18 November 2015 @ 10:03 am
I went to see Spectre!  
And I didn't like it. I mainly went to see it because it's my movie night with my siblings, sometimes they come up with a movie they think we need to watch and then we go to the cinema to see it. I love going out with them since I don't have many chances like that. Especially, yesterday was a family dinner and movie. November 13 was my parents' anniversary and my sister thought it's a good idea to buy them flowers, ask them to dinner and movie. In the end I paid for everything but okay...

Anyway! Spectre. Man, maybe I'm just not a fan of Bond movies. The movie is very beautiful to look at, great cars, exciting cities and locations, but the plot is weak. I feel like they blow up things for the sake of showing how great of an action movie this is, without any significance in the plot.

The first 10 minutes in, I felt like I'm in hell. The story of fighting one person took forever! Also my sister said it's a Bond thing, but what the eff is with that long credit before the movie even started? I kept waiting for a plot to follow but this movie gives me... nothing. I felt nothing towards the characters (except maybe Q because he's cute and geeky), I felt like the sex scenes, the explosions, have not enough reason to happen. Also Lea Seydoux (?) is too young for Daniel Craig. Seriously. He could be her father.

I didn't like it and if there are more Bond movies in the future, maybe I should skip them as well.
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