21 February 2013 @ 08:18 pm
Thoughts on RPDR S5  

Man, this show is still the best guilty pleasure tv show ever. I always start watching a season thinking, this season might suck. Because past seasons have shown us so many talents and different drags, I feel like we've seen it all, and ALL reality TV shows have their ups and downs, with bad seasons lacking either talent or personality or both.

This season, supposed to be just another season to me. I'm not going to let myself over-invested in any of the queens like I did in the past.

Turns out, RPDR is still one of my favorite TV shows ever. It never fails to amuse me. The challenges are always fresh and funny, and the pep talks about the struggles are always touching. I love looking at different styles that are being shown on the stage.

Now on to my reviews of the queens :

Ivy Winters
I have to talk about her first because OMG she is just awesome. I love creative and artistic queens, they are so inspiring. Ivy is super pretty and boy Ivy is super cute. I can't see her going far in the competition for lack of personality, but I do love love her style and creativity.

Alyssa Edwards
I like Alyssa. She's very polished and she BRINGS it.

Jade Jolie
I don't really care about dramas, I like Jade. Jade seems sweet, I like her style and her voice, lol.

I LOVE ALASKA. At first I underestimated her, because of ... Sharon. I thought, there's a reason why Ru hasn't letting her in no matter how many times she auditioned. She's just not there yet, not polished enough, or something. There must be a reason. She had big shoes to fill after Sharon's win, being in the same drag sphere and all. BUT TURNS OUT! She's funny, she's original, she's a good entertainer, she just doesn't care, lol. I love Alaska. I don't care what other people are saying.

Roxxxy Andrews
I love her at first, I love when she was defending her make-up dress "because I put on my make-up in it, bitch you can't take me!". It was funny and she seemed fun. But lately she somehow got the annoying edit.

Detox Icunt
Okay this is a character I can't like. I just can't, IDK. I know she's WeHo girl and she's close with my girl Raja, and she's polished and all, but ... I just can't like her.

Lineysha Sparks
She's pretty, but she got major languange barrier issue and I think she's even worse than other Puerto Rican queens who had language barrier problems in past seasons.

Coco Montrese
I like her in the second episode. That untucked was entertaining as hell I could watch it over and over. Other than that, I don't really like her.

Jinkx Monsoon
How could I forgot about Jinkx, I LOVE JINKX. She seems super sweet, almost too sweet for this competition. I love listening to her talk, I like her voice. She's an awesome entertainer, and she dares to show different styles on stage. I hope she goes far in this competition.


Vivienne Pinay : All she really cares about is being pretty and being the fishiest. She's pretty, but meh.
Honey Mahogany : I actually like her. She's pretty, but can't disagree with Ru's decision, she's bland.
Monica Beverly Hillz : The episode where she confessed that she's a transgendered woman touched me. I actually like her style, but she's just not bringing it in the challenges.
Serena Cha Cha : Super annoying. She has the worst taste ever.
Penny Tration : Man, I'm still pissed over the fact that she is chosen instead of Adore Delano. I don't care about how long you've been doing this, Adore would've brought us much more entertainment.
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