14 April 2016 @ 12:48 pm
RPDR Ep. 6  
This is seriously getting frustrating. I think the girls are a group of very talented people with interesting personalities but... they are lacking in the looks department. I bet y'all miss Acid Betty now. Sure, we still got Kim Chi the goddess of visual but one Kim Chi is not enough to make the whole ensemble amazing.

This is season 8 and this is the second episode you have let the audience down. You were given amazing themes, Madonna??? Wizard of Oz Couture????? Those themes have endless possibilities and so much potential but the audience are left speechless (not in a good way) with what was presented on stage. Granted, there are factors like shitty materials provided by the production and time constraints to create two looks for yourself and for your little lady but come the fuck on. This is really getting frustrating. The looks are frustrating, Thorgy keeps on being safe is frustrating. She's good, but she's not good enough to win something on the show so far is what really, really frustrates all Thorgy fans. Like, not even the music challenge that she excels in, not even one mini challenge.

And yea, the Ozians aka citizens of Emerald city is not the most interesting out of all the other character inspirations from The Wizard of Oz, but you could've taken it much further! Think about the citizens of the Capitol from The Hunger Games, how extravagant, how big their costumes are, how vibrant in color and how crazy their make-up looks. Think couture! I so can see it! I mean something like THAT would blow the judges away.

Overall, I'm so frustrated and disappointed that I couldn't bring myself to watch this week's Untucked.

Anyway! Congrats on my baby Naomi!! So proud of her and happy for her. Her look was great! And the scarecrow theme fit her so well.
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