22 April 2013 @ 02:32 pm
Broken Laptop, New Unwanted Laptop  
After dreading it for a while, I decided to post my [livejournal.com profile] inspired20in20 batch as it was, I didn't do any major changes since the last time I edit them. I'm not super satisfied and proud of them but hey, I finished the challenge and I managed to stick with the theme (and the commitment to finish it on time). Now I shall work on other projects.

Yesterday before I left the house my mom asked me to buy her a book, so while I was in the mall I visited a bookstore and .... I found this magazine.

It's EXO! I can't not buy this!?!? It has EXO-K on the front cover and EXO-M on the back (Luhan <3). I know it's a really cheap looking magazine with pics probably stolen from the internet but ... it's EXO, lol. Not for me though, I don't need magazines. I gave it to Mrs. Noor this morning for her daughter who loves Baekhyun so much. I hope she likes it :3

Now rewind til yesterday afternoon when I was trying to print out a document, I accidentally broke my laptop. It is very old, I bought in 2005 (and was a 2004 product, I think). It was the first expensive posession I've ever bought with my own money.

Since I can not internet from my office computer (I know, crazy), I've been taking this laptop to the office on Monday, and leave it there til I bring it back home on Friday. Bringing around to the office and back home is such hassle, which was why I was thinking to just leave it at the office forever, and save money to buy a new, awesome desktop for convenient internet time at my parents' home. I did upgrade my internet service package to a faster one, I have to make use of it!

But then ... every plan seems to be falling apart.

Especially yesterday when my laptop stopped working. It just won't load and when it does, it keeps showing me this blue page of doom, and with blinking black stripes!

It was a mess, I tried to restore past setting but it doesn't help. I tried to let it cool down for a moment then restart again, but nothing worked! I was panicking. I can't imagine to live my next week at the office without internet. What if my boss ask me to find out about things?! So there I went to Ambassador Mall and purchased a cheap ASUS laptop. I can't even ... Later on waiting for the person setting it up (which takes forever), I had a lot going on in my mind. I wonder if this is the right decision, or is it better if I just try to repair my old laptop somewhere.

I really, really want to save for a new computer but I really don't know when I can finally buy one with all these purchases I did recently (T____T).

ps. these butter cookies are soooo good!

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