09 March 2016 @ 12:02 am
RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8!!!  
It finally has started!!!! Yaaaayyy. I really really like how they upscale everything this season. Starting from how they mentioned several times that it's going to include the 100th episode and the 100th queen, how they purposely delay the premier to give chance for the audience to know the queens better and more time for them to promote and hype the season, and more importantly to align the finale episode with this year's RuPaul's Drag Con!!!!!!!!! Exclamation point!!

I was so happy that I was at home by the time the first episode drops, because better internet connection! I don't have to wait to get home to watch!

Let's comment on the queens!

Dax - I like her style. I think her personality is not so loud and that is why we don't see much of her in the interviews of the first episode. But anyway, she's not conventional drag. I love how she brought cosplay element into the competition, but I'm afraid that she's not strong enough to come up with different things later on.

Acid Betty - was my early favorite. I'm attracted to shapes and colors, and I love her aesthetic. I agree that drag has a wide spectrum and not everyone has to look the same. Even though I have to admit, as someone on ontd said, that her face is a little scary. And one more thing, I don't like bitchy queen, so when Kim Chi and Derrick said she's kind of insufferable to travel with in one of the interviews, I was wary of her. I was trying to be ready of her being bitchy the whole show. And one that strikes me from the first episode was when she mentioned that sitting with "these wannabe queens" does not intimidate her a bit. Um, girl, those girls were winners for a reason. They went through judgment and finished the competition that you're in. How could you not be respectful of the queens Ru crowned in the past? I know editing plays a factor in this, but I do think for her to say that purposely on camera is conceited, disrespectful to the past winners, the competition, and Ru herself. Anyway, I she's a seasoned queen who knows what she's doing, we'll see what she'll bring to the table in future episodes (other than bitchiness).

Kim Chi - EVERYONE online was rooting for her and my gut was trying to tell me to distance myself from the mainstream - the one with the more fans. Superfans could get annoying fast and often than not I would hate the persona they idolize as well. Also after I heard that she's from the same house (or whatever) as Trixie Mattel, I rolled my eyes. I'm so over that kind of crazy make-up. HOWEVER. Kim Chi is too sweet! She's super adorable and talented. I fell in love with her since the Meet The Queen video. And in the first episode, she was just as adorable. Love her. I hope she wins and she'll be able to prove to her family that she excels in this and this is what she's born to do.

Thorgy Thor - I like me some Thorgy Thor! I love her. I think her energy is positive and fun, I haven't seen her putting anyone down in a negative way, I think she's smart and I can't wait to see more from her!

Naomi Smalls - I didn't like her, initially. When I saw the Meet The Queen video of hers, I thought she's just another body queen. Also her hair and make-up wasn't good there. After the first episode, I like her! She's gorgeous. I hope she doesn't rely on that body in every episode though. She's very young and I'm sure she'll grow up to be a great queen, fashion or otherwise.

Derrick Barry - This one, I'm super skeptical about. Duh, we all know you're a Britney impersonator, so? I mean she's kinda famous but I hope that doesn't go over her head and makes her feel like she's untouchable. I agree with Bob completely. If you're a good make-up artist, you would be able to not be Britney all the time, no matter how similar your face is with her. The problem is, you've been Britney your whole career and you've never step out of that comfort zone. From her attitude during Untucked, I don't think she'll change that about herself. I'm not even sure if she has wigs that is not blond and not look like Britney. I know Ru mentioned that she wants to see more Britney, and I sense that Derrick's going to hold on to that and use it as an excuse every time. Every. Time.

Robbie Turner - I think I liked her in the Meet The Queen video, but not anymore after the first episode. She's all talk and got nothing to show. 'I forgot to pick a theme for myself'? 'There's nothing I could work on'? 'It was just series of unfortunate events'? That all sound exactly just like what they are : excuses. Girl, you got the opportunity to pick the best theme for yourself and you missed it. You looked just like the dog shit your brought on stage. Your personality just as shitty. Bye.

Cynthia Lee Fountaine - I mean, she never stops talking. I don't like her. She seemed sweet, but I really really had enough of her mentioning her coocoos.

Naysha Lopez - Gurl. Even if you don't know how to sew which is unforgivable, mentioning it as an excuse on stage to the judges was stupid. Don't rely on your face, girl. From what she wears when she walked into the work room for the first time, I'm not sure she has the right taste, either. Bye.

Laila McQueen - Initially, I liked Laila because she looked gorgeous in the promo shoot. But after watching her in Meet The Queen video ooh girl, no personality, no charisma, I feel nothing special coming off of her. I don't think the style is that strong, either. I was pretty sure that she's one of the filler queens, but okay.

Chi Chi Devayne - is also one of the filler queens, I think. She's like the Dida Ritz of the season. The trash bag couture was nagl. Enh.

Bob The Drag Queen - I'm not crazy about her like some people, but I like her. I'm not that annoyed (yet) with her being loud, I like her personality. Make-up wise though, I just don't think she's polished enough. Let's see how she performs!

GOD I can't believe we have to wait another week to get the next episode, we waited for this seson forever! I wished this was like Netflix, where they release the whole season at a time so we can binge watch it. This is torture! But I'm excited to follow these queens' journey through the competition.
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