12 February 2016 @ 01:04 pm
So much anger  
I really need to meditate or something. There has been so much anger in me this week.

First problem, 10th each month is my payday. That's not the problem. The problem is that my business trip allowance which was from freaking December last year, has not yet been transferred to me yet. WTF is this. My whole financial situation is bust because I was waiting for this money since 10th of January. When it wasn't there, I simply thought, oh, they must needed more time to process it or whatever so it must be next month, 10th of February. But NO. God I'm really pissed off now. I asked around to the people in head office, and accounting division said they never received my application which obviously means, no payment. GDI. There's this new person in the head office who didn't understand the flow, and she sent the application back to me instead of submitting it to accounting. Okay. I submitted it just yesterday which means I only will get paid sometime in the next two weeks. SO MUCH ANGER.

Second problem, the fiber optic internet + paytv service at home sucks major ass! Sucks as in, slow, lots of cut-offs, the paytv isn't even working for MONTHS now, THEY BLOCKED NETFLIX, and they raised the price! This is not making any sense. I called to the customer service but as usual they only apologized, giving me complaint number which does nothing at all, with no clear or immediate solution to my problems.

Third problem, I'm about to get a cold, lots of sneezes, my throat is sore and I had headache all day yesterday.

When I get stressed out about things, even if it's not about work, I often came up with the conclusion that I'm not happy here, that I need to move out and start a different life, instead of stuck with a job and place that I dislike.
Current Mood: sore