19 March 2012 @ 10:06 am
As announced everywhere, RuPaul's Drag Race is coming back this fall with a 6 episodes long All Stars version, including some of the 46 past (and current) contestants from the show.

Aside from producers' choices, there will be one spot for fan favorite queen, and fans are encouraged to vote. They can vote on facebook once every 24 hours. These are top voted queens as of now :

I think I've voted for Pandora, Raven, Raja and Sharon but to be honest I love them all, I can't choose!

IDK how successful this all stars will be since we've all seen other shows with all stars concept turned out to be a big fat flop. But this seriously is a clever social media strategy, I love it. Fan voting doesn't only remind fans about how awesome this show was, and how fabulous past contestants were, it also creates the buzz that the show will definitely benefit from. Also, even if they said they only have one spot for the fan voted, they can always use the result as the queens' popularity data for them to consider.

Though, I'm not sure about voting queens of season 4. The season will end in May, we don't know who will win yet. I think we'll refrain from voting a winner if only we know, and give the chance to other fabulous queen instead.

Pandora has been leading since the voting first start. It was not a surprise, she has a very sweet personality, she is super funny and pretty, she was miss congeniality of season 1, and media dubbed her elimination as the most shocking elimination. Of course the world will join forces to give this sweet girl another chance.

When I first saw the voting page, it was Pandora, Raven and Jujubee leading, followed by Nina Flowers and Manila Luzon. First three were from the same season! It really shows how season 2 had the best casts, but the lamest winner. The voting were quite intense, and season 4 fan favorite Sharon Needles emerged to the top.

Here's the thing though; Sharon is still competing, it's undeniable that she is the most popular queen of season 4. Her fanbase is burning hot. They are super active and passionate about Sharon, so it was no surprise that she gets that much vote. Though, if only this voting were conducted after the winner is announced (and assuming Sharon won), will it be the same? Raja was the most popular queen last season, fabulous queen, miles above everyone else, active fanbase etc but she's not ever in the top 10 most voted for all stars. Many of her fans choose to vote for someone else since Raja already had a win in her hands.

Looking at the top fan voted queens, they are mostly the ones with likeable attitude or personality, not necessarily the ones with the most stunning runway looks or drag persona. Anyways, I am excited for RPDR All Stars!
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