14 July 2014 @ 12:41 pm
Y'know, I don't drink, but I suppose what I'm experiencing today or every too often is to some degree, similar to a hungover. And I've experienced this a lot.

On weekends I was excited to start my handmade projects, TOO excited to the point I had no life outside of my project and my room looked like a fucking mess. In the middle of it I got my allergy triggered and I couldn't stop sneezing. But I moved on, because I was still high on dopamine, and I was ambitious to finish my projects even though I fully aware, that was too many projects to finish in such limited time, and that it would be much better for me to clean up my room and rest.

In the night, I was rushing to finish everything, WHILE cleaning up the mess the best I could, WHILE sneezing like crazy. By the time I was ready to sleep, I couldn't. I couldn't stop sneezing and I couldn't breathe. I feel like dying.

When finally I could sleep, I already had to wake up again at 4 for Ramadan supper. And after, I had to travel to my apartment. I arrived before 6, and I was dying to have the chance to sleep more. So I did. But it was short. Too short. When I woke up I was already late for work and felt like crap. I fought the urge to go back to bed and ask for a half day off to my boss, or to tell him that I was sick (because I was), but finally I went to the office anyway, late, sleepy, cranky and sick. And when I got to the office, I told myself 'that wasn't worth it, never again'.
Current Mood: cranky
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