25 April 2012 @ 11:47 am

You know, I'd rather you crown Phi Phi and watch the rage that is ensued. The drama and the horror would be delicious. It'll be fun to count how many people will boycott Absolut and wouldn't be back to watch next season. It will be the biggest backlash ever that I would not mind to witness.

I'd rather you skip the rewind episode and add a non-elimination round a few episodes back.

Anything that keeps the finale - a real grand finale episode and not just a bullshit top three filler episode. With or without it, people's opinion on your top three wouldn't change much. Sharon is still the most popular one, Chad is still the most polished, and Phi Phi is still the stank bitch that everyone hates. And most importantly, probably it won't change how you feel about them either. You choose a winner, whether it's a popular opinion or not, whether the queen of your choice is a universally hated bitch or not, whether the fans of the show screams in disagreement or not in the end. It's always been your choice, and will always be. So what the fuck is the fucking point of making the fans wait for another week to find out the winner? Rating? Social media buzz? Seriously you did more harm to your own show than when you crown Tyra Sanchez as the winner of season 2.

Yesterday I merely felt dissapointment, and now I feel so angry! And I haven't even seen the episode! Reading TLo's review of the episode doesn't help much. This is how it is though, being involved in a fandom, talking to the people who watch and love the show, I don't even need to see the episode to decide how I feel about this.

I dreaded this episode for WEEKS. I found me talking to myself to assure that whoever wins, I'm going to be okay. I was ready.

Do you know how many people emotionally prepared to find out who the winner is yesterday? I, for one, started my day jumping up and down, smiling like an idiot alone in my room in the morning because it's the grand finale! (Or something that I thought was the grand finale) I went to work with my best Sharon Needles influenced outfit. No matter what the outcome is, I was prepared, I was ready, and I know I'm going to continue supporting Sharon with whatever way possible.

Do you know how many lifes are affected, how many fans were preparing their finale outfit, their best look for viewing parties, and how they prepare finale parties of their own at home whether it's with friends or just with their partner? What I'm saying is, WE DON'T LIKE to be played like this, Ru. We're ready to get this over with, whether we'd agree with your decision or not. Drawing it out after a filler episode last week is really not a wise decision to make. The show is popular on its own, why do you have to beat it down and milk it continuously just for rating? It's enough.

Just crown Phi Phi if you think it's the best end for this season. The crowd will tell you when you're wrong and it's okay to be wrong sometimes. Sharon might not has the best runway look or the finale edit, but she has gained repect and popularity more than anyone else, she's the real winner no matter who you crown.

I'd rather you crown Phi Phi yesterday.
Current Mood: angry
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