The second term of my Korean class is ending, but I really, really don't have enough motivation for it right now. I'm being chased by credit card dues from my Japan trip and I need more money which I'm making through translating mangas. And like I said my previous entry, it is not easy to constantly switching Japanese mode to Korean mode in my head in a short time span. I want to focus on the translation first, and then I will focus on Korean when I'm done with my deadline.

I got mixed feelings everytime I decided to come to class now. I just don't want to go to class but I have to for my attendance. Because I've learned Japanese, I'm capable of comprehending things faster than others - but I don't have enough time and or motivation to practice or memorize anything and my quiz scores have been awful. I don't want to be that student who comes late, doesn't pay attention in class, doesn't do their homework and never studies for exams, but shit I'm really becoming one.

I'm contemplating whether or not I should continue to Level 3. I don't want to suffer through the same emotional process all over again. I'm starting to wonder why I wanted to learn this in the first place.

I remember I had similar break down in my first term, with me feeling low and thought it just wasn't worth it and I hated every moment of it. But I managed to get over it by simply getting myself into the right mindset. I tried that trick. It isn't working now. And I don't remember my first term colliding with my translation work but let's see how it goes now. Final exam is in two weeks.
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11 June 2014 @ 12:20 pm
Yesterday I attended my Korean class. I enjoy the classes, but the one thing that bothers me, is that it is really hard for me to switch from Japanese mode to Korean mode sometimes, especially when I have translation deadlines like right now. I really want to focus on translating, but I had to attend the class. I can feel my Japanese and Indonesian language skill deteriorating as I'm trying to learn Korean. I'm trying to find my ways around it.

My class basically is separated into two; people who sit on the left side, most of which are from the original Sejong 1 Tue - Thurs class, and the right side which is ... transferred students from other classes. I'm in the original group with my friends, and we don't switch seats which cut the chance of ever talking to people from the other side of the class.

Yesterday after class I saw one person from the other side walking to the same direction I was walking to, so I decided to talk to her. I've never really talked to her before, but I do remember her from her self introduction when we first started our class, because she's an EXO stan. She is (or was) a Kris fan. I called her to wait for me and we walked together while talking about EXO.

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14 April 2014 @ 05:58 pm
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Having an artist's block is frustrating as hell. I want to feel happy by making art, but nothing I made satisfies me and I kept getting frustrated with everything for the last month. It started with a mixed media shopping spree that I did back in February with my birthday-month-discount at a scrapbook store. I purchased a very expensive thing called 'Creative Palette' from Stampendous, in hope of getting something similar to Gelli Art Printing Plate. I kept seeing tutorials on Gelli Art printing and it looks like an awesome tool with gorgeous results which allows tons of fun creativity. The sad thing is, that I can not get it here, and the shipping cost is too crazy if I order it directly from the US. So when I saw the Creative Palette, I was excited and I was so sure that this has the same quality as the Gelli Art one. But no. IT SUCKS. DON'T BUY IT. It dries your paint so fast you don't even have the chance to do anything with it. And when you apply so much paint, it's such a waste of paint! And the papers I used to make my prints stuck on the plate. I've tried so many ways, so many times and this product is just not working the way I need it to be. I've made so many failed prints which ... I'm sure I can incorporate for something in the future somehow, but it was still so frustrating. Yesterday I decided that I'm going to have fun by doing things that don't have anything to do with the monoprinting plate. It worked! I made some cards I thought are decent for sending out to people, I did some other fun techniques I haven't done in a while, and in the end I finally could enjoy art-making process again.

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On other note, I haven't changed my icons in a while and I am desperately needing new ones.
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