28 March 2016 @ 08:58 pm
I'm officially obsessed  
I don't even know where to start! Okay, first of all, before it all starts I was researching on the S8 queens and my initial thoughts were :
1. Bright colors and unusual style? Acid Betty is my girl!
2. Laila McQueen is very pretty and might be the the dark horse of this season (though she wasn't very interesting in the Meet The Queens video)
3. Kim Chi is cute
4. Robbie Turner and Cynthia Lee seem like they're very nice persons

However, after episode 1 :
1. I found Kim Chi super super adorable and lovable
2. I'm in love with Naomi's legs and looks
3. I was not impressed by how Acid Betty disrespects past winners
4. I'm intrigued by Thorgy

After Episode 2 :
1. Kim Chi is super cute!!!
2. Naomi looks super hot!!!
4. This is by far the best performance I've ever seen on Drag Race. I literally could watch Bitch Perfect performance forever. I have been every day since the episode airs, multiple times a day.

After Episode 3 :
I don't even care about the episode anymore. I'm so obsessed with Thorgy I don't know what to do with myself.

This obsession has gotten me to the point where I extract videos frame by frame so that I can analyze them and OBSESS SOME MORE! Obviously Logo kicked me out saying that videos aren't viewable from my location (which is true) but I will find a way!

She is so weird! I fell in love with her style, her laugh, her voice, her attitude, her dreads, her legs and just her EVERYTHING! I've never seen a drag performer sporting long dreads off drag before and that alone really intrigued me. How do you navigate all those hairs when your job requires you to wear wigs most of the time? She plays the violin, like wtf! I mean it's super cool but it's a combination we hardly ever see together, a white dude with white people dreads who looks homeless but actually plays the violin and cello, who is also a drag performer. Wha...? Also! Transformation. Let's admit it, boy Thorgy has a unique face structure. He has a long face, big nose, big chin, big ears, and with hooded eyes! She's so white you can see blemishes and spots on her face. I don't do make-up but it seems like a challenging canvas to work on, unlike those fishy queens who already look like a girl before they even put on any make-up. Yet when he transforms into girl Thorgy, she's so charming, cute, with great body I couldn't stop looking at her! I'm so proud of her make-up revolution, because if you look back on her make-up from years ago, girl, it ain't cute.

I haven't been obsessing over anyone since last time with Lulu/HunHan sometime in 2013, I think. I'm so obsessed I couldn't sleep at night thinking about Thorgy. I stalked everywhere if it means I could see more pics of him/her that I haven't seen before. I was considering to buy a round trip ticket to Los Angeles in May to attend DragCon so that I can meet her! I was fantasizing about dropping everything I have right now, go to NYC and volunteer to be her personal assistant, she doesn't even need to pay me, even if I have to live on the streets! Seriously considering to start a new tumblr blog on Thorgy. Or join the fyeah team. Or something. I even thought of producing her merch here and send them out to her so she can sell something!!! I'm going insane! I want to meet her at one of her shows one day and rub her pregnant belly. What. Sorry I'm very drowsy right now from the lack of sleep last night THINKING OF THORGY.

Can't wait to see my baby on ep 4 tomorrow, woo!