25 February 2014 @ 07:48 pm
RPDR Season 6!  
Woo! Today was (half of) the premier of RPDR season 6!! I didn't watch meet the queens series because Logo blocked international access, but I've been excited about it. Especially knowing that Courtney Act will be on it, can't wait to see her next week. I saw Laganja and Adore since their audition video, and I've been curious on how they'd do in the competition. Turns out, Laganja is pretty annoying and Adore is just as not polished as I thought she would be. Seriously though, I know sewing is hard (I took sewing lessons in the past) but EVERYONE knows now that if you want to be in the competition, you will be expected to sew at one point or another so get it together!

I have to say I'm not a fan of splitting the premier into a half, I want to meet all the queens! Though it's probably better for us to remember the characters rather than meeting all 13 (14?) loud personalities at once. Anyway! April Carrion is C-U-T-E! She's also great on her runway. I mean, turning Duck Dynasty into that!? Ben De La Creme is like sunshine and I love her outfit on the runway, LaGanja is pretty and pretty good but annoying, Vivacious is crazy, I want to see more of what Adore have in store, and ... I didn't expect Kelly Mantle to go home so soon! I thought she'd do better (bacons!). Gia Gunns though, doesn't seem to be able to keep her mouth shut. But I like her, she has a unique face/style and her make-up skill is good.

Anyway, Courtney next week!!!!! People are buzzing about Milk so I'm curious about her as well. And Bianca seems wacky, aaah this season is full of great queens!
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