03 March 2015 @ 06:00 pm
Drag Race is back!!  
Normally it starts airing in January but this year it has been pushed back to March. I've been waiting forever! I'm so excited!! This reality show is my biggest guilty pleasure ever.

I watched the teasers and interviews on youtube and also the first episode sans judging and elimination, and my early favorites are; Max, Violet, Katya, Pearl. When I was researching about season 7, I was super intrigued about Miss Fame and watched a bunch of videos of her. I found her very pretty and fascinating back then, but now, IDK her face is a bit boring and though androgynous and polished, but looks manly (probably because of the jawline) and basically the same face every time (especially after looking at so many photos and videos of hers). I mean unlike MY QUEEN Raja who could show up with distinctly different look/face every time.

I LOVE Max and Violet's Fall look! Dang, girl! Although Violet does come off like a cocky young queen from the first ep. Let's see if she's going to be annoying fast. LaGanja was my early favorite last season because she's pretty but boy she has insufferable personality.

I love how unusual Max is, she's pretty and polished, yet so pale and weird and unique and in her own world. Both as a boy and as a queen. We've seen 7 seasons worth of drag queens but she's nothing we've ever seen before so I'm really really intrigued. We just wonder what she'd do next and I couldn't take my eyes off of her. Also she's super tall. I have a thing for skinny tall people. Also, based on what people has been buzzing on the internet, she's one of the mysterious queens with no traces online, makes us wonder what more can she offer.

Aaaaah so excited! I'm getting the episodes today and will watch them tonight!

People are talking about how disappointed they are that Untucked was moved to YouTube and no longer airs on TV. To me personally, I don't watch the show on TV anyway so this makes no difference whatsoever. If it's on YouTube now then I just hope that they make the videos available for international viewers. Also, I'm not here for the dramas/catfights so if that's where they going for Untucked, I would not bother.
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