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2016-04-19 03:23 pm
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My Baby Got Sent Home...

Me before today : OMG DRAG RACE, YES! Is there no one around me who watches the show, seriously? It's the best show ever! I could talk about the show forever!

Me after today : Please do not even think to mention Drag Race when I'm in your presence.

Wow. I don't even know where to start or what to say. My heart is breaking.

I'm trying to justify what happened. Like, Acid is super talented and she went home for one flub. So, it is very likely that the same thing could happen to anyone else. Even Thorgy. Especially Thorgy. We all witnessed how she has been good but not good enough all season. She's been in the top but has never won any challenges, her style/aesthetic is somewhat questionable, so.... yeah! She could be eliminated at anytime! Even for challenges she had confidence in!

When something big happened to my fandom (which is my life, tbh), I always feel this gut-wrenching feeling, mixed emotions that I can't put into words. There's sadness, disappointment, worry that Thorgy is not going to do better than her sisters in the future, and maybe there's a little relieved feeling as well that I no longer have to worry about the possibility of her being eliminated in the next episodes.

Thorgy is AMAZING. She has the personality, the attitude, the positivity that makes people loves her. However I'm a little worried about how she's going to put herself out there after the show. You need to make a brand for yourself. She's not a social media queen, it took her forever to set up her website and merch, etc. Your fifteen minutes, girl, it's running out soon. She got a lot of ideas but honestly we need to see execution and she's just not the best at it.

Anyway Thorgy is traveling a lot and doing great gigs, so I'm happy for her, so proud of her, I want to meet her someday, and I wish her nothing but the best.

P.S. I'm still not watching tonight's episode. I'll be back for the reunion.
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2016-04-14 12:48 pm
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RPDR Ep. 6

This is seriously getting frustrating. I think the girls are a group of very talented people with interesting personalities but... they are lacking in the looks department. I bet y'all miss Acid Betty now. Sure, we still got Kim Chi the goddess of visual but one Kim Chi is not enough to make the whole ensemble amazing.

This is season 8 and this is the second episode you have let the audience down. You were given amazing themes, Madonna??? Wizard of Oz Couture????? Those themes have endless possibilities and so much potential but the audience are left speechless (not in a good way) with what was presented on stage. Granted, there are factors like shitty materials provided by the production and time constraints to create two looks for yourself and for your little lady but come the fuck on. This is really getting frustrating. The looks are frustrating, Thorgy keeps on being safe is frustrating. She's good, but she's not good enough to win something on the show so far is what really, really frustrates all Thorgy fans. Like, not even the music challenge that she excels in, not even one mini challenge.

And yea, the Ozians aka citizens of Emerald city is not the most interesting out of all the other character inspirations from The Wizard of Oz, but you could've taken it much further! Think about the citizens of the Capitol from The Hunger Games, how extravagant, how big their costumes are, how vibrant in color and how crazy their make-up looks. Think couture! I so can see it! I mean something like THAT would blow the judges away.

Overall, I'm so frustrated and disappointed that I couldn't bring myself to watch this week's Untucked.

Anyway! Congrats on my baby Naomi!! So proud of her and happy for her. Her look was great! And the scarecrow theme fit her so well.
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2016-04-08 04:54 pm
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RPDR Ep. 5 : The Night of 100 Madonnas

... That title is really too big for the episode! It's one of the reasons why everyone, literally EVERYONE in the audience was severely underwhelmed and disappointed by the runway presentation!

This episode is probably the one I like the least of all the others that have aired. I mean, acting challenges and snatch game are always painful and cringe-worthy to watch, but sometimes the fun, super-cool runway looks make up for it. This time, wow. I mean, yeah. I'm not as mad as Raja about this but very, very underwhelmed for sure.

It's 'Night of 100 Madonnas', but you only have 8 queens, 4 of which wears Kimono and the other 4's looks aren't that interesting either. If the producers want to make this work, get each queen prepare 2 looks of Madonna (there are hundreds to choose from, c'mon), and they are not allowed to overlap the same theme with other queens, deal?? Now that, would be Night of 100 Madonnas. This episode was just meh. The Kimono era Madonna was stunning, but really, we would love to see other looks, MORE ICONIC LOOKS, PLEASE. Also the guest judges were BORING especially Chanel Iman. I don't care who you are or how good you look, this is a drag queen show, I want wits, puns, funny banters!

I think Thorgy should've done Frozen look, because WHY NOT. She can utilize her bun, since the look includes a bun. A silky, flowy black gown/skirt would look amazing on the runway! Add accessories and fake hena (what? people are going to accuse everyone of cultural appropriation now?), and it would look great! Pale make-up and long black hair. I could see it! I know Thorgy prefers colorful clown-ish looks but yea, why not.

Here's hoping next episode would be more interesting than this one.
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2016-03-30 08:03 pm
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RPDR Ep. 4

I enjoyed this season so much I always end up wanting MORE. Why are the episodes so short? Why are the runways so rushed? Why can't we get to know more of the queens, why why why. I really don't mind watching longer Untuckeds. Or the main episodes.

Yesterday, I went home feeling really down about my work. I have disliked my job for a while now, and every time something bad happens at work it just triggers me to hate EVERYTHING ABOUT MY LIFE. I don't know if I could last any longer. My point is, my boss totally ruined my Drag Race Day Mood! Oh how I hate him :) I went home and turned on Drag Race, and immediately hooked. This show makes me laugh, makes me so happy and just lifts my mood no matter how bad the day was.

I need to watch it repeatedly to be able to talk about the whole thing but overall this episode was cute. The New York girls love/hate relationship was cute, the easily distracted child Thorgy Thor was cute, even the way Acid Betty warms up to everyone in Untucked was cute! Everything was cute and warm! I love Chi Chi's mom's message and how all the girls know that her mom was the only one supporting her back home, I love how Naysha gave Chi Chi some of her outfits, I love Michelle's speech. I live for neon colors so I love love love the theme. I think Naysha's outfit was gorgeous.

ANYWAY, THORGY. Newfound facts : she's a lefty! She's a perfectionist! She's neurotic about music presentation because of her background! I LOVE her performance outfit and energy. I'm not crazy about the runway look. I sensed that she's trying to be different because last week Carson mentioned that her look was not the most inventive. I see it as she was trying to break out of her shell by presenting something different, she took a chance but the judges wasn't feeling it. Bob, Betty and Thorgy memorizing the words of the lipsync song was sweet. I seriously want to obsess more but I need to watch it again in good quality and my internet connection is not agreeing with me.
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2016-03-28 08:58 pm
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I'm officially obsessed

I don't even know where to start! Okay, first of all, before it all starts I was researching on the S8 queens and my initial thoughts were :
1. Bright colors and unusual style? Acid Betty is my girl!
2. Laila McQueen is very pretty and might be the the dark horse of this season (though she wasn't very interesting in the Meet The Queens video)
3. Kim Chi is cute
4. Robbie Turner and Cynthia Lee seem like they're very nice persons

However, after episode 1 :
1. I found Kim Chi super super adorable and lovable
2. I'm in love with Naomi's legs and looks
3. I was not impressed by how Acid Betty disrespects past winners
4. I'm intrigued by Thorgy

After Episode 2 :
1. Kim Chi is super cute!!!
2. Naomi looks super hot!!!
4. This is by far the best performance I've ever seen on Drag Race. I literally could watch Bitch Perfect performance forever. I have been every day since the episode airs, multiple times a day.

After Episode 3 :
I don't even care about the episode anymore. I'm so obsessed with Thorgy I don't know what to do with myself.

This obsession has gotten me to the point where I extract videos frame by frame so that I can analyze them and OBSESS SOME MORE! Obviously Logo kicked me out saying that videos aren't viewable from my location (which is true) but I will find a way!

She is so weird! I fell in love with her style, her laugh, her voice, her attitude, her dreads, her legs and just her EVERYTHING! I've never seen a drag performer sporting long dreads off drag before and that alone really intrigued me. How do you navigate all those hairs when your job requires you to wear wigs most of the time? She plays the violin, like wtf! I mean it's super cool but it's a combination we hardly ever see together, a white dude with white people dreads who looks homeless but actually plays the violin and cello, who is also a drag performer. Wha...? Also! Transformation. Let's admit it, boy Thorgy has a unique face structure. He has a long face, big nose, big chin, big ears, and with hooded eyes! She's so white you can see blemishes and spots on her face. I don't do make-up but it seems like a challenging canvas to work on, unlike those fishy queens who already look like a girl before they even put on any make-up. Yet when he transforms into girl Thorgy, she's so charming, cute, with great body I couldn't stop looking at her! I'm so proud of her make-up revolution, because if you look back on her make-up from years ago, girl, it ain't cute.

I haven't been obsessing over anyone since last time with Lulu/HunHan sometime in 2013, I think. I'm so obsessed I couldn't sleep at night thinking about Thorgy. I stalked everywhere if it means I could see more pics of him/her that I haven't seen before. I was considering to buy a round trip ticket to Los Angeles in May to attend DragCon so that I can meet her! I was fantasizing about dropping everything I have right now, go to NYC and volunteer to be her personal assistant, she doesn't even need to pay me, even if I have to live on the streets! Seriously considering to start a new tumblr blog on Thorgy. Or join the fyeah team. Or something. I even thought of producing her merch here and send them out to her so she can sell something!!! I'm going insane! I want to meet her at one of her shows one day and rub her pregnant belly. What. Sorry I'm very drowsy right now from the lack of sleep last night THINKING OF THORGY.

Can't wait to see my baby on ep 4 tomorrow, woo!
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2016-03-09 12:02 am
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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8!!!

It finally has started!!!! Yaaaayyy. I really really like how they upscale everything this season. Starting from how they mentioned several times that it's going to include the 100th episode and the 100th queen, how they purposely delay the premier to give chance for the audience to know the queens better and more time for them to promote and hype the season, and more importantly to align the finale episode with this year's RuPaul's Drag Con!!!!!!!!! Exclamation point!!

I was so happy that I was at home by the time the first episode drops, because better internet connection! I don't have to wait to get home to watch!

Let's comment on the queens!

Dax - I like her style. I think her personality is not so loud and that is why we don't see much of her in the interviews of the first episode. But anyway, she's not conventional drag. I love how she brought cosplay element into the competition, but I'm afraid that she's not strong enough to come up with different things later on.

Acid Betty - was my early favorite. I'm attracted to shapes and colors, and I love her aesthetic. I agree that drag has a wide spectrum and not everyone has to look the same. Even though I have to admit, as someone on ontd said, that her face is a little scary. And one more thing, I don't like bitchy queen, so when Kim Chi and Derrick said she's kind of insufferable to travel with in one of the interviews, I was wary of her. I was trying to be ready of her being bitchy the whole show. And one that strikes me from the first episode was when she mentioned that sitting with "these wannabe queens" does not intimidate her a bit. Um, girl, those girls were winners for a reason. They went through judgment and finished the competition that you're in. How could you not be respectful of the queens Ru crowned in the past? I know editing plays a factor in this, but I do think for her to say that purposely on camera is conceited, disrespectful to the past winners, the competition, and Ru herself. Anyway, I she's a seasoned queen who knows what she's doing, we'll see what she'll bring to the table in future episodes (other than bitchiness).

Kim Chi - EVERYONE online was rooting for her and my gut was trying to tell me to distance myself from the mainstream - the one with the more fans. Superfans could get annoying fast and often than not I would hate the persona they idolize as well. Also after I heard that she's from the same house (or whatever) as Trixie Mattel, I rolled my eyes. I'm so over that kind of crazy make-up. HOWEVER. Kim Chi is too sweet! She's super adorable and talented. I fell in love with her since the Meet The Queen video. And in the first episode, she was just as adorable. Love her. I hope she wins and she'll be able to prove to her family that she excels in this and this is what she's born to do.

Thorgy Thor - I like me some Thorgy Thor! I love her. I think her energy is positive and fun, I haven't seen her putting anyone down in a negative way, I think she's smart and I can't wait to see more from her!

Naomi Smalls - I didn't like her, initially. When I saw the Meet The Queen video of hers, I thought she's just another body queen. Also her hair and make-up wasn't good there. After the first episode, I like her! She's gorgeous. I hope she doesn't rely on that body in every episode though. She's very young and I'm sure she'll grow up to be a great queen, fashion or otherwise.

Derrick Barry - This one, I'm super skeptical about. Duh, we all know you're a Britney impersonator, so? I mean she's kinda famous but I hope that doesn't go over her head and makes her feel like she's untouchable. I agree with Bob completely. If you're a good make-up artist, you would be able to not be Britney all the time, no matter how similar your face is with her. The problem is, you've been Britney your whole career and you've never step out of that comfort zone. From her attitude during Untucked, I don't think she'll change that about herself. I'm not even sure if she has wigs that is not blond and not look like Britney. I know Ru mentioned that she wants to see more Britney, and I sense that Derrick's going to hold on to that and use it as an excuse every time. Every. Time.

Robbie Turner - I think I liked her in the Meet The Queen video, but not anymore after the first episode. She's all talk and got nothing to show. 'I forgot to pick a theme for myself'? 'There's nothing I could work on'? 'It was just series of unfortunate events'? That all sound exactly just like what they are : excuses. Girl, you got the opportunity to pick the best theme for yourself and you missed it. You looked just like the dog shit your brought on stage. Your personality just as shitty. Bye.

Cynthia Lee Fountaine - I mean, she never stops talking. I don't like her. She seemed sweet, but I really really had enough of her mentioning her coocoos.

Naysha Lopez - Gurl. Even if you don't know how to sew which is unforgivable, mentioning it as an excuse on stage to the judges was stupid. Don't rely on your face, girl. From what she wears when she walked into the work room for the first time, I'm not sure she has the right taste, either. Bye.

Laila McQueen - Initially, I liked Laila because she looked gorgeous in the promo shoot. But after watching her in Meet The Queen video ooh girl, no personality, no charisma, I feel nothing special coming off of her. I don't think the style is that strong, either. I was pretty sure that she's one of the filler queens, but okay.

Chi Chi Devayne - is also one of the filler queens, I think. She's like the Dida Ritz of the season. The trash bag couture was nagl. Enh.

Bob The Drag Queen - I'm not crazy about her like some people, but I like her. I'm not that annoyed (yet) with her being loud, I like her personality. Make-up wise though, I just don't think she's polished enough. Let's see how she performs!

GOD I can't believe we have to wait another week to get the next episode, we waited for this seson forever! I wished this was like Netflix, where they release the whole season at a time so we can binge watch it. This is torture! But I'm excited to follow these queens' journey through the competition.
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2015-03-03 06:00 pm
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Drag Race is back!!

Normally it starts airing in January but this year it has been pushed back to March. I've been waiting forever! I'm so excited!! This reality show is my biggest guilty pleasure ever.

I watched the teasers and interviews on youtube and also the first episode sans judging and elimination, and my early favorites are; Max, Violet, Katya, Pearl. When I was researching about season 7, I was super intrigued about Miss Fame and watched a bunch of videos of her. I found her very pretty and fascinating back then, but now, IDK her face is a bit boring and though androgynous and polished, but looks manly (probably because of the jawline) and basically the same face every time (especially after looking at so many photos and videos of hers). I mean unlike MY QUEEN Raja who could show up with distinctly different look/face every time.

I LOVE Max and Violet's Fall look! Dang, girl! Although Violet does come off like a cocky young queen from the first ep. Let's see if she's going to be annoying fast. LaGanja was my early favorite last season because she's pretty but boy she has insufferable personality.

I love how unusual Max is, she's pretty and polished, yet so pale and weird and unique and in her own world. Both as a boy and as a queen. We've seen 7 seasons worth of drag queens but she's nothing we've ever seen before so I'm really really intrigued. We just wonder what she'd do next and I couldn't take my eyes off of her. Also she's super tall. I have a thing for skinny tall people. Also, based on what people has been buzzing on the internet, she's one of the mysterious queens with no traces online, makes us wonder what more can she offer.

Aaaaah so excited! I'm getting the episodes today and will watch them tonight!

People are talking about how disappointed they are that Untucked was moved to YouTube and no longer airs on TV. To me personally, I don't watch the show on TV anyway so this makes no difference whatsoever. If it's on YouTube now then I just hope that they make the videos available for international viewers. Also, I'm not here for the dramas/catfights so if that's where they going for Untucked, I would not bother.
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2014-04-02 08:27 pm
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Thoughts on RPDR so far

Yesterday was the 6th episode with a rap challenge. I love rap, so I did enjoy the episode. I love their styles, I love the end result of the video, too. One thing I realized though, the map of people's favorites has changed and shifted after they saw how their favorites are doing on the show. Here's my thoughts on the contestants :

Milk - So yeah, I was one of those people who were SUPER excited about Milk because her boy self is so fine. Like, seriously. I also do think that every year we see different types and styles of drag and Milk is offering something different. I do think the philosophy behind Milk's quirky, weird, ugly look is interesting. When a person is pretty and praised for their beauty in real life on a daily basis, I figured that they'd want to create this alternate character for themselves that is not what they are in real life. Which, in Milk's case, is why she paint herself like that and make herself look... ugly. Unfortunately though, I don't see any interesting personality (it's rather boring), I don't see any extraordinary performances, I don't see any super polished and striking runway looks, either. Which, saddens me because I do want Milk to do better. But last episode (snatch game + dress up as Ru challenge) - I called it. She's going home next. I wish she'd shown the lace doll look she wore to the party on the runway.

Courtney Act - Courtney is GORGEOUS, everyone knows that. She's a contender everyone was excited to see. But after several episodes ... she's boring me. She's pretty, but I feel she is drowned in this sea of crazy and loud drag queens, both personalities and make-up. I hope she can do better next time, and that she'd stop wearing underwear/bikinis on the runway. It's a non-outfit and it's forgettable. Also - one of the qualities that we see in drag queens is how good they are at painting themselves. I feel like Courtney has ONE look: Courtney. Pretty, thin make-up, blonde hair. I mean if we see Raja, or Sharon Needles, they have the ability to paint themselves to look like a different person each episode.

Adore Delano - I was excited to see her because I was a fan of her back then when she was Danny Noriega the idol contestant. I didn't think she'd go this far, to be honest! I simply thought that as a baby in the drag world, she's not polished enough and she doesn't have the best taste in fashion. Anyway, I'm happy to see her doing well and that many RPDR fans are starting to like her.

Laganja Estranja - I've been following this bitch since her audition video! I just love her style and artistic. I had no idea that she'd be this insufferable on the show, lol. I do think her looks are great and she's very polished in terms of make-up skills. Anyway, I don't hate her as much as other people (on the internet) are.

Ben DelaCreme - hmm, I don't like her. She's very polished and good at most of the challenges, but her style is really old. Nothing says current and it's ... boring. I'm not a fan of her drag persona, either. And they way she's bragging about her winning and whining about not being picked for the winner group is just... annoying. As a boy he seems really sweet, though.

Darienne Lake - I don't like her. Plus she has no memorable look on the runway.

Bianca Del Rio - I LOVE HA. I mean, literally everyone is LIVING for Bianca Del Rio. Some people are convinced that she's the winner. She's very mature, witty, talented, good at ANY CHALLENGE THEY THREW AT HER. She's in a different league. I don't mind her eye make-up, it's her style. But I do agree with TLo that she needs to step up the runway look. They're great, but not particularly amazing.

Joslyn - on the first episode, I thought she's a filler who's going home anytime soon. I was wrong! She's doing great in challenges and she's very sweet, too.

Trinity - I'm not a fan of pageant looks so her dresses don't do anything for me, but her look last night was everything. She looked so good! I love the styling, I love the little painting (tattoo?) she drew on her face, how she mixed the color scheme of her look, everything. I'm not a fan of her personality, though. She can go home next.
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2014-02-25 07:48 pm
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RPDR Season 6!

Woo! Today was (half of) the premier of RPDR season 6!! I didn't watch meet the queens series because Logo blocked international access, but I've been excited about it. Especially knowing that Courtney Act will be on it, can't wait to see her next week. I saw Laganja and Adore since their audition video, and I've been curious on how they'd do in the competition. Turns out, Laganja is pretty annoying and Adore is just as not polished as I thought she would be. Seriously though, I know sewing is hard (I took sewing lessons in the past) but EVERYONE knows now that if you want to be in the competition, you will be expected to sew at one point or another so get it together!

I have to say I'm not a fan of splitting the premier into a half, I want to meet all the queens! Though it's probably better for us to remember the characters rather than meeting all 13 (14?) loud personalities at once. Anyway! April Carrion is C-U-T-E! She's also great on her runway. I mean, turning Duck Dynasty into that!? Ben De La Creme is like sunshine and I love her outfit on the runway, LaGanja is pretty and pretty good but annoying, Vivacious is crazy, I want to see more of what Adore have in store, and ... I didn't expect Kelly Mantle to go home so soon! I thought she'd do better (bacons!). Gia Gunns though, doesn't seem to be able to keep her mouth shut. But I like her, she has a unique face/style and her make-up skill is good.

Anyway, Courtney next week!!!!! People are buzzing about Milk so I'm curious about her as well. And Bianca seems wacky, aaah this season is full of great queens!
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2013-02-21 08:18 pm
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Thoughts on RPDR S5

Man, this show is still the best guilty pleasure tv show ever. I always start watching a season thinking, this season might suck. Because past seasons have shown us so many talents and different drags, I feel like we've seen it all, and ALL reality TV shows have their ups and downs, with bad seasons lacking either talent or personality or both.

This season, supposed to be just another season to me. I'm not going to let myself over-invested in any of the queens like I did in the past.

Turns out, RPDR is still one of my favorite TV shows ever. It never fails to amuse me. The challenges are always fresh and funny, and the pep talks about the struggles are always touching. I love looking at different styles that are being shown on the stage.

I love everyone! Just like Dida Ritz does. )
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2012-07-26 08:49 pm

Update on Things and Stuff

Haven't been feeling very well lately, still hating my job, still dealing with crazy traffic every day. One thing that got me excited a couple of days back was this!


The teaser shows 12 contestants in black light, leaving fans with their curiosity of who could those contestants be. Though, some are very obvious? Like Latrice and Pandora, anyone could call it out immediately. Anyways, I'm excited for all stars season! Here's hoping it doesn't suck!

on a totally unrelated news ... )
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2012-05-13 10:48 pm

{005} Raja

Welcome to this section of my blog where I obsessed over drag queens and androgynous male models. (I'm trying to keep up with this 100 things, I really really do.)

Under the cut! )
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2012-05-06 02:40 am

Reality TV Returns

Specifically I'm going to talk about Adore Delano who is American Idol Season 7 Danny Noriega's alter ego, and Fanny Pak on America's Best Dance Crew.

this way please )
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2012-05-05 08:17 am
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Thoughts on RPDR Reunion Show

*takes a deep breath

Okay, here are my thoughts on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 4 Reunited episode. Given the nature of the show the past seasons, this time they are doing it the unconventional way. Ru stated that it was to prevent the name of the winner to leak before the show ends, but of course, behind it there's also a marketing strategy to get more views and ratings (and it worked).

The show starts and it felt weird to see RPDR in front of a live audience. Usually drag queens perform in small, dark nightclubs, so it's like taking something underground to the mainstream (if it isn't there already). There was also a proud feeling inside of me knowing how this show was when it first started in 2009, and how far it has grown. The opening number was cute, simple but neat, and I love how they arrange the top three to wear gold and the rest of the contestants in black. Since I did a review on all the queens in my first ever Season 4 post of RPDR, let me go back and review everyone again now.

more and also pics under the cut! )
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2012-05-03 02:14 pm

{004} RuPaul's Drag Race

Okay initially I wanted to write about this only after I explained my obsession towards other reality tv shows and or gay culture in general just so it makes more sense, but now I just really have to talk about this. This is going to be a more personal blog entry compared to other inspiration posts I've done.

RuPaul's Drag Race is a reality tv show in which American famous drag performer RuPaul is searching for the next drag superstar. Simply put, it's just another reality tv show, but with drag queens, of course, complete with sequins and high heels, sass and wits, make-up and wigs, and more.

It's a fun, silly, campy show created to mock reality tv show platform, but what makes this inspirational for me is how they show the side of drag that we(I)'ve never seen before; the creative process, the art of drag. I will have to be honest here, in this religious country I live in, LGBT related issues are still a very sensitive topic to talk about. Needless to say, there is no such thing as drag or gay culture. Guys who dress as girls are considered shemales no matter how they identify themselves (there are not a lot of terms to choose from like crossdresser, drag queen, transsexual). I'm not sure what word would be appropriate to use as a translation as the word in Indonesian is often used in a condesending way, and we don't have a lot of vocabulary on that topic. The image of a tranny here is very, can I say VERY, negative. Like, most of them are cheap prostitutes who stand on their spot in the night waiting to be picked up. And most are doing 'street entertainment' during the day asking for money from people in the cars that stopped by the traffic light. And when I say 'street entertainment' it's definitely not the good kind. There are though, a very few noted drag performers on mainstream television.

shantay you stay )
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2012-04-29 10:08 am

Apparently I'm not done ranting yet

Ugh, the more days came passed by, the more articles I read about the finale, the more I'm enraged about the whole finale fiasco. Like, WHAT IS THE ESSENCE of a reality TV show? It's to get a deserving winner out of the competition, no matter how scripted and how rigged the show is. I read the post from EW on ONTD, which gave us the secrets from the reunion episode filming. The one that annoyed me the most is that they actually filmed the crowning scene THREE TIMES, one win for each finalist. WTF? So the finalists had to fake a win and two loses each. *smh*

By the time the reunion episode is filmed, it's already more than 6 months from the original season filming. MORE THAN SIX FUCKING MONTHS. The contestants are no longer in the heat of the competition and the crowning scene will be as dull as it could ever be. Plus, oh, they also have to fake a win, apparently. Can you expect that the winning emotion showed by the victor would be as genuine as if that person was actually crowned IN the finale episode AT THE END OF THE REAL COMPETITION? And the losing queen as well, they've seen what is coming, they'd show no regret whatsoever when they don't win. Remember how crushed Manila was when Raja won last year? The genuine emotion, and how we, viewers sympathized with her. That is a crucial part of a reality TV show, this is complete and utter bullshit.

One more thing I'm concerned about. Since Ru seemed to be not having her mind made yet about who SHOULD win the show, I think it would be a factor that Sharon actually WON the all stars voting (uh, or any other voting, yes and thank you). I mean, no matter how we, her fans spammed the show's facebook page or twitter account with Sharon's name, they'd think that Sharon still has another shot on the competition when she compete for the All Stars season this fall. While Chad, and Phi Phi don't seem like having the same chance. What I'm saying is ... they might refrain from crowning Sharon as the winner because of that. I don't even know anymore, I'm so pissed.
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2012-04-25 11:47 am


You know, I'd rather you crown Phi Phi and watch the rage that is ensued. The drama and the horror would be delicious. It'll be fun to count how many people will boycott Absolut and wouldn't be back to watch next season. It will be the biggest backlash ever that I would not mind to witness.

I'd rather you skip the rewind episode and add a non-elimination round a few episodes back.

Anything that keeps the finale - a real grand finale episode and not just a bullshit top three filler episode. With or without it, people's opinion on your top three wouldn't change much. Sharon is still the most popular one, Chad is still the most polished, and Phi Phi is still the stank bitch that everyone hates. And most importantly, probably it won't change how you feel about them either. You choose a winner, whether it's a popular opinion or not, whether the queen of your choice is a universally hated bitch or not, whether the fans of the show screams in disagreement or not in the end. It's always been your choice, and will always be. So what the fuck is the fucking point of making the fans wait for another week to find out the winner? Rating? Social media buzz? Seriously you did more harm to your own show than when you crown Tyra Sanchez as the winner of season 2.

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2012-04-19 08:24 am

100 Things Challenge

Everything in my life seemed to be in the wrong place the last couple of weeks.

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Another thing that bothers me since last week is the fact that Phi Phi is in the top 3 and possibly will win it all. This week's ep is just a rewind and I don't like rewinds ... it's fun and funny but we need the finale ep, GDI!

All that plus the fact that I am not inspired at all to work on any graphics. So as much as I hate to do it, I'm dropping out of inspired20in20. It's really hard. And while sick and got nothing to do, I get bored as hale pretty easily.

I haven't been feeling like blogging or commenting at comms a lot until today when I saw Carolina posted that she's going to participate in this '100 Things Blogging Challenge'. OMG something I find interesting and exciting that I want to take part in, finally!

Basically, you commit to blog 100 times on a topic that you choose yourself.

I really want to do these two things :
100 crafty things that I make/did myself
100 interesting and inspiring people

... though I doubt I have a hundred on the last one, hmm. But yay! Excited!
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2012-04-05 02:48 pm
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Thoughts on RPDR

I haven't seen the last episode thanks to a horrible day that was yesterday. But anyway, I think bringing back an eliminated queen is really not a good idea. Last year with Carmen I didn't really mind it since she only missed one challenge after she was eliminated the first time, the episode in which she came back was VERY entertaining, the lipsync was HOT as hell, and she was funny and pretty. This season, Kenya? Really? When Ru said that they're going to bring back eliminated queen, I prayed that it's not Kenya (or Jiggly). I'd take Dida, Milan, The Princess, or even Alisa Summers, anyone but Kenya. Or maybe the judges came to a decision that no one worth to be brought back to the competition.

But of course, my nightmare came true when I saw the episode discussion. Kenya was brought back.

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2012-03-19 10:06 am

RPDR All Stars : Aaargh I can't choose!

As announced everywhere, RuPaul's Drag Race is coming back this fall with a 6 episodes long All Stars version, including some of the 46 past (and current) contestants from the show.

Aside from producers' choices, there will be one spot for fan favorite queen, and fans are encouraged to vote. They can vote on facebook once every 24 hours. These are top voted queens as of now :

I think I've voted for Pandora, Raven, Raja and Sharon but to be honest I love them all, I can't choose!

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