15 September 2014 @ 09:37 am
My throat has been in pain since last week, I thought it'll eventually go away so I didn't do anything about it. Today I woke up in great pain so I took sick leave from the office and went to the hospital. I took a taxi and made a mistake of not telling the driver to take the short cut. I thought it won't make that much of a difference but again, I was wrong. The main road was crowded as hell!!

I finally made it to the hospital.
The doctor is very old I am concerned.

Me : does sinusitis also affects the throat?
Doc : yes, that is why I asked you earlier if you have any problems with the nose
Me : well when I was little I was diagnosed with sinusitis but
Doc : then we'll need an x-ray
Me : no, I did actually
Doc : when was that?
Me : recently, with Dr. Thamrin
Doc : *looks at medical records* oh this was last year, let's have it again, it'll only take a minute
Me : *screams inside* (No!! You just want my money!!)

God I hate hospitals.
Current Mood: sick
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