06 September 2014 @ 11:47 pm

LULU WAS SO BEAUTIFUL OMG. Lemme run through all members (no particular order) :

Sehun - was injured, poor bb. He tried his best during the whole show, but his solo stage was omitted and he sat on a stool during Wolf and Growl. BUT OMG HE'S THE CUTEST THING EVER?????? He looked just like the photos, the gifs, and he acted just like the little shit that he is. He is so fucking cute. He did a V sign pose for a fan from the middle stage it was so fucking cute AKSFSLKFJSF:SD. Cute maknae. It was weird to hear the interpreter translated maknae into 'bungsu' something I never thought of and it's really cute to hear.

Because of his injury, HE WENT TO THE AIRPORT WEARING FLIP FLOPS. Something King of fashion Oh Sehun would never do, lol.

Lulu - SAIYAN HAIR LULU!!! I like it? 8) He was so beautiful and glowing. But things ran through my mind as I was watching him. Like how he looked so thin and tired. How he probably is bored with the routines, especially Mama, since they've been performing that song for 2 years now? The thing I hated was I feel like most of the time he was so far away from my section, couldn't really see him except for on the screen. WHY DO YOU ALWAYS TALK SO SHORT THOUGH. YOUR SOLO WAS ALSO SO SHORT.

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23 April 2014 @ 02:01 am
Lately I've been thinking about this. I've been following EXO for a while now, and they are actually young enough for me to witness them growing up in front of my eyes (Sehun was the most obvious). Sometimes I stare at their photos and think ... 'you're growing so fast. I wish you'd stop growing and be the person that you are now forever'. Because we want idols/celebs to be immortal. We want to admire them forever, we want them to be in that perfect state, in the same state as they were when we fell for them.

Not only that, for some cases I want them to stay in the state they were in the sense of style also. Korean pop idols changes their appearances so often sometimes it's hard to recognize them. A clear example, for me, is Zelo's ramyeon hair. I still think it was the best hair style for him, I want him to have that hair forever. When they took away the hair from him, when BAP's style shifted so much from what made me fell for them ... suddenly I no longer have interest in the group.

Maybe sometimes we want people to be in the state which made us fell in love with them so we can fall in love again and again.
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20 March 2013 @ 10:52 am
After what feels like a thousand years, I finally own a smartphone, OMG. I've been wanting to switch to one but I hesitated because I wanted a new computer more than a phone ... I felt like I could live without a phone as long as I have my computer and an internet connection. But anyway, my I'm still not sure with what computer I want so I decided to get a phone first. And it is ... *drumrolls* A SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 2.

It is awesome 8D, needless to say, but I really need to get myself used to it since I've been with a much simpler, stupid non-smart phone for years. When you look at it especially in stores, side by side with other phones, it seems gigantic but I've been using it for a couple of days now and it doesn't feel weird at all.

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30 January 2013 @ 02:01 pm
Okay I have two hours left at work and I already spent the last 5 hours not really knowing what to do so, why don't I introduce my last obsession EXO in my blog. I haven't blogged for a while (;____;)

I'm not really sure when this started. I'm basically not a multi-fandom person, when in a fandom, I'm usually pretty loyal to it. SMTown Live was the point where I got my loyalty questioned. I liked SuJu and was kind of obsessed with Eunhyuk since August, but after SMTown Live in September, it was like, oh I saw him live and that was the end of my obsession.

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Right after, I managed to remember all 12 member's names and was able to differentiate them in MVs/pics. NOW LET'S GET TO KNOW THEM (my favorite -> my least favorite).

Originally my bias was Chanyeol, but then I found out that no one would be more precious than my baby deer Luhan. He is the absolute cutest, most adorable, and kindest.

I didn't like him at first, he's just weird and his constant :| face bugs me a little. But then. HunHan. Sexy Hun, Dumb Hun, precious maknae. I just can not. He's my favorite. I love him so much up to the point I'm physically unable to not reblog any Sehun posts on tumblr, lol. I guess I can blame ohsehunnie1 for this.

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23 September 2012 @ 07:25 pm

I had too many crazy ideas for this show even if we weren't sure yet whether we'll go or not. Yung didn't get the tickets on his hands til Friday night, just a day before the show. I didn't know what ticket it would be, and I was pretty sure we'll get tribune seats so I borrowed a binocular from my friend. I did other shameful things that I don't think I would want to remind myself about by writing them down here, SO I WOULD NOT.

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