11 August 2017 @ 02:08 pm
Yesterday Big Hit released a poster of Jungkook for the Love Yourself series drama. And I... just... couldn't? I don't know how to feel about it. The boy is cute and the poster is sweet, but I'm not sure about the idea of series of dramas. Probably this is more about me personally not fond of dramas, but also in the poster he is in A FREAKING WHEELCHAIR which scares me a lot. I don't like dramas, especially sad ones that rips your heart apart. I have no idea of the storyline but I'm already having a hard time looking at my poor baby in pajamas sitting on a wheelchair looking so powerless. DON'T DO THIS TO ME. YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME.

I've heard of this drama talk, that they are going to release mini dramas to show each member's ability to act in hope of landing a role in tv dramas? I do not like that idea. I'd rather they focus on their music, make it so spectacular to reach the current level of high expectation if not surpass it. Also I love the boys to death but realistically speaking I'm not sure of their individual acting skills, their acting in MVs so far has been mediocre at best. The same face over and over, since they were only required to look cool in short camera shots. IDK, my reaction towards this is just, please don't push it.

Of course, on the other hand I'm 100% for growth so kids can do and explore whatever they want. Maybe I'm just worried. I'm just scared of this new, uncharted ideas. I'm looking forward to their music and the new era though I am clearly not ready.
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26 July 2017 @ 04:54 pm
Bon Voyage is becoming my only source of entertainment lately. I could watch their reaction video forever. Last night's episode was so precious despite my crappy internet connection.

Taetae sleeping and waking up is always my favorite, so any scene that includes those is greatly welcome. Seeing how hard he wants to get better in speaking and understanding English, I do think he has the talent (and confidence obviously). He just needs more time and practice which, probably he doesn't have that much chance of considering their schedule.

Taetae swimming scene was super cute and squishy. Why was he swimming in that shirt and the towel bandana, is beyond me, though.

The kids are doing so well managing themselves! With the games the staff provides them and rock paper scissors, there are only so much possibilities of team combinations. The kids were suggesting, instead of going with the game result, why not go with the most unlikely combination. The kids said ARMY would love it, like Yoongi and Taehyung together. GOD I could already feel how awkward it is between them. They are so different! Right off the bat when they were betting for the allowance money, Taehyung (of course) jumps to his feet to take the risk of losing $10 and play 10 ping-pong relay game but Yoongi disagreed. Taehyung basicaly just want to try on any and everything that caught his attention, but Yoongi knows it when something is stupid and the chance of winning is super low. So he insisted that Taehyung and him should sit this one out. Yoongi stretching his hand out saying "come here, come hold my hand." to Taehyung who begrudgingly obeys him was super adorable. Taehyung believes that he can win anything and he hates losing (or even worse, not trying). In the end, out of the 3 pairs who tried to play, none succeed. Yoongi said to Taehyung "see, did you learn anything from this?" like an old man to his disobedient child. I'm really interested in seeing how the dynamics in their friendship journey would be like in the next episode. Taetae already mentioned that he had fun climbing down the stairs while playing rock-paper-scissors with Yoongi so I'm looking forward to that as well. Taehyung might seem wacky and crazy all the time but he does have vulnerable side to him and sometimes it feels like he is hiding that side of him from everyone. I hope they get to do serious talk in their journey.

And then Namjoon and Hoseok!!! Namjoon has always mentioned that there's this weird distance between them, which I'm so confused about, because both seems like easy going people and they're the same age, aren't they supposed to be super close #94liners or something? Because we already know how close the 95z are (or maknae line in general). Also again it is easy to see how the kind hearted Jimin is close to all the members, he could be paired with anyone and the pairing would not fall into an "unlikely" category. Jimin even mentioned to have visited Suga at his house once, something I suspect nobody else in BTS has done before.

With his personality, I could also see Jin being paired with anyone. I have been warming up to Jin since I said that he was unsympathetic. I've watched videos of him being funny (or at least try to be) and how the members enjoy his presence. He is the oldest but he doesn't give out that vibe at all. I didn't know that Jin and Jungkook was so close they have their own BFF handshake. Yoongi on the other hand, is not the oldest but the one other members (even Jin) are most scared of.

Even though there probably is no more teamings in this season of BV, I'm also interested to see the dynamics between Jungkook and Suga, actually.
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24 July 2017 @ 10:03 am
Just when I said there's not much going on on the BTS + channel on VLive, they posted the boys' reaction to Bon Voyage S2 Ep1 video. I was on the fence about purchasing membership for the CH+ before, but when I saw this video, I just had to have it! I purchased a one year subscription last night and immediately started to watch the reaction video. It was so good. Seeing them laugh makes me so happy. They talked about how exhausted they were during the shooting of that first episode, but to be honest, I didn't know until they mentioned it. Poor babies. I guess they are just so used to being filmed all the time that they just played along and do the best they can in front of cameras that it looks natural to the viewers.

I didn't get what is funny with Jin's fashion advice line, but seeing them laughed so hard at it makes me laugh as well. Kookie's part where he mimic punching a shark was so precious. And I can repeat Jin's sweat part forever. Even the unlikely-to-be-amused Suga thinks this episode was very funny.
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20 July 2017 @ 05:05 pm
I purchased Bon Voyage Season 2! Gosh I love the boys so much each episode makes me laugh, smile, and love them even more. Being a new fan, I wasn't familiar with VLive at all, but I really love the concept. It's brilliant. Also BTS is the number one channel on the platform so I couldn't not love it. VLive mentions that (a portion of) our purchases will go towards the artists to create even better content for us, and that makes sense. I personally have never pay for any personality-related content but I certainly would for BTS. And... turns out it's quite expensive hahaha.

A one year subscription for the CH+ channel costs us 1200 coins (which is like $25?). Bon Voyage Season 2 Package costs 800 coins, and BTS 3rd anniversary package costs 500 coins. If I were to purchase them all, it's like $60 (around IDR 700K?). It's too expensive! With the boys on down low for an off time before comeback, there's not much going on on the main/+ channel anyway, so I decided to get Bon Voyage 2.

It's really nice! I'm happy to see how the boys enjoyed their holiday visiting beautiful places and doing fun activities. Yes it's for a show and they're constantly being recorded but being used to it, many of their reactions are still so genuine it hurts (I cried watching the last episode). I can feel how the company is babying them and rewarding them with nice vacation.

The problem I have with this paid contents is how VLive restricts VODs from being played on PC, and how Live versions do not have the best translation for international fan to enjoy. I paid for the content, and I can't choose when and where I want to watch it? I just want to watch the content on a bigger screen. I still love watching the boys though, so I plan to also purchase Season 1 when I'm finished with this one.
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20 July 2017 @ 12:54 pm
Yesterday someone posted a picture with major K-Pop acts album release dates and though unconfirmed, my gut says it is very likely to be true (looks like an insider info for records company / music industry related work in China). Dates listed for some acts are true and they all are the ones rumored/confirmed to have a comeback in the near future. BTS is listed as; no title yet, but the date is August 17. It's a month from now. I'm anxious.

Anxious because well, first of all waiting for a comeback is always nerve-racking for fans, so many questions. When is it? Would it be good? How's the styling going to be? But the biggest reason of my anxiousness is, that this will be my first time experiencing BTS comeback as a fan. I'm with them entering a new era. It has been a journey for them to get here, they won record of the year with Wings at MMA and Seouls Music Awards, AND ARTIST OF THE YEAR AT MAMA which is HUGE for them. They got major global exposure through Billboard Music Awards and their popularity surged like crazy. Gaon recorded them as the most selling artist in first half of 2017 by far.

I've been watching various pre-recorded contents of theirs, and while I laugh and smile and cry watching them, I pray for them to always be happy and healthy. And even though I know idol life has a very tight schedule where all possible activities are crammed into a very short amount of time, deep inside my heart I still wish that the company would give them proper off time. This is their time, this is their moment, everything has building up for this. I really want them to be able to create bigger and better music. For them to be able to give the best that they can now that all eyes are on them. The stakes are high, the world (it can't be just me, right?) is waiting with baited breath. I kept wondering, would they really be ready on August 17? Is there enough time? Have they been working on some music while on tour? What kind of record would they make this time? Would their new single be as phenomenal as the previous ones? Would they have enough time to practice? Can we beat all records and climb to the top of all awards and charts? This is their time.

I'm anxious.
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14 July 2017 @ 07:50 pm
Okay in literal sense, I am back in Jakarta. I'm... okay? I felt a surge of excitement and happiness when I just arrived, it felt so good to be home. Rather than the city/country, I guess I just miss being myself. It took me no time to get used to living here again. One year is a short time, it's just like I never left.

However, the thing I want to talk about here is BTS' cover of Seo Taiji's Come Back Home. I know, it's been a while since it was released, but I'm still obsessed. I'm one of those people who doesn't know who Seo Taiji is or have ever heard of Come Back Home before, I'm not a K-Pop person so sue me. IT'S SO GOOD?????? BTS has been doing good job in covers, I know but this one is... SO GOOD????

When they posted the teaser on twitter, and even when they posted the first link to their twitter I wasn't excited about it. I felt like there are just so much content BTS is releasing at all times. I haven't even finished catching up with all Festa content and or all the released Bon Voyage episodes. Constantly getting new contents is great but as a new fan, it could be overwhelming and I never know which one to prioritize. When I gave this song a try, I was blown away. The style was perfect for the boys to cover as a group, this song (or at least this version of it) highlights each member's strength and the song as a whole has a very strong BTS flavor to it, IT'S JUST SO GOOD!

I was looking for the original and read that Seo Taiji (and Boys) is one of the artists whose contribution shaped K-Pop industry to what is is today. The original Come Back Home song was released in 1995, BTS MAKNAE LINE KIDS WEREN'T EVEN BORN YET. Listening to it, I get it. It's like I'm listening to Iwa K's song, and he was big back then in Indonesia. The beat, the style, I get it.

Back to BTS version, I honestly think it's perfect. I want to list things that I love of it but I like EVERYTHING. Rap Line did a great job with the rap, and Vocal Line managed to make the bridge and refrain sound so beautiful. I love everyone's voice in this. However, my favorite part is still : every time Suga shouts HAH! after his verse. It's just SO GOOD. I can't describe in words how much I love this song and how good this is.

Today I read about an interview of Seo Taiji that talks about why he chose the kids to do the cover (I think this is for his 25th anniversary of his career?). Everything makes sense, as artists they respect each other, style-wise they are similar, and the song is about problems faced by young people which is often a theme talked by BTS in their songs. Anyway, let me get back to listening to this song on loop.

P.S. So I just found out that one of the boys in Seo Taiji and Boys is the founder/owner of YG Entertainment. Mind. Blown. (I am still not a K-Pop person)
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25 May 2017 @ 05:45 pm
All these times I thought talking is just something that comes naturally, and anyone would be able to do it easily. Especially idols because they're constantly performing and guest starring in various tv shows which requires them to talk. So when one is being told to be a radio DJ or an MC, it would not be a challenge to them, right? I was wrong. Some people just do not have enough wit and the right instinct to be one. That is why many of these idol interviews are hard to watch, they can't talk!

Among BTS members, RapMon and Suga is mainly the ones who are responsible of talking or MC-ing and they are REALLY GOOD. They are super articulate and they have the knowledge and instinct of how to lead a conversation. J-Hope is good at talking, too, albeit easily distracted and too high tension at times. From short clips I've seen, I think Jin is alright, being the oldest in the group. I haven't seen the others (maknae line) being burdened by the responsibily of MCing, until yesterday when I finally found the clip of Music Bank Stardust interview from BST comeback last year.

Turns out it's a tradition for this show to have one of the members to MC instead of coming in with an outsider to interview them. I really love this concept, the members are far more comfortable to being themselves this way compared to when they're being faced with questions from someone they don't know. We get more inside jokes, their personality shines bright and we can see strong bond between the members.

Anyway, in this episode, Tae lost the mini game so he had to MC. We could see it on his face a hint of panic when it was decided. He was nervous and not confident at all about this gig. It was his first time MCing and it's the cutest thing ever. Tae was really, really clueless. He's an interesting personality to watch in general because he is super weird, but he does not have the most organized way of thinking and he's certainly not the easiest to understand. He could barely put his thoughts into understandable sentences and words, so being an MC is really a challenge for him. Now I kinda get why he made a big fuss about learning to act when he was casted for Hwarang.

Tae was so bad at this the members were laughing their ass off the whole time.
TH : "Here's a quest for you"
JK : (excitedly) "Ooh is it a game??"
TH : (to staff) "Wait, it's question? (not quest)"
RM : "OMG how did you not know that Qs in interviews stand for questions??"

TH : "You know the reason why BTS popularity is rising?" *builds up* "I know the reason."
JM & JK : ??? LMAO
RM : (confused on how to react to this) "oh, really?"
SJ : "Is that a question or a statement??"

Suga was super cute, he was teasing him "are you reading a book?" but also giving direction on how to MC "you should look at the camera" and "you don't have to follow the script, you know". We all could see that Suga is really smart. Tae was like "seriously??", but was too scared of going off script (or more accurately clueless on how one does that) so he sticked to it stiffly til the end. RapMon was trying to stop everyone from mocking Tae and said in the beginning "Let's just let him do this, let's not say anything about how he does today" but then later he was like "maybe we shouldn't have let him do this" lol. Kind hearted Jimin was very encouraging with "I like this, I like his MCing". And Jungkook was just laughing and his laugh is pure heaven.

Tae himself was very much amused by everything too. He was busy laughing and forgot his about MC job many of the times. It was adorable.
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22 May 2017 @ 11:15 pm
I was crying this morning from the stress of moving, and now it's midnight and I'm crying again. But this time it's happy tears, I'm just really, really happy for the boys. I've been a fan for only a couple of months now, and I didn't even help with the voting except for once but I feel like a proud mom. They seemed so happy and excited and genuinely grateful for the fans. They greeted us before, during and after the show, repeatedly thanking all the fans. Personally out of all their tweets, V's was my favorite. It just shows how excited and grateful he is, and how words couldn't describe what he was feeling. It also shows how messy it is inside his head lol. I also love the last VLive clip so so much. That kind of video made us feel like they really connect to us. It was at that very moment instead of idk - partying, having fun, living the dream life - they decided to get online to talk to us, excitedly telling us how they're feeling and how this is all possible because of the fans' effort. Again, I'm a new fan but seeing from videos and accounts how they had almost nothing when they debuted, I feel very very proud of how far this group has came. I can't stop my tears from falling still. I think I cried more today than when I saw the video of them winning artist of the year at MAMA, probably because this time, I'm here with them.
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10 May 2017 @ 03:04 pm
I don't know why this keeps happening to me, but eventually everyone is touring everywhere so it make sense for our existence to be in the same city at some point. I just got into this fandom a couple of months ago, right. And then I found out that they're coming for The Wings Tour Japan Edition starting at the end of May. They will perform 22 times in Japan alone and there are 3 dates for Tokyo greater area (Saitama). Now what do I do? I'm really conflicted and it's not about the money. I think as long as it's under $300 it's something I can afford, but do I really want to go? Will this worth it?

Pros :
- I will get to experience a K-Pop concert in Japan for the first time
- I will get to experience a stadium concert and know what it's like
- I will get to see them live

Cons :
- I will be there alone in the sea of East Asian teenagers
- That will trigger my anxiety for sure
- Undetermined seating and the uncertainty of whether we'll be able to see them or not
- THE HORROR : They will sing Japanese versions instead of original Korean ones
- Lost of money
- I will be traumatized of something
- I will lose passion in the fandom after this milestone

Okay, even worse, I just found out that they're doing a fan event at Roppongi Hills this afternoon. It's within walking distance from my office. But it's limited event just for the people who purchased the CDs, get lottery numbers and won the lottery. I've never been in a fanmeeting before and I'm not sure if I want to be there? What do people do there? Handshake? High five? Ask them to sign our copy? Tell them cheesy lines like 'you make me happy'?? I meant, I don't even know what language to use if I were there, I can't speak Korean. The Korean meetings always seem to be fun judging from fan accounts and fan taken photos/videos. But Japanese ones will be much more strict. No photos, no videos, everything is restricted.

Hmmm my boss just called me for the first time this month and he was asking about details of my return to Indonesia. I've been mentally preparing for going back, but with this talk everything is now official. I feel like all of a sudden it just dawned on me that I have less than two months left here. I don't care about anything else, I need to prepare!
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24 April 2017 @ 01:58 pm
Like I wrote in my previous post, I finally succumbed to it : yes my bias is V. He's super cute I couldn't resist! I've been watching V-centric videos all weekend and I'm still thirsty for more. He's all I could think about.

Just V
His behavior in general seems to be this crazy, hyper kid, but gets shy easily as well. From all the videos of him that I've watched, I've never gotten any negative vibe from him except from when he's very sleepy/just a little cranky - pouty. Even when Jungkook teased him as he was sleeping in between performances, in the end he was just reacting by smiling super cutely. I mean IDK, if I were an idol running on sleep deprived days and someone annoys me in the middle of that very limited time that I got to sleep, I might beat the hell out of them.

There's this one video that I'm crazy about right now - it's one of those backstage variety videos from music shows that they record and broadcast before an artist's performance. At the end of the section there's a random dance break with one member doing dance moves in the center and all the others making like a tight wall around that one person - staying still and keeping their faces as expressionless as possible. At first they showed J-Hope singing happy birthday to himself while dancing frantically and the kids were reacting with tiny chuckles, after that was RapMon's turn, which was more than a little cringey. And then there's V doing his crazy, high energy moves and shouts when all of the sudden, he slaps all the members in a circular motion as part of his dance INTENTIONALLY. He's crazy! In a culture that respects hierarchy so much you have to address anyone older than you with an honorific and polite language, V, the second youngest member of the group managed to slap all of the members ON CAMERA. Everyone burst into laugh and tiny little 16 yr-old Jungkook was so amused he was still rolling on the floor laughing - literally - even after everyone had left the space. It was super cute. And V was a cute tiny little bean back then, too (this was from 2014).

To mention facts about V is easy :
- He loves the members
- He loves dogs/animals
- He loves kids/babies
- He loves his family (his grandma, especially)
- He loves ARMY so much
- He loves pokemon
- He loves food
- He loves to play

My heart melts into mush seeing how his Hwarang hyungs treat him. They all just love him so much! And what is there not to love, he is super cute, very sociable, charming, adorable, very active, positive and loving. I didn't watch the whole show, just (obviously) Hansung cuts here and there, promo vids, behind the scenes and interviews. All the other cast members seem to have positive things to say about our adorable little V. To be honest, at first I was concerned when I found out Tae's drama debut was a period drama. I've always thought that if an idol would debut in a television drama, the easy and obvious choice would be school love story. Period drama could be very tricky especially for young, newbie actors. There's this historical portrayal, the language must be different, with soo many other challenges like costumes, settings, required martial arts skills and physical strength, etc. Also, if not made well, it surely would flop HARD (the mental image of low budget Indonesian period dramas makes me shudder). I'm also not sure about the popularity of period drama (esp in East Asia), but drama with modern settings and conflicts seem to be much more relatable and easier to swallow by general viewers.

HOWEVER. This Hansung character in Hwarang. Wow, I'm speechless. I don't know how the agency managed to get it for him, but it was THE PERFECT ROLE for V. Taetae was super super cute in his Hansung getup. I've always loved longer hair on anyone, so YES to long hair Taetae. He looked super super cute, the character is perfect for him; young, mischievous, but also loving, cute and a little spoiled. His acting was great, and he easily made a whole new connections with all these actors, many of them with much longer career in the entertainment industry. I feel really happy for him for getting to experience this.
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21 April 2017 @ 11:54 am
For a while now I couldn't decide who my bias would be in bts. The ones I'm intrigued the most are (if it's not obvious) Suga, V, Jimin, Jungkook. I was really curious about the members' popularity level, who is the most popular? What pairing is the most popular? After some research and looking at more evidences, V seems to be the most popular, followed by Jungkook and Jimin. It left me wonder why the youngest members in the group are almost always the most popular ones. But again, are they? I'm not an expert at all in KPop fandom. Not sure about the most popular OTP, but guessing from popularity level, then it must be vkook, right?

New comments on the members after more observation :
Jin : Like I said before, something is off with him that makes him unsympathetic. He's handsome, yes, but his personality gives an arrogant vibe? IDK. It is too obvious that he's very proud of his looks. He speaks a lot in bts videos but not outside his comfort zones like during variety etc. Also (other than solos obviously) why does Jin always get less part than anybody else, both in singing and being center in dance formations? This makes me question, is it because he's not talented enough?

Suga : I think Suga is very talented. Other than making music he also do photography and edits, and he is really good at being an MC. He probably would prefer to be on his own than in an idol group. He just doesn't match the type. He seems so over being in variety shows that meant to ridicule idols and be stupid in general.

J-Hope : J-Hope, I think his bubbly personality is charming, and he performs well both dancing and singing. He seems to be someone who is fun to be around. He is scared of EVERYTHING. Except for humans.

RapMon : RapMon is alright. I notice how other members are respecting him as the group leader. He seems to be very talented in creating music and lyrics, we can feel his passion. Being the leader, he seems to be very articulate and his voice is really nice to hear.

Jimin : I just lately realized that Jimin is the same age as V and was in the same class in High School. He was a little chubby and was in his weird puberty period when they debuted, but my God, Blood Sweat and Tears era was a turning point. He clearly was the star of that MV. He seems humble, kind and loving. Has soccer player thighs.

V : Tae is just wacky. Like I wrote before, I thought he's doing all the weird stuff to attract attention because he thinks he's cute. But after it turns out, 1) he doesn't think he's cute 2) he's not doing this for attention, he's just wacky. He's always hyper with so much energy. He doesn't care about his looks which is why he often ends up in a very unfortunate fashion situation, and he intentionally make weird/ugly face selfies with the camera being positioned too close to the face. Anyone narcissistic (*cough* Jin *cough*) would NEVER do that, and would never publish anything they look weird/ugly in. V doesn't care, which only makes him much more likeable and approachable. He also ... is almost always be the one who initiate physical contact with other members/people/animal/plushies/anything in general - I guess he loves hugs and cuddles - which makes him even more adorable. He has a lot of charm that I can't help but being drawn to him.

Jungkook : He's a little baby. Looking at his face pre-plastic surgery predebut thrown me off a little, but he is such a lovable personality and like I said, he's grown to be a very handsome man. He loves his hyungs, when teases them and no one can be angry at him because he is just too cute & adorable. He's always happily smiling and seems to be a presence loved by everyone in the group (and fans). He's a good, talented, obedient kid.
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13 April 2017 @ 04:13 pm
Okay so I have spent most of my free time obsessing about bts and got absolutely nothing else done. Actually that's a lie. I finally did grocery shopping yesterday after putting it off forever and I felt so accomplished. I kept on repeating Fire and Not Today which was the only two songs I bought off of iTunes and they're just not cutting it for me anymore. I NEED MOAR. I wanted to have a good collection of their music, but K-Pop group discographies are just too confusing because of the multiple re-releases, re-packages, etc. As a new fan, I'm not familiar with the titles to know which one is what. I love the boys, but I'm just starting to learn about them so I don't want to get overwhelmed with tons of the same songs. I ended up buying two of their albums plus one song separately. I went grocery shopping with these new songs on my mp3 player which was the only thing that made me happy and bouncy all the way to the supermarket and back.

I also found more of my favorite videos of them that I started watching over and over again, they are just too adorable. Initially I couldn't get into Blood Sweat and Tears, just because it's a song with slower beat and there is no dance version MV. I had to watch the real MV and it's the kind that has long prologue + epilogue which is bullshit! I want to hear the song and watch them dance, that's it (which was why it was easier for me to get into fire and not today - both has dance version mv, plus the beat is catchy). I also felt like it's trying so hard to be ~fine art and seductive (y'all are too young for me, boyz). However, after several listens and watches, I fell in love with the MV concept (I haven't learned the lyrics yet). It's pretty. Jimin is so very beautiful in it, it's ethereal. I still wish it had a dance version MV. Why they didn't make one, is beyond me. The dance scene is gorgeous!

I've also been listening to different songs in their albums and I have to take back what I said about them being just so-so at singing. They're great singers. Tae has such a versatile singing voice! I was just skeptical because no one is that good looking and also that good at singing AND dancing. Too much talent! I still can't distinguish the singing voices though. Time to watch those line distribution vids!

After seeing more interview videos I realized that Tae is more weird and wacky than he is a bad boy. He's the kind who could spend so much time alone and still enjoys it, he even talks to himself (I do this too). I suspect that he's an AB, and he is, which makes him more relatable to me.

I saw Suga's solo song MV (just one of them - the self-titled one) and it was just too intense. I felt like being pounded hard from just watching it. I have to admit that he's an amazing rapper/song producer, but still the part where he repeatedly saying "STD" trying to be cool has left me cringing. He also slipped "fucking asshole" in the song which is very aggressive for an idol marketed towards kids as young as early teens. In English speaking countries, you wouldn't be able to release a song like that without being labeled 'explicit' and here in Asia, you'd just look cool cause you sound like you understand English language. Korea is .... I don't know where to start, it's the same as Japan, they're very comfortable with their country where everything is served in local language that they don't see the need for ability to comprehend English. And frankly it's really embarrassing for idol groups in this scale to not be able to speak English. You're traveling across the globe! Even in the songs, if I hadn't seen the lyrics I couldn't get what they're saying. In not today, I couldn't get "underdogs" I hear "drugs" in the prologue and I hear "today we will survive" as "today we raise apart" and "together we won't die" as "together we will die" which is... please don't.

On the other side, I love the fact that BTS is pure Korean and none of them are residents or citizens of other countries. It's just simpler with less ... conflicts of interest (I learned my lesson the hard way in previous fandom).

Anyway, I saw videos of them performing (and actually singing) live and they are amazing. Suga almost always prefer to actually sing his lines, in practice or on stage. I applaud him for being that singer but also I suppose it's easier for him since his lines are raps and he's not doing crazy dance moves when he spits them. But he really brings the energy to their performance.

My bts related google searches today :
awards won by bts
bts lightstick -- super expensive but I want it, tbh
saitama super arena -- there's a bts concert in June, should I go???? Can't decide.
bts blood sweat and tears coreography
bts members blood type
bts livejournal
v bts blood type
bts jimin
bts injury
and the last one is ... bts main ships

(Out of randomness other than that I also googled adam lambert, persimmon, is titanium bulletproof, why saudi arabia is so rich, kaki udon in tokyo and is holycow beef halal.)
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12 April 2017 @ 11:09 pm
I... somehow I got into BTS fandom just a couple of days ago. Okay so I'm going to write how I got into this (it's very long, as usual).

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Anyway, they are a very solid group! Now I understand the hype. Aside from the fact that they're good to look at, their songs are ALL enjoyable and feels very cohesive, style-wise. They're no over the top singer - no vocal olympics and all that, but they're very good at what they do and the songs are well produced to showcase their strengths. The songs are perfect for them, and for this era of music. Even though they're very young, they co-produce (or even produce) and involved heavily in the making of the songs. Their music and videos are really, really well made (meaning they're making lots of money, meaning they're really popular), and they are also very well documented which is a good thing for fans, because nothing is ever enough. This feeds the addiction well. They're travelling across the globe and tickets are selling out fast. From what I've seen, the numbers and everything, BTS currently is the most popular K-Pop boy group.

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I'm so obsessed they're all I think of now, even at work. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not? Because usually when I'm obsessed, I got NOTHING done. I know one good thing about this though. Obsessing over an online presence keeps me away from shopping. Whenever I'm active online, I managed to not get out of the house, hence my wallet and bank account is intact. lol. Let's see where this obsession goes.
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