03 March 2015 @ 10:33 pm
I've honestly been underestimating Paperclip all this time! Paperclip is basically a local stationery store which can be found in malls or in office buildings. It's dull. After living in Japan, I DESPISE stationery stores here because they're so dull. Japan is HEAVEN for stationery lovers. I dislike Paperclip because the store looks like a warehouse. It's awful and makes me not wanting to go in and everything that they sell just looks like crap. I just don't like it!!!

However, I really needed an A5 binder last weekend to re-organize my clear stamps. We went to Kelapa Gading Mall, I was looking for HSBC counter to redeem my points into shopping vouchers. My mom was shopping for clothes at a bazaar right in the center of MKG 3, and right in front of the bazaar, was Paperclip. I went in thinking that I'll just quickly grab an A5 binder and go straight to the cash register but... I was mesmerized by a whole aisle of Liquitex goods. I've never seen this many of them, there are EVERYTHING. I was particularly intrigued with liquid acrylic what the hell are those?? Mediums, gels, gesso, clear gesso, palette knifes, everything that aren't easy to find in regular stationery stores. I've seen Liquitex being used a lot by American Mixed Media Artists, but I've never encountered them even in bigger stationery stores like Gramedia. I don't think I've seen them in the one art store with the most comprehensive variety of things 'Toko Prapatan', either. WOW.

I really want to try gouache and haven't found them yet and there were so. many. types. of gouache. there! I couldn't believe it. They have some on their discount rack with very low price. Granted, it's Chinese brand and it's probably low quality, but I'm an amateur so I don't need anything fancy. I just need something to try out with and see if gouache is for me, so I bought a set of Taiwanese gouache with a cute pink box. I got 18 colors in tiny tubes and the result is great! Very vibrant just like I how I love my paint :3 Also they got neon pink, I never can resist anything that comes in neon pink.

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