13 May 2012 @ 10:48 pm
{005} Raja  

Welcome to this section of my blog where I obsessed over drag queens and androgynous male models. (I'm trying to keep up with this 100 things, I really really do.)

Now where do I begin?

I already wrote a little in my previous 100 things entry about my encounter with Raja, and now I'm going to elaborate on why I think Raja (Sutan) is awesome.

Though I'm not in any of them, I do love the world of fashion and modelling. When I was younger, I always pay attention to local modelling competitions and mimic how models pose on girl magazines. It just always fascinates me. However, I didn't get into America's Next Top Model until its eleventh season in 2008. At that point Sutan was working as a make-up artist for the show. From the name only I've been curious about whether this person is an Indonesian descent. It's just exciting when you find out that someone from your home country is on mainstream American television.

Even when I only got glimpses of him during the show, it still shows how talented, fun, and artistic he is. I remember in one of the bonus clips, he was hanging out with the models and then he started sketching Sheena and his drawing - that was done in such a short time - was awesome.

Jumps to 2009, he works for his longtime LA friend Adam Lambert and went on tour with him. He was absent from the tour for about two months and I don't know where the fans got the news, but it spread around the fandom that he was shooting for the next season of RuPaul's Drag Race. Exciting! When I met him in October 2011, he told me to check out the casts of RPDR that they were going to announce in November.

Turns out, he is on the show! I was so excited for him and I went as far as creating a fansite of him on tumblr. As I was watching the show and looking for old photos to post on the tumblr, I learned more about him.

Raja means 'king' in Indonesian. I think it's clever how Sutan chooses that word for his drag name instead of the word for 'queen' (Ratu). The word Raja has a better sounding to it and also shows the genderfuck concept in Sutan's drag. Sutan has been doing drag since his teens, the combination of experience and talent made him an extraordinary both drag queen and make-up artist.

RuPaul's Drag Race has been showing different range in styles of Drag, and Raja sets up the bar as a high fashion queen on the show, with bold fashion choices and styling. Raja is 190cm tall, she's an awesome model and a fierce walker!

*pictures to be added, I just need to get this posted first.
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