22 July 2013 @ 08:26 am
Remember how I accidentally broke my very old laptop and bought a new one in a rush? Well I sold that one and got myself this sleek baby!

Well, as I already predicted, my relationship with that ASUS laptop that I don't love is not going to last long. The laptop has a very poor performance, which frustrates me, and it is SOO BULKY AND HEAVY which gives me shoulder pain whenever I tried to bring it with me anywhere, even the shortest distance like my boarding house to my office.

On last Tuesday, I went to Kota Kasablanka to breakfast with my sister. It took her a while to get there, so I was wandering around the mall looking at a bunch of different stuff that interests me. One of them being, a Samsung store which had this pink laptop on their display. I only saw it in a glance, I looked at the keyboard and I just walked away. But the image of that laptop didn't walk away from my mind. I immediately schemed different ways that will make it possible for me to own that laptop. I went researching online and offline and just went straight for it by the time I got home on Sat.

I took photos of my asus laptop, bought a new cell phone number, posted an advertisement at kaskus, and stood by my phone the whole day to make sure I'm ready respond to inquiries. The first one was asking if I do rekber system for the payment and I'm not sure how that works so I said no. The second one was close to deal, but he backed out when I said I haven't found the guarantee card. The third one was rather rude and weird. I couldn't provide the information that he asked so he just stopped asking. The fourth one, however, was very polite. And when I said Giant Pondok Bambu as a meeting spot for our transaction, he said it's very close to his place. I immediately knew at that point, that this person is the next owner of my laptop. So I met him the next morning, he really seemed like a nice boy, and the transaction went smooth.

ANYWAY. THE BOY WAS CUTE BUT THAT IS NOT IMPORTANT because the main focus of this post is my awesome, cute, pink, thin laptop!!!

I LOVE IT. I just love it. My dad said not to buy a Samsung laptop because Samsung is not known for their laptops. Clearly my dad lives in the past so I ignored his advice and went with my guts. My guts said it is time for a pink laptop in my life. It is not that expensive, about $680, so I don't expect too much from this laptop, but it is definitely MUCH BETTER than my old bulky ASUS. And it is so much better looking, too.

I got a lot of bonuses from buying this (I'm such a marketing strategy victim, I know but still!). I got a licensed Microsoft Office pre-installed, a laptop pouch (wanted the pink one but they ran out so I got the black one), a mouse (which I chose to upgrade to a wireless one with extra $10), and a cashback of $5. Look at that tiny matching cute pink mouse. I just can not handle this cuteness!

This post is also to mark the end of my old Toshiba laptop, my first ever very expensive possession which I bought with my own money in Japan. I brought it to a service center at Ambassador Mall, and they said it is very difficult and expensive to repair my laptop. The spare parts are discontinued products and almost everything needs to be changed. If I'm about to re-install Windows, they don't have the Japanese version so I have to risk some keys not responding to certain commands. I finally gave it up. There is no use trying to save it. It did good. It survived these 9 years with me and had been so helpful all this time.
Current Mood: ecstatic
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