26 July 2012 @ 08:49 pm
Update on Things and Stuff  
Haven't been feeling very well lately, still hating my job, still dealing with crazy traffic every day. One thing that got me excited a couple of days back was this!


The teaser shows 12 contestants in black light, leaving fans with their curiosity of who could those contestants be. Though, some are very obvious? Like Latrice and Pandora, anyone could call it out immediately. Anyways, I'm excited for all stars season! Here's hoping it doesn't suck!

On a totally unrelated news, my office had decided that it is no longer safe to let anyone working here having access to any web-based mail. So they blocked it since yesterday. They sent an announcement email about a week ago, and my reaction back then was a 'NOOOOOOOOO'. But then I opened gmail and there were no problem at all, my computer could access it as usual. I took it for granted that the office is not going to seriously block the sites; they'd just give out warnings and that we are obedient people who would say 'hereby I pledge that I would not access web based mail as long as I am in this office'. Well sucks. The bad thing is; I can not check my mail. There are some side jobs I'm doing and the best way of communicating with the other party is through web based mail, since talking on the phone would be too obvious. I also use it to chat with people, either inside or outside this building. Now I can no longer communicate to the outside world during office hours, frustrating!

The good news is; that they didn't block other sites. I still can freely access livejournal, dreamwidth, twitter, hootsuite, google, news sites, or even facebook. If they block everything, I'd gone crazy. Or I might will have to bring some craft equipments to the office for time killing on my free time there. The other good news is it kinda is a therapy for my internet-addict ass. I'll be happily checking my email when I got home instead of refreshing the same page every 15 seconds. Yes, I have a very short attention span. If I get really curious or in any case of an emergency, I can always access my mail from my phone.

I think the blocking will last forever and is not really a big deal. Other offices have it worse. I was already prepared when I get into this building, as it is a foreign government's working place in a developing country.
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