30 March 2016 @ 08:03 pm
I enjoyed this season so much I always end up wanting MORE. Why are the episodes so short? Why are the runways so rushed? Why can't we get to know more of the queens, why why why. I really don't mind watching longer Untuckeds. Or the main episodes.

Yesterday, I went home feeling really down about my work. I have disliked my job for a while now, and every time something bad happens at work it just triggers me to hate EVERYTHING ABOUT MY LIFE. I don't know if I could last any longer. My point is, my boss totally ruined my Drag Race Day Mood! Oh how I hate him :) I went home and turned on Drag Race, and immediately hooked. This show makes me laugh, makes me so happy and just lifts my mood no matter how bad the day was.

I need to watch it repeatedly to be able to talk about the whole thing but overall this episode was cute. The New York girls love/hate relationship was cute, the easily distracted child Thorgy Thor was cute, even the way Acid Betty warms up to everyone in Untucked was cute! Everything was cute and warm! I love Chi Chi's mom's message and how all the girls know that her mom was the only one supporting her back home, I love how Naysha gave Chi Chi some of her outfits, I love Michelle's speech. I live for neon colors so I love love love the theme. I think Naysha's outfit was gorgeous.

ANYWAY, THORGY. Newfound facts : she's a lefty! She's a perfectionist! She's neurotic about music presentation because of her background! I LOVE her performance outfit and energy. I'm not crazy about the runway look. I sensed that she's trying to be different because last week Carson mentioned that her look was not the most inventive. I see it as she was trying to break out of her shell by presenting something different, she took a chance but the judges wasn't feeling it. Bob, Betty and Thorgy memorizing the words of the lipsync song was sweet. I seriously want to obsess more but I need to watch it again in good quality and my internet connection is not agreeing with me.
Current Mood: chipper
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