09 August 2013 @ 03:19 pm
My dad is in a fandom, he just doesn't know it  
Well we're having some relatives coming for Eid greetings. This annoys me because we're having an Eid party later tonight, we're working our hardest cleaning and setting up our house since early in the morning, WHY ARE YOU COMING NOW? CAN YOU NOT COME LATER?

Oh okay by the way, my dad, who is OBSESSED with Indonesian X-Factor winner started bragging about how Indonesia don't have a young notable female singer since Nike Ardilla, and that he's proud of this winner girl (I'm not even going to say her name, blargh). Man, WHO FUCKING CARES. He also bashed me for liking Korean things. What. This is a totally different thing. Besides, when my cousin in law said his daughter loves Korean drama, my dad immediately said "It's the same! She is too! Everything Korean!" *points at me*. EXCUSE ME, I'm only in SOME K-Pop fandoms and an observer of the K-Pop world in general. Never watched a Korean Movie/drama in my life.

Granted, I'm learning Korean, my phone and my laptop are Samsung, but it's not the same. Fandom is fandom, you're just too old to grasp the concept of fandom you don't even realize that you're in one. ALSO, STOP RUBBING YOUR FANDOM PREFERENCES TO OTHER PEOPLE'S FACES. My dad is crazy! He listens to this girl's live performance all the time all day with loud volume, talks about her ALL THE TIME, searches videos and interviews of her on youtube and watches it over and over again, he's driving us NUTS. It is okay to be obsessed with things you love but PLEASE, don't drag us in this and stop rubbing it on our faces. We get it, you like her. We don't.
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