02 April 2014 @ 08:27 pm
Thoughts on RPDR so far  
Yesterday was the 6th episode with a rap challenge. I love rap, so I did enjoy the episode. I love their styles, I love the end result of the video, too. One thing I realized though, the map of people's favorites has changed and shifted after they saw how their favorites are doing on the show. Here's my thoughts on the contestants :

Milk - So yeah, I was one of those people who were SUPER excited about Milk because her boy self is so fine. Like, seriously. I also do think that every year we see different types and styles of drag and Milk is offering something different. I do think the philosophy behind Milk's quirky, weird, ugly look is interesting. When a person is pretty and praised for their beauty in real life on a daily basis, I figured that they'd want to create this alternate character for themselves that is not what they are in real life. Which, in Milk's case, is why she paint herself like that and make herself look... ugly. Unfortunately though, I don't see any interesting personality (it's rather boring), I don't see any extraordinary performances, I don't see any super polished and striking runway looks, either. Which, saddens me because I do want Milk to do better. But last episode (snatch game + dress up as Ru challenge) - I called it. She's going home next. I wish she'd shown the lace doll look she wore to the party on the runway.

Courtney Act - Courtney is GORGEOUS, everyone knows that. She's a contender everyone was excited to see. But after several episodes ... she's boring me. She's pretty, but I feel she is drowned in this sea of crazy and loud drag queens, both personalities and make-up. I hope she can do better next time, and that she'd stop wearing underwear/bikinis on the runway. It's a non-outfit and it's forgettable. Also - one of the qualities that we see in drag queens is how good they are at painting themselves. I feel like Courtney has ONE look: Courtney. Pretty, thin make-up, blonde hair. I mean if we see Raja, or Sharon Needles, they have the ability to paint themselves to look like a different person each episode.

Adore Delano - I was excited to see her because I was a fan of her back then when she was Danny Noriega the idol contestant. I didn't think she'd go this far, to be honest! I simply thought that as a baby in the drag world, she's not polished enough and she doesn't have the best taste in fashion. Anyway, I'm happy to see her doing well and that many RPDR fans are starting to like her.

Laganja Estranja - I've been following this bitch since her audition video! I just love her style and artistic. I had no idea that she'd be this insufferable on the show, lol. I do think her looks are great and she's very polished in terms of make-up skills. Anyway, I don't hate her as much as other people (on the internet) are.

Ben DelaCreme - hmm, I don't like her. She's very polished and good at most of the challenges, but her style is really old. Nothing says current and it's ... boring. I'm not a fan of her drag persona, either. And they way she's bragging about her winning and whining about not being picked for the winner group is just... annoying. As a boy he seems really sweet, though.

Darienne Lake - I don't like her. Plus she has no memorable look on the runway.

Bianca Del Rio - I LOVE HA. I mean, literally everyone is LIVING for Bianca Del Rio. Some people are convinced that she's the winner. She's very mature, witty, talented, good at ANY CHALLENGE THEY THREW AT HER. She's in a different league. I don't mind her eye make-up, it's her style. But I do agree with TLo that she needs to step up the runway look. They're great, but not particularly amazing.

Joslyn - on the first episode, I thought she's a filler who's going home anytime soon. I was wrong! She's doing great in challenges and she's very sweet, too.

Trinity - I'm not a fan of pageant looks so her dresses don't do anything for me, but her look last night was everything. She looked so good! I love the styling, I love the little painting (tattoo?) she drew on her face, how she mixed the color scheme of her look, everything. I'm not a fan of her personality, though. She can go home next.