03 August 2013 @ 12:05 pm
Finally I got my postcard exchange mail from [personal profile] krissasaur! \o/

I LOVE IT! I think this is the first time I've ever received real art in my life! And I just realized that I supposed to write on the card instead of on a separate letter sheet since this is a postcard exchange, hahaha. And the envelope is my favorite kind of pink, it matches the pink of my phone case and pencil case <3

Kriss, thank you so much! Art exchange is so much fun, I'm willing to swap again haha.

And I got other mails I've been waiting from postcrossing as well!!

I don't know if the postman postponed delivering my mails or they all are just coincidentally arrived at the same time (umm, yea probably the first).

On Thursday I got to meet my cousins whom I haven't met for 15 years! They live in New York, and are now visiting Indonesia for the Ramadan and Eid. Can't wait to meet them again at grandma's house in my parents' hometown a week after Eid :)

This week was a little crazy. Just when I thought I could be a little free near the holidays ... my boss just gave me holidays presents which is a stack of things to do (-___-;). Not to mention the traffic going home each day was HELL. It's only a week away from Eid, and I'm so tired.

This whole week we were also working on a video project for our boss in Hong Kong Branch who just got promoted and is moving to Head Office. It was exhausting, but also so much fun. The result wasn't the best, we only got one confetti and the take was a fail, lol. But the imperfections were making the video much more heartfelt and fun, I think.

I really really need some days off work, can't wait for Eid holidays next week!
Current Mood: tired
Current Music: 오르골 (Orgel) - SHINee
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