10 December 2013 @ 09:29 pm
The Little Things that Matters  
Oh God today was a mess. It started in the morning when I was rushing through everything trying to come to the office without being late like I almost always do when my phone rang. Goodness gracious, who the hell would be callin' when it's not even 8 in the morning?? Seriously, super early morning calls pisses me off. Plus I'm always cranky in the morning. I was ready to drop some serious temper if it was from the bank offering me loans or something but turned out it was ... STEFAN a.k.a the super annoying person from my Korean Language class. Oh my God I really wish he'd leave me alone! I told him that I skipped the last two classes because I was sick, and that there's no use of him trying to ask me what the lesson was last week. In the end of his call he said "I'll give you a lift again tonight after class" And I was like "yeah whatever." Actually he has a really nice car and he always pass by Thamrin street, and he has offered me a lift every time. I never know how to handle him. HE IS SUPER ANNOYING IN THE CLASS, NOT TO MENTION VERY SLOW. Bad humor taste, just. blergh. Oh and for the record, he's not hitting on me, he has a girlfriend. IDK, maybe he's just trying to be nice. Or make friends. Because he has none.

Anyway! I managed to get to the office without being late today, going through my newly discovered elevator which gives me a shortcut to the office building. Work though, blah. One of my colleagues was sick and took the day off. Which resulted in my work being doubled than usual! It was insane! I wasn't even finished with one task when my boss came with more. I thought I would have time to do some postcard-y stuff and prepares for my Korean class because I have skipped the last two classes. But NO. I didn't even had the time to have lunch. I ate bread on my desk while working. I was documenting some cards when my boss came and gave me more things to do. ON MY LUNCH BREAK. I could not reach the number my boss told me to call, the hotel reservation was for the wrong name, there were more articles to translate, everything was just WRONG. I was seriously on the verge of a breakdown.

In the middle of my frustration, I got a really cute message from a girl on postcrossing. She asked whether I was the owner of a blog (it was my old blog) because she was a fan. She was in middle school back then, and she loves to saves pages of my blog (!!!). Awww that was so sweet!! Back then I used to blog about life in Japan, and in the first phase I was much more cheerful and less depressed, and the blog was funny! Even if I read it again now I would still laugh (it's gone now along with the blogging platform though).

I rushed through my last translation task to get off work before I was late to my Korean class. I just couldn't skip another class! Next week is going to be the last week of our class, and we'll have a test on next Thursday. I made the call to get on Transjakarta instead of Kopaja as I usually do after looking at the crowded street and the non existence of Kopajas. Turned out, it was great. I used my flash card for the first time :D There's nothing to note about the ride itself. It was okay.

In the class I was really nervous. I was sure I'm going to have a lot of trouble following the lesson because I skipped the last not one but TWO classes in a row. Turned out, the sonsengnim was just as cheerful and funny as usual, and fortunately I could follow the lesson just fine. Phew. Going home, Ali wasn't there so I had to go home just alone with Stefan. Which. I wouldn't choose normally. And Gatot Subroto was jammed! Argh. Had I went home by bus, I would already be home instead of suffering the traffic jam with the annoying Stefan. Anyway I do think he is kind, actually, maybe. But ... still annoying.

On my way home, I saw a Putu seller walking away from the alley my boarding house is in. I hesitated, but Putu cakes are my favorite and it has been forever since I had them last time! So I changed my direction and chased him. I never chased anyone on the street before. I bought 10 cakes, ... just because I like them and I pity the seller if I buy too little. In the end I ate 4 of them and shared the rest for the guards. It felt good to do that.

I also! Got an Alice in The Wonderland postcard from Belarus \o/ I didn't expect anything to arrive so early so it was a nice surprise. It was the cute Chesire cat from the movie!
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