09 May 2012 @ 08:09 pm
I was about to make a post about Andrej complete with pictures like all my other posts when I saw this:

Well fuck.

I really really hate that grey box and now it's all over my blog. I'm pretty sure it's not from my blog (DW) traffic because I'm the only one who access my blog. But then I remember ... oh, right. When I tried to lessen the bandwidth of my old PB, I moved some pics to my current PB, and apparently they were popular pics that I posted at three different comms on LJ.

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I was excited when I saw it, and I imagine the many things I would love to tell the world on my blog.

And then I tried to commit to it seriously. Now I have 4 blog entries and already I'm feeling tired and that these blog entries are too much work. We have to make 100 of them! Thinking about it right now, the way I'm doing it is insanely ambitious.

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29 April 2012 @ 10:08 am
Ugh, the more days came passed by, the more articles I read about the finale, the more I'm enraged about the whole finale fiasco. Like, WHAT IS THE ESSENCE of a reality TV show? It's to get a deserving winner out of the competition, no matter how scripted and how rigged the show is. I read the post from EW on ONTD, which gave us the secrets from the reunion episode filming. The one that annoyed me the most is that they actually filmed the crowning scene THREE TIMES, one win for each finalist. WTF? So the finalists had to fake a win and two loses each. *smh*

By the time the reunion episode is filmed, it's already more than 6 months from the original season filming. MORE THAN SIX FUCKING MONTHS. The contestants are no longer in the heat of the competition and the crowning scene will be as dull as it could ever be. Plus, oh, they also have to fake a win, apparently. Can you expect that the winning emotion showed by the victor would be as genuine as if that person was actually crowned IN the finale episode AT THE END OF THE REAL COMPETITION? And the losing queen as well, they've seen what is coming, they'd show no regret whatsoever when they don't win. Remember how crushed Manila was when Raja won last year? The genuine emotion, and how we, viewers sympathized with her. That is a crucial part of a reality TV show, this is complete and utter bullshit.

One more thing I'm concerned about. Since Ru seemed to be not having her mind made yet about who SHOULD win the show, I think it would be a factor that Sharon actually WON the all stars voting (uh, or any other voting, yes and thank you). I mean, no matter how we, her fans spammed the show's facebook page or twitter account with Sharon's name, they'd think that Sharon still has another shot on the competition when she compete for the All Stars season this fall. While Chad, and Phi Phi don't seem like having the same chance. What I'm saying is ... they might refrain from crowning Sharon as the winner because of that. I don't even know anymore, I'm so pissed.
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25 April 2012 @ 11:47 am

You know, I'd rather you crown Phi Phi and watch the rage that is ensued. The drama and the horror would be delicious. It'll be fun to count how many people will boycott Absolut and wouldn't be back to watch next season. It will be the biggest backlash ever that I would not mind to witness.

I'd rather you skip the rewind episode and add a non-elimination round a few episodes back.

Anything that keeps the finale - a real grand finale episode and not just a bullshit top three filler episode. With or without it, people's opinion on your top three wouldn't change much. Sharon is still the most popular one, Chad is still the most polished, and Phi Phi is still the stank bitch that everyone hates. And most importantly, probably it won't change how you feel about them either. You choose a winner, whether it's a popular opinion or not, whether the queen of your choice is a universally hated bitch or not, whether the fans of the show screams in disagreement or not in the end. It's always been your choice, and will always be. So what the fuck is the fucking point of making the fans wait for another week to find out the winner? Rating? Social media buzz? Seriously you did more harm to your own show than when you crown Tyra Sanchez as the winner of season 2.

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02 February 2012 @ 08:02 pm
I had a fight with the mod of that comm. Or more exactly a PM argument. Just like my tag said, I donut liek dis. But whatever, I'm over it. She's not a good mod, I'm not participating in any of her comms no more, end of story.
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02 February 2012 @ 09:13 am
Oh god I don't know if I'll survive today. It's only 9 am and it's already tearing me down. Turns out, my two day offs were nothing!

It started with me lacking sleep. Lacking sleep is never good to start a day already. The next, I had to go through super crowded streets to get to the terminal. It's a daily thing, but today I realized that it's getting worse and worse every day! Then I went on a painful bus journey to the office. Reminds me of how bad I want a motor bike, and how bad my mom doesn't want me to have a motor bike. Also; my head hurts.

Next thing, I found that my batch isn't included in the voting for model20in20, and the post I made at the comm isn't even approved. I said to myself that my set are a-okay but there's nothing extraordinary and I don't think any of them will win in voting. Regardless, I worked hard to finish them and I feel so sad that the mod didn't even know I submitted. It's a misunderstanding, I told her that I might drop out cos I need to go out of town. Turns out, I got back early and I rushed to finish my batch. I replied to her comment letting her know that I'm not dropping out and that I'm posting the link. But my post was never posted, it goes under moderation and was never been approved. She made one last reminder for the last two participant who haven't submitted and she erased my name on it which I thought was because she got my submission. Turned out, it was because I said I'm dropping out :( tl;dr, in short, the mod never got my submission. I sent her a message telling her everything, but she hasn't replied. Probably she's already asleep :((( IDK man, this sucks so bad, I can't get over it :(
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or not.

LoA is dying. There hasn't been any updates since what feels like forever. Every Monday and Friday passed without any updates; no results posted, no new challenges. Usually we have tons of open challenges, currently we only have 9. 5 of which are open til the end of phase, stuff like comm promo and sig tag/icon requests. Which left us with 4 open challenges. Not much to choose from, but I was going to do them all anyway. Though honestly looking at the lack of updates and where the comm is heading which is inactivity, I'm not really motivated to do these :/ Will the owner still have the motivation to even tally these all up?

I know nothing serious has happened to her (like illness, or internet connection problem) because she's still around. You know, being online on gmail chat, posting links in various communities to her caps site/comm. If that's her focus now, it's fine, but I wish she would tell us about the future of this comm. Hundreds of people were actively participating/involved. If you don't want to continue maintaining it (which I'm sure is a big commitment/responsibility), maybe some other people are interested in continuing the effort? At least until the end of this phase? Don't let us hanging like this :/

Rant over.

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