07 October 2014 @ 05:47 pm
So ever since I decided to leave the fandom, I was looking for something to obsess about. I thought it's a good thing to try to go back to Japanese stuff/drama to brush my rusty Japanese skill, so I scoured my HDD to find something. Somehow I was inclined to re-watch Rookies because I was pretty impressed with Sato Takeru's acting in Rurouni Kenshin. They said the second part will be showing on Oct 8 which is very very soon so I would love to see something that involves him to warm up to it :)

Unfortunately though, I only have ep 6 - 11. I wonder why and I don't really remember, but I probably download the eps one by one right after the broadcast. I also probably mixed streaming and downloading so I ended up having just half of the episodes. Also, I remember it was around the time when I dropped my hard disk in 2008 and lost 400GB worth of files.

I was re-watching Rookies ep 6-7 last Thurs, downloading complete eps last Fri and been watching it back from ep 1 on my TV on the weekends. It was fun. I also read the manga online because I was curious on how well they adapt from it. It's a very masculine manga; sports, fighting, bloods everything.

I remember I wrote in my old blog about this so I went to find it and wow, I was actually starting to watch it for Sato Ryuta. Interesting. I've watched him in a lot of things; Kisarazu Cat's Eye series and movies, Three Tokyo Friends, etc and he is good at acting. I love his character in Rookies. And OMG there's no one in this world is more fitting to portray Aniya than Ichihara Hayato. Sure he's tiny compared to the character in the manga, but his soul, his voice, his everything was really, really fitting and impressive. No wonder he got an award from this!

And in my blog I mentioned the exact same stuff I felt watching it again now; the casts are too old, and I'm most interested in Sato Takeru. He's cute. I'm going to be downloading more stuff for the next weeks.
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