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So BTS...

I... somehow I got into BTS fandom just a couple of days ago. Okay so I'm going to write how I got into this (it's very long, as usual).

First up, BgA. I'm subsribed to Ryan (since the longest time) on YouTube but I didn't follow him on other social media so I didn't get the build up to the latest BgA comeback (if you want to call it one) other than his announcement on a Dear Ryan video. The music video appeared on my subscription box but I was out of town traveling for 4 days and I didn't watch any videos during that time. It was only when I got back home I could finally watch it. And unlike the first single which I thought the point was completely as a K-Pop band parody and a bit mockery of how many K-Pop fans doesn't care what the song says as long as it has catchy tunes, ridiculous hair and outfit, agressive MV, etc, this one is really, really well made all around. It's a prefect short film, the song is decent (you know, with everyone actually singing and with lyrics that make sense - not just random sentences meant to be funny or stupid slapped together like last time), it showcases everyone's strength, it has strong characters and everything. I was so hooked up with this I watched it a thousand times + I bought the song on iTunes (obviously). I got so obsessed with them I watched back every video that has even the slightest connection with the group, Dong Saya Dae MV, the making of, dance version, dance practice version, behind the scenes videos, WongFu drive around with Jun, My K-Pop Boyfriend, and even Best Crew audition video.

I was SUPER obsessed with the several seconds of Justin noticing that the lyrics was random and weird during their first dance practice where he speaks 1 sentence in Korean. As a language learner myself, I just found multilingualism really, really attractive. I re-watched that part a thousand times. I didn't know who Justin Chon was. I don't follow him on any social media, I don't watch or read Twilight and became aware that he was in it only when Ryan mentioned it in his bts video. I apparently also couldn't distinguish Korean from Chinese surnames that I thought he was of Chinese ancestry/descent (only now I realized it's actually a different way to romanize 'Jeon'). So when he understood the lyrics and talked a tiny bit in Korean, it just blew my mind. I started looking for videos of him talking in Korean and even though he is US born, he can speak it okay. Jun Sung is Korean born, according to his wikipedia page, so it is more natural of him talking in Korean and his name is also not westernized (compared to David and Justin).

Even though BgA was a parody group, but this is a team of seriously talented people. I saw in the credit that Jun Sung actually directed and edited the video. Again, I wasn't following him and have never seen any of his works before, he seems young, he also choreographed both BgA videos and his violin play was simply stunning. I was trying to find out more about him and watched some of his cover videos, he did many covers of BTS songs. As I'm not following any K-Pop groups right now, I felt like I need to understand the reference? So... I went to find the original BTS version of the song "Not Today". It was... at first play, felt too aggressive for me. I felt like I was being beaten up it was so intense. I knew 2 out of the 7 members (Suga and V), but I struggled distinguishing Jungkook from V. The only one I could recognized from the first was Suga. His face actually reminded me so much of Zelo.

And then I watched a video recorded from periscope live streaming of Jun Sung telling his story about meeting BTS, IT WAS SO ADORABLE. He's such a fanboy and even when I barely knew him or BTS, I felt happy for him that he got to meet them and got the recognition he deserved. He mentioned all the members one by one and how their personality was, ... and then I just had to know which one is who. I could distinguish each of the members after learning their names through several videos (MVs and non-MVs) while peeking BTS wikipedia page, keeping in mind Jun Sung's description of their personalities.

Here's what I thought of them so far :
Jin - Is cute. Kind of quiet, but he seems very sweet. Looked good in his blond hair era. Sexy lips. I'm sure he's a good kid, but somehow giving off vibe like he grew up in a wealthy family? Cares very much about how he looks.
Suga - Seems very manly to me, the cool - no bullshit kind of guy. Very pale and cute. Since his skin is so fair, he looks good in ANYTHING and any hair color. Looks super cool when he raps. He's the tiniest which makes him adorable despite his -don't give a fuck- attitude. He also complains. Dresses comfortably.
J-Hope - Like Jun Sung's description, he's a very bubbly and happy-go-lucky kind of guy. His singing (rapping) voice and aggressiveness contradicts his personality, he looks really cool when performing. Also a good dancer.
Rap Monster - I could see how his personality ties everyone together. He's very mature despite being only the 4th oldest in the group. He proclaimed to be not really good at dancing which probably explains why in group formation, he's almost always positioned in the back. Anyway, he's not THE pretty face but very likable.
Jimin - Now Jimin IS a pretty face. He has sexy lips. He seems very genuine, polite, and kind, super cute with skin like porcelain and is also good at dancing. He likes to talk. And take selfies. Very smiley and friendly. LOOKS SO PRETTY WITH PINK HAIR. Very fashionable and knows how to dress himself. He has a feminine vibe to him.
V - He's pretty. I don't think he looks like Baekhyun. He's like the naughty, hyper kid - troublemaker of the group. I really thought that he would be better at dancing. High tension all the time. I do not like when they styled him with that bowl cut hair and bangs stuck to his forehead (idk what era that is). He seems to know very well that he is adored for his beauty. But he's also crazy. I think he looks good with fuzzy brown hair. Questionable fashion sense.
Jungkook - HE'S THE BABY OF THE GROUP. My God. If you see him for just a couple of seconds in off show videos, it is impossible to not fall in love with this kid. He's super adorable but also mature with his cute face and wide eyes. He's the main dancer which is why he gets the most screen time in dancing scenes, I guess. At some angle it was really difficult to differentiate him from V, but yeah I know now. He's very smiley but he doesn't like to talk a lot it seems. He's the one who tweets the least on bts twitter account, and talk least in videos. His mouth is always open. He is also growing up to be a very handsome man. Manly man.

Anyway, they are a very solid group! Now I understand the hype. Aside from the fact that they're good to look at, their songs are ALL enjoyable and feels very cohesive, style-wise. They're no over the top singer - no vocal olympics and all that, but they're very good at what they do and the songs are well produced to showcase their strengths. The songs are perfect for them, and for this era of music. Even though they're very young, they co-produce (or even produce) and involved heavily in the making of the songs. Their music and videos are really, really well made (meaning they're making lots of money, meaning they're really popular), and they are also very well documented which is a good thing for fans, because nothing is ever enough. This feeds the addiction well. They're travelling across the globe and tickets are selling out fast. From what I've seen, the numbers and everything, BTS currently is the most popular K-Pop boy group.

Also, now I understand what my friend Hanifa said about Japanese songs of K-Pop groups, now that I watched some of BTS'. It feels forced? It kind of changes the style that the boys stand for and felt forced to please J-Pop market. I think they would be loved even if they don't try so hard, but again, it is not easy to translate songs with fast beats like BTS' to Japanese language. We all know the tragedy of Lucifer and other iconic songs turned out fucking weird because they insisted to translate it to get into Japanese market. Well, the relationship between the two country is complicated so I wouldn't get too deep into that. I'd obviously would listen to all of their Korean songs, but not ever the Japanese versions or their Japanese songs.

I'm so obsessed they're all I think of now, even at work. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not? Because usually when I'm obsessed, I got NOTHING done. I know one good thing about this though. Obsessing over an online presence keeps me away from shopping. Whenever I'm active online, I managed to not get out of the house, hence my wallet and bank account is intact. lol. Let's see where this obsession goes.