much views that my account ran out of the free bandwidth. Normally when you ran out of bandwidth, the pictures you hosted on PB will be replaced temporarily with their placeholder image, and will be back when the bandwidth quota is reset at the beginning of the next month. However, this time the placeholder images aren't going away, I checked the P500 thing they demanded me to upgrade to just to find out the price for that plan is $39.99 per-month which is too expensive. I gave up and just let my broken images as it is while I think of the best way to fix this. I was a paying customer for a couple of years but for the most times I was just a freeloader so I knew a time like this would come. EVERYTHING now comes with a subscription plan and Photobucket is no exception.

It was only after I googled 'photobucket alternative' that I realized how big of a problem this was worldwide. I know people hotlink images to forums and blogs, but didn't know that people also linked images hosted on Photobucket on sites like ebay and even Amazon. I could see why PB made this decision, they've operated since 2003, hosted billions of images and 75% of their expenses is to pay server fee for images uploaded on free accounts. It's never easy to change policy and make people pay for what used to be a free service. There will be outrage. There will be complaints. But as I mentioned above, I don't care that much. It was a free service and I was enjoying benefits without paying or seeing any ads for years. I knew that things wouldn't be free forever. They could've notified their users beforehand, yes. They could've provided a better pricing plan, I agree, but I don't feel like I have the right to be outraged when something I used for free suddenly goes away.
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26 July 2017 @ 04:54 pm
Bon Voyage is becoming my only source of entertainment lately. I could watch their reaction video forever. Last night's episode was so precious despite my crappy internet connection.

Taetae sleeping and waking up is always my favorite, so any scene that includes those is greatly welcome. Seeing how hard he wants to get better in speaking and understanding English, I do think he has the talent (and confidence obviously). He just needs more time and practice which, probably he doesn't have that much chance of considering their schedule.

Taetae swimming scene was super cute and squishy. Why was he swimming in that shirt and the towel bandana, is beyond me, though.

The kids are doing so well managing themselves! With the games the staff provides them and rock paper scissors, there are only so much possibilities of team combinations. The kids were suggesting, instead of going with the game result, why not go with the most unlikely combination. The kids said ARMY would love it, like Yoongi and Taehyung together. GOD I could already feel how awkward it is between them. They are so different! Right off the bat when they were betting for the allowance money, Taehyung (of course) jumps to his feet to take the risk of losing $10 and play 10 ping-pong relay game but Yoongi disagreed. Taehyung basicaly just want to try on any and everything that caught his attention, but Yoongi knows it when something is stupid and the chance of winning is super low. So he insisted that Taehyung and him should sit this one out. Yoongi stretching his hand out saying "come here, come hold my hand." to Taehyung who begrudgingly obeys him was super adorable. Taehyung believes that he can win anything and he hates losing (or even worse, not trying). In the end, out of the 3 pairs who tried to play, none succeed. Yoongi said to Taehyung "see, did you learn anything from this?" like an old man to his disobedient child. I'm really interested in seeing how the dynamics in their friendship journey would be like in the next episode. Taetae already mentioned that he had fun climbing down the stairs while playing rock-paper-scissors with Yoongi so I'm looking forward to that as well. Taehyung might seem wacky and crazy all the time but he does have vulnerable side to him and sometimes it feels like he is hiding that side of him from everyone. I hope they get to do serious talk in their journey.

And then Namjoon and Hoseok!!! Namjoon has always mentioned that there's this weird distance between them, which I'm so confused about, because both seems like easy going people and they're the same age, aren't they supposed to be super close #94liners or something? Because we already know how close the 95z are (or maknae line in general). Also again it is easy to see how the kind hearted Jimin is close to all the members, he could be paired with anyone and the pairing would not fall into an "unlikely" category. Jimin even mentioned to have visited Suga at his house once, something I suspect nobody else in BTS has done before.

With his personality, I could also see Jin being paired with anyone. I have been warming up to Jin since I said that he was unsympathetic. I've watched videos of him being funny (or at least try to be) and how the members enjoy his presence. He is the oldest but he doesn't give out that vibe at all. I didn't know that Jin and Jungkook was so close they have their own BFF handshake. Yoongi on the other hand, is not the oldest but the one other members (even Jin) are most scared of.

Even though there probably is no more teamings in this season of BV, I'm also interested to see the dynamics between Jungkook and Suga, actually.
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24 July 2017 @ 10:03 am
Just when I said there's not much going on on the BTS + channel on VLive, they posted the boys' reaction to Bon Voyage S2 Ep1 video. I was on the fence about purchasing membership for the CH+ before, but when I saw this video, I just had to have it! I purchased a one year subscription last night and immediately started to watch the reaction video. It was so good. Seeing them laugh makes me so happy. They talked about how exhausted they were during the shooting of that first episode, but to be honest, I didn't know until they mentioned it. Poor babies. I guess they are just so used to being filmed all the time that they just played along and do the best they can in front of cameras that it looks natural to the viewers.

I didn't get what is funny with Jin's fashion advice line, but seeing them laughed so hard at it makes me laugh as well. Kookie's part where he mimic punching a shark was so precious. And I can repeat Jin's sweat part forever. Even the unlikely-to-be-amused Suga thinks this episode was very funny.
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20 July 2017 @ 05:05 pm
I purchased Bon Voyage Season 2! Gosh I love the boys so much each episode makes me laugh, smile, and love them even more. Being a new fan, I wasn't familiar with VLive at all, but I really love the concept. It's brilliant. Also BTS is the number one channel on the platform so I couldn't not love it. VLive mentions that (a portion of) our purchases will go towards the artists to create even better content for us, and that makes sense. I personally have never pay for any personality-related content but I certainly would for BTS. And... turns out it's quite expensive hahaha.

A one year subscription for the CH+ channel costs us 1200 coins (which is like $25?). Bon Voyage Season 2 Package costs 800 coins, and BTS 3rd anniversary package costs 500 coins. If I were to purchase them all, it's like $60 (around IDR 700K?). It's too expensive! With the boys on down low for an off time before comeback, there's not much going on on the main/+ channel anyway, so I decided to get Bon Voyage 2.

It's really nice! I'm happy to see how the boys enjoyed their holiday visiting beautiful places and doing fun activities. Yes it's for a show and they're constantly being recorded but being used to it, many of their reactions are still so genuine it hurts (I cried watching the last episode). I can feel how the company is babying them and rewarding them with nice vacation.

The problem I have with this paid contents is how VLive restricts VODs from being played on PC, and how Live versions do not have the best translation for international fan to enjoy. I paid for the content, and I can't choose when and where I want to watch it? I just want to watch the content on a bigger screen. I still love watching the boys though, so I plan to also purchase Season 1 when I'm finished with this one.
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20 July 2017 @ 12:54 pm
Yesterday someone posted a picture with major K-Pop acts album release dates and though unconfirmed, my gut says it is very likely to be true (looks like an insider info for records company / music industry related work in China). Dates listed for some acts are true and they all are the ones rumored/confirmed to have a comeback in the near future. BTS is listed as; no title yet, but the date is August 17. It's a month from now. I'm anxious.

Anxious because well, first of all waiting for a comeback is always nerve-racking for fans, so many questions. When is it? Would it be good? How's the styling going to be? But the biggest reason of my anxiousness is, that this will be my first time experiencing BTS comeback as a fan. I'm with them entering a new era. It has been a journey for them to get here, they won record of the year with Wings at MMA and Seouls Music Awards, AND ARTIST OF THE YEAR AT MAMA which is HUGE for them. They got major global exposure through Billboard Music Awards and their popularity surged like crazy. Gaon recorded them as the most selling artist in first half of 2017 by far.

I've been watching various pre-recorded contents of theirs, and while I laugh and smile and cry watching them, I pray for them to always be happy and healthy. And even though I know idol life has a very tight schedule where all possible activities are crammed into a very short amount of time, deep inside my heart I still wish that the company would give them proper off time. This is their time, this is their moment, everything has building up for this. I really want them to be able to create bigger and better music. For them to be able to give the best that they can now that all eyes are on them. The stakes are high, the world (it can't be just me, right?) is waiting with baited breath. I kept wondering, would they really be ready on August 17? Is there enough time? Have they been working on some music while on tour? What kind of record would they make this time? Would their new single be as phenomenal as the previous ones? Would they have enough time to practice? Can we beat all records and climb to the top of all awards and charts? This is their time.

I'm anxious.
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14 July 2017 @ 08:53 pm
During our trip to Bandung :
Me & My Sister : *talks about K-Pop for 4 hours straight*
Mom & Dad : ...

During our family gathering in Bandung :
Mom : "Hey come here, your cousin loves Korea too, you should talk to her"
Me : *makes face that say "What are you talking about, I don't like Korea"
(while having knowledge of Korean Language, Korean TV shows and the current K-Pop scene)

During our trip home from Bandung :
Me & My Sister : *talks about K-Pop the whole journey home*
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14 July 2017 @ 07:50 pm
Okay in literal sense, I am back in Jakarta. I'm... okay? I felt a surge of excitement and happiness when I just arrived, it felt so good to be home. Rather than the city/country, I guess I just miss being myself. It took me no time to get used to living here again. One year is a short time, it's just like I never left.

However, the thing I want to talk about here is BTS' cover of Seo Taiji's Come Back Home. I know, it's been a while since it was released, but I'm still obsessed. I'm one of those people who doesn't know who Seo Taiji is or have ever heard of Come Back Home before, I'm not a K-Pop person so sue me. IT'S SO GOOD?????? BTS has been doing good job in covers, I know but this one is... SO GOOD????

When they posted the teaser on twitter, and even when they posted the first link to their twitter I wasn't excited about it. I felt like there are just so much content BTS is releasing at all times. I haven't even finished catching up with all Festa content and or all the released Bon Voyage episodes. Constantly getting new contents is great but as a new fan, it could be overwhelming and I never know which one to prioritize. When I gave this song a try, I was blown away. The style was perfect for the boys to cover as a group, this song (or at least this version of it) highlights each member's strength and the song as a whole has a very strong BTS flavor to it, IT'S JUST SO GOOD!

I was looking for the original and read that Seo Taiji (and Boys) is one of the artists whose contribution shaped K-Pop industry to what is is today. The original Come Back Home song was released in 1995, BTS MAKNAE LINE KIDS WEREN'T EVEN BORN YET. Listening to it, I get it. It's like I'm listening to Iwa K's song, and he was big back then in Indonesia. The beat, the style, I get it.

Back to BTS version, I honestly think it's perfect. I want to list things that I love of it but I like EVERYTHING. Rap Line did a great job with the rap, and Vocal Line managed to make the bridge and refrain sound so beautiful. I love everyone's voice in this. However, my favorite part is still : every time Suga shouts HAH! after his verse. It's just SO GOOD. I can't describe in words how much I love this song and how good this is.

Today I read about an interview of Seo Taiji that talks about why he chose the kids to do the cover (I think this is for his 25th anniversary of his career?). Everything makes sense, as artists they respect each other, style-wise they are similar, and the song is about problems faced by young people which is often a theme talked by BTS in their songs. Anyway, let me get back to listening to this song on loop.

P.S. So I just found out that one of the boys in Seo Taiji and Boys is the founder/owner of YG Entertainment. Mind. Blown. (I am still not a K-Pop person)
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22 June 2017 @ 03:03 pm
After the horrible mood I was in all day yesterday, I left work and found how the comfort of being home calmed me down a lot. I was home early, I was safe, I could break my fast in peace, I could watch videos that make me happy, I could drink my favorite ice cocoa after breakfast, I have clean water, electricity, working internet connection, a comfy bed, I just couldn't ask for more. Suddenly the idea of not going to the concert doesn't sound so bad at all. I went home right after the clock hits 5.30 so it was super early. I had enough time to cook rice, make my drink, watch videos, wrote 5 postcrossing cards, and I also went to the convenience store across the street to get milk and bulk garbage tickets. And I finished most of my presentation script, too. I felt accomplished. I felt content.
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21 June 2017 @ 03:18 pm
I woke up in a bad mood and it has continued throughout the day. I'm trying to analyze what is wrong, but there are too many factors that contribute to me ended up feeling like this, I think.
First, I am sick. I've been having sore throat and lingering cough for weeks. I don't have the time and or energy to arrange a doctor's visit at the moment and thought it would just go away, but it doesn't.
Second, I was forced to attend yet another company drinking party that I always dread to participate in. This time it's a farewell party for me and several other people who are leaving the division so I could not not come (I tried persuading the organizer to just go on without me. I failed. - They even arrange the schedule around me and Ramadan break fast time.). Honestly the cigarette smoke just worsen my already sore throat.
Third, I got heartburn last night from not eating properly because of the drinking party.
Fourth, lack of sleep because of the heartburn. This is really just a circle of doom.

And fifth, the last reason is because I'm fighting myself hard denying how bad I want to be at BTS' Saitama show right now. I know, I have so many reason not to go;
1. It's workday and I'm working until 17:30.
2. It's Ramadan and I'm fasting. Breakfast is not until 19:00, the show is on at 19:00. How do I break my fast in the middle of a concert crowd?
3. I got home late last night and I have a class to prepare tomorrow, I can't afford to go home late again today.
4. I have neither the fan club membership or the ticket to any of the concerts, and I really don't want to deal with security for purchasing a resale ticket with the way that I look. With non-FC tickets, seats would be so far I'm not sure it would be worth it.
5. I'm just too old for this.
6. The concert is dubbed ~Japan Edition~ and every goddamn song is going to be in the horribly Japanese translated version.
7. Money. I remember spending hundreds of dollars for concerts before and I ended up not having a single memory about it except how horrible it was. I wonder when I move on from this obsession I would feel the same thing about this concert, had I gone.

Still, I wonder if I'm going to regret deciding not to go while I was here.
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25 May 2017 @ 05:45 pm
All these times I thought talking is just something that comes naturally, and anyone would be able to do it easily. Especially idols because they're constantly performing and guest starring in various tv shows which requires them to talk. So when one is being told to be a radio DJ or an MC, it would not be a challenge to them, right? I was wrong. Some people just do not have enough wit and the right instinct to be one. That is why many of these idol interviews are hard to watch, they can't talk!

Among BTS members, RapMon and Suga is mainly the ones who are responsible of talking or MC-ing and they are REALLY GOOD. They are super articulate and they have the knowledge and instinct of how to lead a conversation. J-Hope is good at talking, too, albeit easily distracted and too high tension at times. From short clips I've seen, I think Jin is alright, being the oldest in the group. I haven't seen the others (maknae line) being burdened by the responsibily of MCing, until yesterday when I finally found the clip of Music Bank Stardust interview from BST comeback last year.

Turns out it's a tradition for this show to have one of the members to MC instead of coming in with an outsider to interview them. I really love this concept, the members are far more comfortable to being themselves this way compared to when they're being faced with questions from someone they don't know. We get more inside jokes, their personality shines bright and we can see strong bond between the members.

Anyway, in this episode, Tae lost the mini game so he had to MC. We could see it on his face a hint of panic when it was decided. He was nervous and not confident at all about this gig. It was his first time MCing and it's the cutest thing ever. Tae was really, really clueless. He's an interesting personality to watch in general because he is super weird, but he does not have the most organized way of thinking and he's certainly not the easiest to understand. He could barely put his thoughts into understandable sentences and words, so being an MC is really a challenge for him. Now I kinda get why he made a big fuss about learning to act when he was casted for Hwarang.

Tae was so bad at this the members were laughing their ass off the whole time.
TH : "Here's a quest for you"
JK : (excitedly) "Ooh is it a game??"
TH : (to staff) "Wait, it's question? (not quest)"
RM : "OMG how did you not know that Qs in interviews stand for questions??"

TH : "You know the reason why BTS popularity is rising?" *builds up* "I know the reason."
JM & JK : ??? LMAO
RM : (confused on how to react to this) "oh, really?"
SJ : "Is that a question or a statement??"

Suga was super cute, he was teasing him "are you reading a book?" but also giving direction on how to MC "you should look at the camera" and "you don't have to follow the script, you know". We all could see that Suga is really smart. Tae was like "seriously??", but was too scared of going off script (or more accurately clueless on how one does that) so he sticked to it stiffly til the end. RapMon was trying to stop everyone from mocking Tae and said in the beginning "Let's just let him do this, let's not say anything about how he does today" but then later he was like "maybe we shouldn't have let him do this" lol. Kind hearted Jimin was very encouraging with "I like this, I like his MCing". And Jungkook was just laughing and his laugh is pure heaven.

Tae himself was very much amused by everything too. He was busy laughing and forgot his about MC job many of the times. It was adorable.
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22 May 2017 @ 11:15 pm
I was crying this morning from the stress of moving, and now it's midnight and I'm crying again. But this time it's happy tears, I'm just really, really happy for the boys. I've been a fan for only a couple of months now, and I didn't even help with the voting except for once but I feel like a proud mom. They seemed so happy and excited and genuinely grateful for the fans. They greeted us before, during and after the show, repeatedly thanking all the fans. Personally out of all their tweets, V's was my favorite. It just shows how excited and grateful he is, and how words couldn't describe what he was feeling. It also shows how messy it is inside his head lol. I also love the last VLive clip so so much. That kind of video made us feel like they really connect to us. It was at that very moment instead of idk - partying, having fun, living the dream life - they decided to get online to talk to us, excitedly telling us how they're feeling and how this is all possible because of the fans' effort. Again, I'm a new fan but seeing from videos and accounts how they had almost nothing when they debuted, I feel very very proud of how far this group has came. I can't stop my tears from falling still. I think I cried more today than when I saw the video of them winning artist of the year at MAMA, probably because this time, I'm here with them.
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