08 April 2016 @ 04:54 pm
RPDR Ep. 5 : The Night of 100 Madonnas  
... That title is really too big for the episode! It's one of the reasons why everyone, literally EVERYONE in the audience was severely underwhelmed and disappointed by the runway presentation!

This episode is probably the one I like the least of all the others that have aired. I mean, acting challenges and snatch game are always painful and cringe-worthy to watch, but sometimes the fun, super-cool runway looks make up for it. This time, wow. I mean, yeah. I'm not as mad as Raja about this but very, very underwhelmed for sure.

It's 'Night of 100 Madonnas', but you only have 8 queens, 4 of which wears Kimono and the other 4's looks aren't that interesting either. If the producers want to make this work, get each queen prepare 2 looks of Madonna (there are hundreds to choose from, c'mon), and they are not allowed to overlap the same theme with other queens, deal?? Now that, would be Night of 100 Madonnas. This episode was just meh. The Kimono era Madonna was stunning, but really, we would love to see other looks, MORE ICONIC LOOKS, PLEASE. Also the guest judges were BORING especially Chanel Iman. I don't care who you are or how good you look, this is a drag queen show, I want wits, puns, funny banters!

I think Thorgy should've done Frozen look, because WHY NOT. She can utilize her bun, since the look includes a bun. A silky, flowy black gown/skirt would look amazing on the runway! Add accessories and fake hena (what? people are going to accuse everyone of cultural appropriation now?), and it would look great! Pale make-up and long black hair. I could see it! I know Thorgy prefers colorful clown-ish looks but yea, why not.

Here's hoping next episode would be more interesting than this one.
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