23 February 2015 @ 12:37 pm
I'm so tired (whine whine whine) - weekend log  
Feb 19th (Chinese New Year) was a national holiday here, and I took a day off on the 20th so that I could get a long(er) holiday/weekend. I went home in the morning on the 19th and that day I immediately did some re-organization of me and my brother's room because I've been feeling so inspired to clean after marathoning Compulsive Obsessive Cleaners on YouTube. I didn't clean EVERYTHING, but I managed to get rid of the clothes rack hanger that has been bothering me for a while. My mom insisted for us to have one in our room. It stood right in front of the window, the room lack of fresh air and sunlight because I couldn't open it. After some re-organization the room feels fresh and more spacious! I only need to buy some box-shaped shelf to help organize the stash of things left in corners of the room. I also managed to finish some of my swap-bot swaps that almost due.

On Feb 20th, though, I had a lot of things to do. With only 4 hours of sleep, I went with my sister to her office to drop her off, and then I headed straight to the post office. I dropped my letters and postcards, and then I went home. In the afternoon we were getting ready to go to Kota Kasablanka for dinner (it was also my father's birthday) and a concert that was actually an event from my office. I met Dhani and [personal profile] fe and finally took everyone in my family to the concert because we had some extra tickets. It was an AKB48 x JKT48 collaboration concert. Many would kill to be there but to be completely honest, it's not my cup of tea and if I wasn't told to come I wouldn't. However, they were really cute and it was fun to see. The concert was just a little too long for me. We ended up going home quite late that day and I was exhausted. However, I managed to submit my sets for [livejournal.com profile] inspired20in20 before the deadline and I'm pretty satisfied with it.

On the 21st, my sister went out for her guitar lesson with the car during the day. In the afternoon, we went out full team (again) to Ambassador Mall. My father needed to get his hard disk back which was being repaired there. My brother needed to find a black shirt and we each all has something that we're looking for there. We ate at GM and ended our course at Carrefour. Unfortunately I couldn't find the shelf/box that I was looking for there, but somehow I ended up with a new pair of shoes, a pair of work pants, shiny envelopes and cute stickers.

On the 22nd, I really didn't want to go anywhere but finally decided to accompany my parents to go to Cempaka Mas which is FAAARRR and UGH. I hate that place so much. If I could, I wouldn't want visit that place ever again. My mom is having trouble with her phone, and the closest place we can go to get it repaired is in ITC Cempaka Mas. It's far, it's crowded, dirty, messy, not comfortable at all. All the times I was there I kept worrying that someone would steal my purse or phone. We went to Carrefour there as well but again, the box is out of stock. The person said they haven't gotten more stock for that particular product but it doesn't mean that they've discontinued the production. I took a nap when we reached home. I felt so tired. In the night my dad drove me to my apartment as usual.

And today, the 23rd, I'm still feeling soooo tired! It was really really hard fighting the urge to just take a half day off to sleep more this morning. I'm proud with so many things that I achieved during the long holiday, but I really wish I had more time.
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